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The Deal of the Century - Podcast e70* Amazon buys MGM. What now?* Marvel vs. DC movies almost happened* How the hell is Sony still in business?* Paddington Bear goes the way of the Dodo* MCU movies moved back* Black Panther spin-off revealed* "Silk" details* HBOMax doesn't know Green Lantern* WandaVision rewards* CW tv-show approved and rejected* Rise of Skywalker changed on Disney+* Batman The World* Kobra Kai reveal* Star Trek* Your commentsSupport the show (
Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter - Podcast e69* Amazon in talks to buy MGM & 007* Dune set to lead Venice Film Festival* The end of Dave Bautista* Zack Snyder's Right-Wing agenda* Henry Cavil to be the new Highlander* Rangers of the New Republic canceled?* Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 3* Feige: Tilda Swinton's whitewashed Ancient One Was A Mistake* The Story of Marvel Studios* Elizabeth Olsen's contract* Upcoming from DC TV & film* Andy Diggle Green Lantern addressed* Disenchanted* The Heroes Union #1* Your commentsSupport the show (
Shang-Chi Cancelled in China - Podcast e68* GI Joe Origins: Snake-Eyes trailer debut* Shang-Chi cancelled in China* Suicide Squad gets an R-Rating* Fantastic Four casting lies exposed* Comics Talk* Bitter Root gets a movie* Ms. Marvel wraps filming and how they did it* Secret Invasion directors* No showrunners for Marvel* M.O.D.O.K. series gets a multiverse designation* Ultraman* Your commentsSupport the show (
Goofy Star Trek Fans - Podcast e67* MCU confirmed dates* May the 4th attempted hijacking* Kobra Kai season 4* Usagi Yojimbo on Netflix* Doctor Strange on WandaVision* Recasting Red Sonja* AEW is toxic* Marvel Legacy* Obi-Wan has started filming* James Gunn finished with GotG* Those lightsabers* Pennyworth season 3?* John Paul Leon* Your commentsSupport the show (
May the 4th Be With You - Podcast e66* Godzilla and Mortal Kombat* May the 4th be with you on Tuesday* Luke's hand in Star Wars* Falcon & Winter Soldier backstory revealed* Chloe Zhao wins Best Director* Major Ironheart news* Justice League in 4k, but which one?* DC Fandome 2 announced* Invincible renewed multiple times* Night of the Living Dead to be completed* Rick & Morty* Citizen Kane dethronedSupport the show (
Warner Brothers Self-Owned - Podcast e65* Warner Media puts their foot in their mouth* Falcon & the Winter Soldier news* Captain America 4* MCU Zeus* Joe Manganiello is Flash Thompson?* Guardian's of the Galaxy v Suicide Squad* #RestoreTheSnyderVerse* #BringBackTonyStarkToLife* She-Hulk starting & Hawkeye finishing* Secret Invasion cast* Rian Johnson to Direct the Mandalorian?* Dave Bautista is Bane* The Flash filming* MCU season 2* Into the Spider-Verse directors* Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten w/ Arnold Swartzenegger* Camp Cretaceous season 3* Shang-Chi (Simu is an SJW)* Mortal Kombat* Superman in the comics* Your commentsSupport the show (
When Predator's Sue - Podcast e64* Falcon & Winter Soldier & Ed Brubaker* Wolverine Disney+* Dracula spin-off* Mortal Kombat news* Predator lawsuit* Lord of the Rings expenses* AWoK (Animal Warriors of the Kingdom)* Marvel Unlimited: X-Men* Has Ray Fisher gone too far?* New X-Men team announced* Your commentsSupport the show (
Lightsabers for Sale - Podcast e63* Netflix acquires streaming rights To Sony's movies* Godzilla vs Kong still making bank* Black Widow projections* Ava DuVernay's Naomi series* The Problems with the Snyderverse behind-the-scenes* Joss Whedon talking smack* Booyah* Teen Titan's season 6* #DeathstrokeHBOMax* A special look inside Disney parks lightsaber* Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1* Moon Knight #1* Star Trek news w/ Q* Your commentsSupport the show (
DC & Warner Bros Implode - Podcast e62* Space Jam 2: A New Legacy* DC & Warner Bros Destroy Themselves* Marvel Legends Sgang-Chi wave* April Fool jokes on Snyder Fans* Batman: The Long Halloween cheapskates* Venom: Let There be Carnage details* San Diego ComicCon ticks some people off* Your commentsSupport the show (
Dropping Diamonds - Podcast e61* Black Widow is Coming to Disney+* Suicide Squad reveals the "Big Bad"* Marvel Drops Diamond?* Bad News for Snyder Cut fans* US Agent in Falcon & Winter Soldier* Godzilla vs Kong proves Warner Bros wrong* Zatanna news* BRZRKR and Keanu Reeves* Doctor Fate revealed* Scott Pilgram returns* The Orville* Your commentsSupport the show (
Ms. Frizzle Pissed us Off?- Podcast e60* Snyder Cut Behind-the-Scenes* Hourman movie* Gay Captain America* Magic School Bus Controversy* Falcon & Winter Soldier reveal* WandaVision may have failed* Secret Invasion main villain* Disney+ vs. the Ewoks* Mechagodzilla* Your commentsSupport the show (
They're Making me Like Star Trek Again - Podcast e59* Accidental Snyder Cut Release* Lots of great Star Trek news* WandaVision answers & behind-the-scenes* Black Adam* Suicide Squad 2 reveals* Star Wars torturing Chewbacca* Supernatural ending reveal* Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous season 3* TMNT: Shredder's Revenge* Silver Surfer in Avengers easter egg?* Black Panther 2* Your commentsSupport the show (
We're Going to San Diego ComicCon  - Podcast e58* San Diego ComicCon is in your home... again* "Coming to America 2" is Racist* Amber Heard is still in Aquaman 2* Tom & Jerry set to destroy Wonder Woman* Raya & the Last Dragon v movie theaters* Golden Globes* WandaVision's future* Superman & Lois season 2* Dungeons & Dragons is a SUPER high budget release* Silk to Amazon* Vampirella* Space Jam: A New Legacy* Hellsing feature-length film* T.I. out of Ant-Man 3* The Mutants* Hela recast as Melissa McCartney* Your comments* I destroy Star TrekSupport the show (
Is Black Superman in the Linearverse? - Podcast e57* JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates are making a black Superman movie* Disney+ has an adult channel now* The MCU shows getting a second season* Tom Holland news* The Making of WandaVision* DC Comics has a Linearverse* LA Times is the Daily Planet?* Jennifer Lawrence in Fantastic Four?* Chloe Zhao and her inspiration for "The Eternals"* WW1984 made 20% of what the 1st movie made* Zack Snyder on toxic fandom* Blue Beetle* Godzilla v King Kong* Avatar: The Last Airbender* M.O.D.O.KSupport the show (
Disney Goes Dark & Deborah Snyder gets Dumb - Podcast e56* Rian Johnson is Still Making a Star Wars Trilogy?* Netflix returns to Disney* Batman '89 & Superman '78 are not what you think* Mortal Kombat Origins* Cruella may Change Disney* Latina Supergirl and the Reason Behind the Decision* Flora and Ulysses is a must-watch for comic book fans* Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters* Aquaman: King of Atlantis* Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe* Marvel Studios: Legends x4* Deborah Snyder acts like an IdiotSupport the show (
Joss Whedon v Gina Carano - Podcast e55* Snyder Cut Trailer and Intermission?* Kevin Feige v Black Widow* Captain Marvel 2 main villain casted* Iron Fist 3* Wolverine's MCU Debut* Joss Whedon is Destroyed -- Fatality* WWE is a Trash Company* Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Casted* Giant-Sized Amazing Spider-Man: King's Ransom* New Guardians of the Galaxy Line-up* Molly Miracle's first appearance in Batman* Why Gina Carano was RightSupport the show (
I'm Sleeping on the Couch for This One - Podcast e54* Why Directors Don't Want to Work with the MCU* Why is Big Bird Verified?* World of Wakanda 5-year deal* Superbowl Commercials* Wonder Woman 1984 Failed?* Sharon Carter is Wanted* More people want a SnyderCut treatment* The Eternals Script with Salma Hayek and Anjelina Jolie* Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan* The Star Wars Kiss was an alternate ending* Comic book news* Phoenix IS NOT Thor's Mother!!Support the show (
Robinhood Robs from YOU to Give to the Rich - Podcast e53* Invincible TV-shows Connection* Lots of WandaVision News* Who is the New Captain America?* SnyderCut release, and Zack Snyder's Loss* Raya & the Dragon* Game of Thrones Animated?* Buck Rogers* Cloverfield* Hope for The Eternals* Heroes Reborn (but first, they have to die)* What's Happening with the GameStop Stock?Support the show (
Star Wars Economy and a Meme I Couldn't Resist - Podcast e52* Super Toxic Star Wars Creators and "Fans"* The Snyder-Cut gets another change* Feige on regrets* Ghostbusters: Afterlife* Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles* Marvel's Behind the Mask* Comic Book News: Venom, Spider's Shadow, and Heroes Reborn* Simu-Liu should use his brain* Batwoman's failure* Batgirl is an amputee?* Rogue One and K2S0* Black Widow and when it will come to Disney+* More movies* Your commentsSupport the show (
Too Many Clones - Podcast e51* Kevin Feige on replacing Kathleen Kennedy* LucasFilm Games takes back Star Wars* Ubisoft working on story-driven, open-world Star Wars* Indiana Jones with Bethesda* Black Mask on Batwoman* Miles Morales Clone Saga* Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings"* Jon Bernthal did not call for Punisher to retire* Plans for Mandalorian as far as 2027* Plans for Marvel to 2029* Everything is on the board for Feige, Nova's, except Wolverine* Chris Evans in talks to return to Captain America, news to me* Cole Young wins Mortal Kombat?* Ray Fisher is a man of his wordSupport the show (
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