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With each episode we will interview authors from the novice to the experienced to share their knowledge and ask questions about the publishing industry. We discuss all aspects of the writing arena that include novelist, script writers, playwrights and article writers for newspaper and magazines. The topics range from writing and publishing techniques, cover design, editing, marketing, software, and how to present yourself to the public. Please join us.
29 Episodes
Temple Kinyon & Cynthia De Boer step in to host for James Kelly. Their guests are Renee Jean, Gary Matheny and Jeannie Neill. These wonderful authors discuss their work and why they decided to join the '1 Million Books in 100 Days' campaign. All agree that the charity aspect was the main reason they joined James Kelly's indie author platform. Listen in to learn about these multi-genre authors.
Temple Kinyon & Cynthia De Boer take the mics for James Kelly to welcome Sarah Tasz, Joe Cortese, Susan Johnson and Morgan St, James to discuss the third campaign of '1 Million Books in 100 Days'. This wonderful platform highlights indie authors while donating to charity, Each of these amazing authors share their work and their reasons for joining James Kelly's wonderful program.
James Kelly welcomes Eric McConnell, CW Parry, MA to discuss their book series 'Young Noah, A Lamb's Tale' and 'Young Noah, Eagle Eye'. Terry Arnold also joins them as they discuss hardbound books, distribution and types of publication. You'll love to hear about their wonderful series and their road to publication.
James Kelly welcomes Kevin Dorsey to speak about Kevin's work and personal history.His life story has led to writing poems but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Kevin has worked in the entertainment industry from the time that he was in his teens. He's been involved in music and is a voice actor in several popular movies. Kevin loves his work and his life behind-the-scenes.. He's quite an inspirational and talented man. Prepare to be amazed!
James Kelly and co-hosts Temple Kinyon and Cynthia De Boer welcome John David Mann to the show. John has co-authored nearly three dozen books and has been published by traditional publishers and he has also self-published. Today they discuss what's needed no matter how you decide to publish and the differences between the two. John also shares what it's like to co-author and what he's done to promote his self-published book.
James Kelly welcomes Chris Ivan and Joe Lujan to discuss song writing, scores, script writing, graphic novels, and books. They explore their importance and their differences, Learn about these multi-talented and creative men. This show is jam-packed with insights you'll be happy to learn.
James Kelly and co-host Tonya Todd welcome Rena Winters, Markiss McFadden and Rich McDonald to the show. Learn all about 'Writing Scripts' from these multi-talented and extremely knowledgeable team. This is definitely one you'll want to listen to time and time again!
James Kelly and guest Cynthia De Boer discuss the variations of 'How-to' books and what makes them different from other non-fiction books. They investigate self-help, self-reflection, and do-it-yourself books as well as some interesting disability facts. You'll learn that inspirational quotes stand the test of time and help enrich our lives.
James Kelly welcomes Tara Virnick and Sherry West. They discuss the importance of seminars and events as well as James' book and seminar, 'A Simple Guide for Writing & Publishing'. Join them and learn how and why seminars and events are vital to propel one's business and personal lives.
James Kelly, co-host Cynthia De Boer and special guest Dr. Joe Cortese discuss the differences between traditional and self publishing as well as their experiences with both. Learn what's good and what to avoid on your road to publishing.
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome


James Kelly and guests Temple Kinyon and Cynthia De Boer discuss the Imposter Syndrome, what it is and how to overcome feelings of not being good enough. Join them as they share their experiences, insights and solutions.
This is was the first show ever of Aspects of Writing. My guests were John Long and Sonia Lising-Cahalan. The show aired on February 13, 2012
Wayne Turmel Interview

Wayne Turmel Interview


Author Wayne Turmel joins us to discuss his new book "Johnny Lycan & The Anubis Disk"
Temple Kinyon and Cynthia Lee De Boer interview three authors on, Joylynn M. Ross, Susan Johnson and Annette Bentley Smith.
Temple Kinyon and Cynthia De Boer turn the tides on James Kelly and interview him. In this episode we discuss various projects James is working on, including a website to promote self-published authors.
Lucinda E. Clark joins us from Spain to talk about her work as an author and scriptwriter for television. My co-host, Mike Mckenna and I talk with her about her journey from Ireland, to Great Britain, to South Africa and finally Spain. The world appears to have been her oyster, but make no mistake, live was not always easy for her. I really enjoyed dissecting her journey as a person and as a writer.
In this episode we discuss how life is the inspiration for writing. Susan Johnson was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Her unique experience with this infliction is explained in the show, and was both a therapeutic and motivational springboard for writing. In "Some Dreams are Worth Keeping" Susan explains how each person reacts differently to this disorder. Writer and actor Mike Mckenna co-hosted this episode.
Brandi Hoffman and Tanaya Paul join me in the studio to discuss the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Brandi recently wrote the script for the movie "Laughing Dangerously". It is based on her account of trying to become a stand up comedian. Tanaya Paul discusses what it was like to go from being a nail technician to stunt woman, actor, and to her attempt at writing books and scripts.
In this episode I am talking about the various aspects of writing with Actress, Producer, Screenwriter and Novelist Tamia Dow. We talk about her journey to becoming a writer, from police detective to chaplin to reitirement.
In this episode, Author Roger Deblanck joins us to discuss the discipline needed to become a novelist. Everyone is different. Some authors have a daily ritual, while others write from inspiration. We will discuss whether the character or the author should direct the story, and how to discover what works best for you.
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