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Author: Hannah Magill and Alia Guidry

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The Hers & Hers Vibe is a weekly podcast hosted by Hannah Magill and Alia Guidry of the successful Instagram page, @hersandhers_. Passionate about LGBTQ+ matters, mental health, activism and the human experience, the duo will feature interviews and conversations to will help you build the tool kit you need to live your best life! New episodes every Thursday!
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Trans Folx, We See You

Trans Folx, We See You


What did we miss??After taking several weeks off from the pod to focus on moving to a new state and nourishing their mental health, Hannah and Alia are back with an all new episode this week updating you in real time about life and what they've been up to!Settle in and listen to this week's episode as the ladies celebrate Trans Visibility Day a little late (originally celebrated on March 31) by sharing facts, figures, and the ways in which trans folx often get left out of the LGBTQ+ conversation. Please see below for a list of organizations that support the trans community:The Okra ProjectTransgender Law CenterLGBTQ Freedom FundMarsha P. Johnson InstituteFor The GworlsINCITE!BreakOUT!Transgender Training Institute 
As we watch the reckoning of one of the most historically-watched shows in reality television, we couldn't not talk about it. Join us this week as we dig into the show's historic lack of diversity; long-time host Chris Harrison and his controversial interview with The Bachelorette's first-ever Black lead, Rachel Lindsay; and frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell who attended a slavery-era “themed” party shortly before competing for The Bachelor's first-ever Black lead, Matt James.One of America's most favorite (and very problematic) shows, this is The Bachelor. 
In this week's brand new episode, Hannah and Alia interview fellow content creators and married femme lesbian couple, Allie and Sam!Tune in to hear two of your favorite ladies chat about the struggles of being a femme couple, their journey to parenthood, the Canadian healthcare system, and so much more! Find out more at or on Instagram at @allieandsam
Q & GAY #12

Q & GAY #12


We've gone back to the basics with our first Q&GAY in Season 2!Join Hannah and Alia as they answer two really great questions, sent in by you-- our listeners! Do you have a question you really want us to answer? Have a story you know we'll love? Write in and tell us about it. We want to hear from you!Email us at or find us on Instagram at @thehersandhersvibe
Do you like the show Broad City? How about Insecure? Then we have something perfect for you.In this week's episode, we're introducing you to the creators of the podcast, "Tampon Rock" and why you need to start listening to it... yesterday. "Tampon Rock" is equal parts musical and comedy featuring characters and creators from the LGBTQ+ community.We sat down with the show's creators, Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument and Sophie Dinicol to chat about the birth, creation, and evolution of the show, and how it is the queer sitcom you never knew you needed. Find out more about the show and its creators here: @alysia.brown@s_aument@sophiedinicol@tamponrockpodcast
Today's guest is an inspirational writer, speaker, blogger and classical musician.Author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, "A Gay Man's Guide To Life," Britt East tells us how he overcame his own adversities, changed his life, and used his experiences to challenge and inspire others to be their best selves.Listen as we dive into how we can overcome our own internalized homophobia in an anti-queer world, why leaning into our strengths is so important, and how to have fun in the process!Learn more about Britt East at
In this week's episode, Hannah and Alia have the pleasure of speaking with Georgia-based author, business owner, content creator, podcast host, body positivity & mental health advocate, and mother of three, Katie Crenshaw.Katie's story is full of inspiration and power, and we hope you feel both of those things when you hear this episode. Join us as we talk to Katie about life, transition, and coming out as queer at 34 years old.Find more about Katie on Instagram at @katiemcrenshaw or visit her website,
Gabi and Shanna of @27travels are a Brooklyn-based couple passionate about travel. Join us as we get the inside scoop on all things travel-related, including advice, LGBTQ+ safe spaces, recommendations, and traveling hacks. Check out for more!-Hello and welcome back to The Hers and Hers Vibe, Season 2!We could not be more stoked for what's in store in our second season, and we can't wait to take you all along for the ride. Similar to our first season, we will continue to feature Q&GAYS, discussions around mental health, the LGBTQ+ community, activism, and life as @hersandhers_. In our second season, we've added an element of education through interviews with successful folx within all of these spaces. Are you one of those people? Know someone who is? Have a dream guest for the show? Let us know!Many thanks for your continued support & and we would so appreciate if you would rate, review, and subscribe to our show wherever you happen to listen :)
In their final episode of Season 1, Hannah and Alia will answer another round of your questions.Will they have babies? How do they solve their arguments? Birthday gift ideas? What's their greatest accomplishment(s)? And more!A very special thanks to Sally Fowler for our intro music, Isabella Mueller for our design concept, and Jane Neeley for her graphic design work. Thank you all so much for listening and we can't wait to see you again in 2021. Please rate, review & subscribe! Have a safe and peaceful holiday. With love, H&A
Hannah and Alia are back after a short Thanksgiving hiatus.Tune in to hear the ladies chat all things "adulting," why there's a camera crew in their house, and answer a listener's question.To enter the giveaway:
Hannah and Alia do a quick check in to say thank you for all of the support for their podcast thus far, and give an update about what the future of the podcast will look like.Have a healthy, happy and safe holiday!
For the first time ever, Hannah and Alia are in the hot seat as they get to be guests on a podcast called, Shen & Shan Show. Hosted by power couple, Shen and Shan, Hannah and Alia dive deep into the world of the hersandhers brand, what being an "influencer" is like, their future goals and how they came out. Listen for these stories plus so much more!Shen & Shan Show:
Queers On The Ballot

Queers On The Ballot


Tune into this week's episode and celebrate the leaps and bounds that our LGBTQ+ community made in the 2020 election!!Fun facts, making herstory, and celebrating the queerest Congress in US history.Listen wherever you get your podcasts!Our merchandise: Care/of here:
In the seventh episode of their series, "Black Voices Matter," Hannah and Alia interview the one and only, Kyanna Simone. Kyanna is a content creator, traveler, soon-to-be author, non-identifying member of the LGBTQ+ community and an all around free spirit. After realizing the nine to five was not for her, she left it behind and moved to L.A. to create content full time. Here is how you can support Kyanna and what's important to her: us as we hand the mic over to the Black community. May we all listen, learn, and keep fighting for change.
In this week's episode, Hannah and Alia dive into the impact that the coronavirus has had on their own mental health as well as the collective mental health of millions of Americans still living amongst a pandemic.Plus get tips on how to manage your own mental health during this time!If you or a loved one needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 | available 24 hours a day.
Happy International Lesbian Day!In today's episode, Hannah and Alia are revisiting an old episode about when they knew they were gay.Did you always know you were different? Were the signs obvious when you were younger? Did you ever think "lesbian" was an icky word too?Listen as they dive into these hilarious yet cringe-worthy moments! 
Q & GAY #11

Q & GAY #11


Another batch of your questions: answered.Hannah and Alia talk all things vegan, suggest some cute(?) date ideas, and discuss how they found their "aesthetics." Tune in to hear these answers and a whole lot of laughs. And most importantly, make your voting plan now!
We See You, Bisexuals

We See You, Bisexuals


In honor of it being #BiVisibilityWeek, Hannah and Alia spend this week's episode chatting and myth-busting all things bisexuality.Are bisexuals actually 50% gay and 50% straight? Which bisexual demographic is considered "essentially straight" -- bisexual men or bisexual women? This plus a whole lot more!Find more at @thehersandhersvibe or @hersandhers_ on Instagram
Hannah and Alia are back with their sixth episode in their "Black Voices Matter" series. This week's guest is the lovely Reverend Cynthia L. Pitts. Rev. Cynthia Pitts is a real estate agent, former Black Panther, and the founder and Reverend of her very own church in Las Vegas, NV. Here are a list of organizations that Rev. Pitts would like highlighted: us as we hand the mic over to the Black community. May we all listen, learn, and keep fighting for change.
In the lesbian world, a "Gold Star" takes on a different meaning. We've heard the term before, but what does it really mean? Is it appropriate to use that label? In short, no, no it is not.Listen to hear the interweb's various definitions of the term and the reasons why referring to yourself as a Gold Star Lesbian is not cute.Take the 5-minute Care/Of quiz and use HERSANDHERS for 50% off: to vote/request your absentee ballot here:
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