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Author: Ian

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This is a no holds barred off-road/overland/fabrication and suspension tech podcast made by real people, for real people.
14 Episodes
We're alive!

We're alive!


Okay so it's been a bit since our last podcast and we owe you guys an update. Here's a bit of info about what's new in our lives AND we answer more of YOUR questions. Thank you everyone for cyber bullying me into making another episode, without your constant DM's, e-mails, texts, youtube comments etc bullying me into it, this wouldn't have happened. Will it be another year before our next one? Probably not... would love to do some interviews soon so we all have that to look forward to for sure!
Solo questions answered

Solo questions answered


Almost didnt post this one, but here's me all alone answering questions asked on our stories. I wanna say first off i googled it and i completely got the dempster confused with the other part of the pan american highway which goes into alaska lmfao. But either way we would be stoked to find some stock 4x4 and cruise all around america's hat... which i'm actually a citizen of come to think of it.This is the last solo podcast i'll ever do for sure so you won't have to put up with any others of these... I think most of these questions are explained pretty deeply in other podcasts so if you haven't checked out the others "a decade of trail repairs" has some funny stories in it and there are some good tips in our beginner episode.I wanted to get another podcast up since it seems like everyone blew through the last one pretty quick, If you're interested at all in the different years of toyota trucks and what happened there's a ton of obscure and useless info in our last one too.As always thanks for listening!
In this one Ian explains more than you ever wanted to know about shitty Toyota trucks and also we try to avoid answering some of your questions. For those of you interested in the podcast about WW1 we mentioned I cannot suggest it enough and heres the link: yes we're still alive! Next month we'll be setting up a full podcast studio and we'll be back on our videos and podcasting so thank you guys for sticking it out! Lots happening in this episode, enjoy. 
This is a basic introduction to automotive wiring and some of the stuff involved in it. Wiring is deceptively simple but even so i'm still not the best at explaining the stuff that goes on in my head. Thanks for listening!
This episode is about off-roading/overlanding 101. We talk about some things to think about whether you're just getting into it or if you've been doing it since it was called camping. 
A decade of trail repairs

A decade of trail repairs


Unfortunately we have more experience than most with fixing stuff that's blown up on the trail. In this episode we dive into a few of our worse breakdowns, how we fixed them, and the fun adventures that resulted. The important thing here is to go on adventures without being scared of the inevitable, if you are really wheeling you're gonna break some stuff! What's most important is to stay calm, have a good attitude about it, and probably go wheeling with us just in case haha. From welding transmissions, driveshafts, hubs, link mounts etc. to blowing up diffs on the trail, its always a good time with awesome people. If you have any ideas for future episodes let us know!
I'm sure you're sick of hearing this but we were pretty shwitty by the end here so probably tune us out at like 45 minutes in. Anyways over the past decade or so we have seen some awful fads come and go, overlanding is not something i expected to blow up so large but im also the guy who thought jeep was gonna go bankrupt when they debuted the 4 door sooo... maybe my market predictions aren't accurate. We've become pretty jaded by all the stupid shit happening in the off-road influencer world and i'm hoping off-roading as a sport can survive all the negative stuff going on. Thank you guys for listening to the podcast, this thing is blowing up! We are officially all out of stickers and have had to emergency order a ton more to keep up. Once we are moved into a larger work space we'll be setting up an actual podcast studio and doing guest interviews with the same totally transparent attitude. Seriously every single listen means a lot to us and we really enjoy doing these and seeing the growth from it, it's been great.
4/20 4 link special

4/20 4 link special


This episode might be all about 4 links and suspensions in general. Or it could be about nothing. 
We give you guys our 100% honest feelings about the RTT industry and share our experiences from importing our own brand, fixing them up, and having our patented designs stolen from the other companies. There's some good info about everything we've broken on RTT's over the years and the things we do to fix them, as well as some behind the scenes insight into the whole thing!
In todays episode we answer your questions about everything WEW. These are all submitted questions from our IG that we go into in depth.
Episode 4 is all about the new Corona junk, how some people get swindled out of their money, a little bit of suspension tech, and I complain about stuff.The offroad part of it starts at like 8 minutes in, sorry.
The drunkest one yet

The drunkest one yet


This episode is all about our stupid opinions about stuff! Just like the rest of them are i guess... anyways this is probably the best one yet so i hope yall like it. Dont forget to watch our youtube videos, instagram is cancer i think we're gonna be mainly making videos from now on!
In this episode brittany has prepared 20 questions for me and not told me about them beforehand. Learn about my stupid opinions on trucks, builds, learning to work on your rig... learn whether or not i can believe its not butter, and if i think reality is a simulation.
In our first episode we talk about the impending apocalypse... We also touch on some weirdness in the off-road industry, current personal builds, and our plans for the future... you guys get to learn about how we got our name, about dumb stuff that happened in the army, why my credit score is ruined, the time i had cancer, and my hallucinations. We love you guys.
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