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A conversation about taking care of yourself as a busy and ambitious person.    Jess Roe is a Holistic Fitness coach, focusing on helping you take care of yourself, whatever your circumstances. Because your body is supposed to carry you through all your life - and the best thing you can do is to take good care of it.    We had a wonderful conversation about what we think about health and our bodies, and Jess shares a lot of knowledge about how to help yourself to feel better in your body.    One thing, I liked in particular, was that you ask yourself what you need. It seems so ridiculously simple, but we know exactly what we need, but we've been conditioned to disconnect from our bodies, and have never really learned how it works, and how we best take care of it. Until it's too late, and it hurts.    She mentions 4 pillars, that she uses as a foundation for her work.  - Movement  - Nourishment  - Energy/Rest  - Resilience   And she's actually having a Free 5 day Meal Planning Challenge next Wednesday (January 19th- January 23rd 2022) You can join here:  And you can join her group here (she shares a lot of good stuff!):  And her personal page:  And website:  I hope you get as much out of it as I did - and join the meal planning challenge - If you're seeing this way later, I hope I'll see you in her group. <3 Parnuuna - The Feel Good Rebel ps. Join the ✨Feel Good Rebel Community✨ here:
Almost first time interviewer - having the honour of interviewing Dr. Gay Hendricks!   Links are at the end of this text.   After the initial awkwardness on my side, we had a wonderful conversation about upper limit-ing, about Einstein time and taking full responsibility in you relationships.    The goal of this conversation, was to learn more about the concept of Einstein time. I reached out to him, because I had read the book "The Big Leap" - and absolute must read, among his soon to be 50 books - where he mentions Einstein Time - and I couldn't wrap my head around it.    After reading the book the third time, I thought I'd go to the source - and lucky me - I got to have a conversation with the man!    As I upload this video (it's on youtube here: - this conversation, my brain is still integrating the stuff we talked about - and he's an absolute rockstar at explaining his concept - so I hope you'll get something out of this conversation.  Because it boils down to the practice of feeling good - and feeling good in relation to other people as well.  What a wonderful purpose - and absolutely aligned with the path that I have chosen to walk.   I give you the one and only Dr. Gay Hendrick! With words of wisdom, excitement and feel good-ness!    Read his books:  The Big Leap Conscious Living Conscious Luck The Genius Zone + all the others   Find him on Instagram: Find him on Facebook: Check out his website for events, books, and more:  Dr. Gay Hendricks his wife Kathlyn Hendricks also have their own YouTube channel, and help us feel good about ourselves and others.  I cannot, for the life of me, express all the goodness that is emanating from those two, to the world, so I will just implore you to follow them, and let them help change your life.    I have such appreciation for the opportunity for this conversation. And I am so happy that I get to share it with you!    ❤️ Parnuuna - The Feel Good Rebel   ps. Join the ✨Feel Good Rebel Community✨ here:
Vi er lige igang med at "behandle emnet" pleaseren, i vores facebook gruppe, som du er mere end velkommen til her: idag har vi snakket om at sige nej. hvor svært det kan være, og hvilke historier vi binder op på at sige nej, og sige fra. Fordi det er vitterligt historier vi fortæller os selv... Det er dem, der gør at vi får det skidt og får dårlig samvittighed. Og det er dem, der gør at vi siger ja, når vi gerne vil sige nej.Hvad er din mening? Kom ind i gruppen, og vær med i samtalen. <3 Parnuuna
Hvordan finder man ud af, hvem man snakker til, når man gerne vil have en forretning? Det er faktisk et meeeega vigtigt spørgsmål.At finde sin ideelle kunde, er noget jeg personligt har forsøgt at undlade at gøre al den tid jeg var selvstændig med Sy Ny. Fordi jeg simpelthen ikke vidste hvad jeg skulle gøre. Nu har jeg tilmeldt mig et kursus hos Creativelive med Jasmine Star, der hedder Social Media Boot Camp - og HOLY SHIT BALLS, der er mange guldkorn i! Så hvis du er interesseret i at skabe en presence på de sociale medier - GO GET IT! Jeg lovede et link - det er her: Hun kom med en skabelon, hvor jeg kunne beskrive min ideelle kunde udfra, med menneske ord! Du får mit eksempel her i denne episode. :) Det var så også igår/idag (7-8. april 2020) jeg besluttede mig for at jeg vil beskæftige mig mere med "business" inden i Lev Med Vilje. ELSKER når jeg kommer til disse konklusioner!
Når du sætter mål, er de så realistiske eller urealistiske? Jeg kan sige at herhjemme, er vi 2 modsætninger, der bor sammen, når det kommer til at gå efter mål og drømme. Ser du ting fra erfaringer eller visioner? Kom med i gruppen på facebook, og del dine drømme og mål:<3 Parnuuna
Jeg er selv igang med at overkomme selv sabotage, og det gør jeg ved at indtale og udgive denne episode, blandt andet. Inspired, imperfect action - leveret direkte til dine øre. Det kan kun blive bedre herfra.Når du drømmer stort, og sætter mål, er du nødsaget til at forvente en del selvsabotage, og du kan tro, at jeg kæmper med mit nu. Det er spændende og udfordrende (for min - indeni) - og jeg VED at jeg vil overkomme det. Så hvis du følger med her, kan du få lov til at følge med fra jeg starter med at kravle, til at jeg løber mit marathon. :PHusk at like vores facebook side: bliv en del af facebook gruppen:<3 Parnuuna
En introduktion til Lev Med Vilje podcasten. Hvorfor faaaan vil jeg/vi starte en podcast, og hvad vil vi ævle om? Thi ævle kommer vi til. Og vi kommer til at ævle bedre og bedre med tiden - så tak for at du følger med herfra. :)Links til Facebooks siden og gruppen her:Side: at svare på spørgsmålene, hvis du vil være med i gruppen, så vi fortsat kan sørge for at det er et trygt sted at være. <3 Parnuuna
My thoughts about negative emotions, inspired by my last rant I did from my pit of despair. It's a late night rant, and a promise to myself.Support the show (
We bought the house! 😍 And we've dug ourselves a financial pothole. This is me just ranting about it, while kind of being in the midst of the pit of despair. And committing myself to create miracles! Join the Feel Good Rebel Community facebook group to hang out with this crazy person. 😊 the show (
I've been so afraid of being consistent, because I had interpreted it as having to do what I thought other people wanted me to do, all the time, permanently, forever. But in reality, I just need to be consistently true to myself. #phewJoin the Feel Good Rebel Community at www.feelgoodrebelcommunity.comSupport the show (
Ranting about what emotions come up, as I've just signed some loan papers. Inferiority complex & Embarrassment.And after that, relief, because I just told you. 😊 Join the Feel Good Rebel Community : Support the show (
Babies don't decide to keep crawling on all fours for the rest of their lives when they fall the first time they try to walk... Why do we do that as adults?Rant from one Tuesday morning. Hope you're well. Join the Feel Good Rebel Community : www.feelgoodrebelcommunity.comSupport the show (
I saw a quote from the @spiritual.blogger on instagram, that said something like.."You know you have a big heart when you feel bad for doing what is best for you."I think it is more a people pleaser reaction. Because it's painful to put yourself first when you're a people pleaser.I'm just ranting, and then inviting you to join the Feel Good Rebel Community at Thanks for listening. Support the show (
Noise to keep it going

Noise to keep it going


I'm just decluttering and cleaning up. Saving space. 😊 
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