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With each episode we will interview authors from the novice to the experienced to share their knowledge and ask questions about the publishing industry. We discuss all aspects of the writing arena that include novelist, script writers, playwrights and article writers for newspaper and magazines. The topics range from writing and publishing techniques, cover design, editing, marketing, software, and how to present yourself to the public. Please join us.
18 Episodes
This is was the first show ever of Aspects of Writing. My guests were John Long and Sonia Lising-Cahalan. The show aired on February 13, 2012
Matthew O'Brien joins us to discuss how to go about finding a publisher.
Wayne Turmel Interview

Wayne Turmel Interview


Author Wayne Turmel joins us to discuss his new book "Johnny Lycan & The Anubis Disk"
Temple Kinyon and Cynthia Lee De Boer interview three authors on, Joylynn M. Ross, Susan Johnson and Annette Bentley Smith.
Temple Kinyon and Cynthia De Boer turn the tides on James Kelly and interview him. In this episode we discuss various projects James is working on, including a website to promote self-published authors.
Lucinda E. Clark joins us from Spain to talk about her work as an author and scriptwriter for television. My co-host, Mike Mckenna and I talk with her about her journey from Ireland, to Great Britain, to South Africa and finally Spain. The world appears to have been her oyster, but make no mistake, live was not always easy for her. I really enjoyed dissecting her journey as a person and as a writer.
In this episode we discuss how life is the inspiration for writing. Susan Johnson was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Her unique experience with this infliction is explained in the show, and was both a therapeutic and motivational springboard for writing. In "Some Dreams are Worth Keeping" Susan explains how each person reacts differently to this disorder. Writer and actor Mike Mckenna co-hosted this episode.
Brandi Hoffman and Tanaya Paul join me in the studio to discuss the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Brandi recently wrote the script for the movie "Laughing Dangerously". It is based on her account of trying to become a stand up comedian. Tanaya Paul discusses what it was like to go from being a nail technician to stunt woman, actor, and to her attempt at writing books and scripts.
In this episode I am talking about the various aspects of writing with Actress, Producer, Screenwriter and Novelist Tamia Dow. We talk about her journey to becoming a writer, from police detective to chaplin to reitirement.
In this episode, Author Roger Deblanck joins us to discuss the discipline needed to become a novelist. Everyone is different. Some authors have a daily ritual, while others write from inspiration. We will discuss whether the character or the author should direct the story, and how to discover what works best for you.
In this episode, Lavelle Carlson joins me, Joyce Gatchenberger and Erica Zake to discuss the joy of holding and reading a paper bound book.
Temple Kinyon joins Cynthia De Boer and me to discuss various ways for an author to market a book. During the show we will discuss a new platform for authors who are self-published - ""
Australian Author Pat Ritter joins us on the internet to discuss how to get the word out about your book. A former detective turned writer, Pat's writing career spans a few decades. Morgan St. James co-hosts this episode. Morgan has written 17 novels on her own and has written more than 600 articles for newspaper and magazine.
Playwright, novelist, producer and actor Adam J. A. Cass, and author Cher Chidzey join us on the internet from their location in Australia to talk about how to get your book noticed by producers. Adam explains how he came to meet Cher in her quest to have her novel transformed from book into a play. Cher is both a traditionally published author and self-published.
Radio host and author Eliot Parker joins Tonya Todd and me via the internet to discuss how to discover your talent for writing. Eliot is the author of several novels and Tonya is currently working on her first. Every author has a different path they took to get to the point of writing their first novel. In this episode, we discuss what it took for us, and what anyone with the desire to write can do to achieve the goal of becoming a published author.
RJ Waters and Ned Barnett join me in the studio to talk about their experience with finding the right publisher. Ned is a member of a writers group and promotes other authors. He has penned 17 books of his own. RJ Waters is a retired detective who has written two books and is working on a third. Both men have self published and are traditionally published. Many of us self publish to have control over our work, or simply because we were tired of receiving rejection letters. Others seek a traditional publisher because they have tried to self publish and found it to be difficult or time consuming. Finding the right publisher is something every writer will have to consider once their work is complete.
IMDB accredited Actress, Writer, Producer Brenda Daly and Playwright and Actor Mike McKenna join me to discuss script writing. In this episode, we talk about what inspired them to become a script writer. Mike shares his experience as a playwright that was able to get his work produced off-off-off Broadway, We talk about how his new found addition to writing has inspired him to work on his first novel and movie script. Brenda is Known for Watch Jessica Die (2021), Unintended (2015), Project 3000 (2015) and Abigail Haunting (2020).
In this episode we will discuss the necessity of getting physical books into the hands of young readers. Judith C. Owens-Lalude and Lori Piotrowski join me in the studio to share their adventures in writing, education and the experience and importance of holding a real paperbound book in your hands. Both Lori and Judith are educators. Both have shared a passion for writing most of their adult life. In addition, both write in more than one genre. Please join us as we discuss life as an author, the writing process, education, using books as a tool to learn, and the join of reading.
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