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What relation do we have with our ancestors in a personal sense? How much of who we are is because of them? explore these questions with me on this new episode of my podcast
What Love is NOT

What Love is NOT


We all have watched movies, series on TV and read novels and have an idea of what love may feel like, but it is seldom the reality, In this episode I try to share inputs on what love should not feel like. Hoping it inspires you to introspect and start asking deeper questions about what love means to you, romantic love especially in committed relationships. Is love education equally important as sex education in schools? Come ponder with me...
Let us discuss triggers, emotional triggers that set off an extreme reaction we are unable to control or trace, but in solving them lies the key to our human evolution
Celebrating Me

Celebrating Me


Let us remove the tags and criteria around celebrations as a society and normalize celebrating oneself just for the sake of existing
Ever thought at the power and advantages of spending time alone with your thoughts and ideas, how much you can achieve and how far this can take you in life? Explore it with me on this episode
Explore the power of words and how the use or misuse affects us on a much deeper level than we can imagine
In this episode I explore the story of Lord Nataraja and the demon Apasmara, and how this still relates to our society today
Every felt an instant connection with someone the minute you met them, not always romantic but friendships that last long? Join me as I explore the questions of soulmates and forevers
Explore romance, hope and power of tiny gestures in this episode
Have you noticed that people dismiss you and you still don't react? I realize much later and then you cant really confront them? Explore this episode to know more
continuing the series on Mahabharata revisited, a personal take on the key incidents of the epic
In this series I share my perspective on incidents within the great epic of Mahabharata, trying to draw parallels to our lives today and how the characters encompass the core of human behavior.....
Looking back at 2020

Looking back at 2020


Talk a walk back through this year with me, reminiscence in what it meant and how you feel entering 2021, let us look back at 2020, and the roller coaster it has been for us all
I Promise Myself

I Promise Myself


Inspired by the poem  by Christian D Larson, I promise myself attempts to explore more of living in the present and promise yourself of a better quality of inner environment
Loss of a romantic relationship is traumatic and painful, but what if it happened for a reason? How do we use this loss to know more about ourselves?
Are society's milestones making you question your purpose? Join me as I explore age and the different milestones society has attached with it
Join me as I explore the future of innovation and technology, looking back 20 yrs and then looking ahead the next 20 years, a topic that has fascinated mankind thorughout
Keeping your grander vision of yourself is imperative in this day and age, join me on this short episode with the pitter patter of rain drops in the background as I explore this more..
The story of Lord Ram, a song from the Geet Ramayan in Marathi, and a perspective on destiny, karma and consoling our selves to move on in life
Let us discuss excess and its effects on us, as media and marketing influence our spending and eating habits and how subconsciously we are getting sucked into the story line
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