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The World According to Bill Pickett

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This podcast is based on my opinion blog which I have been writing since 2008. Many of my reflections these days have to do with the challenge of leading a Christian life here in 21st Century America.
8 Episodes
This is the third of three episodes bout leadership.  This episode presents the characteristics of effective leadership.
Although often misunderstood, power is the engine of leadership.  There are two categories of power:  positional and personal.  This podcast explores both and their several power bases.
The Walrus never said it was time to talk of leadership but we surely need to talk about it because we sorely need it.
This is based on blog I originally wrote and published on January 26, 2020.  During the last week, the COVID-19 pandemic caused me to revisit and expand my thoughts.  If God is in everything, how come I cannot hear God?
There is a difference between taking and making a photo.  To understand we need a little of the history of photography.  We can apply the result to some other areas of life.
This is a continuation of the podcast applying the concept of triangulation to my relationship with President Trump.  It looks at the impact on the mainstream media and my personal relationships.  It concludes with five steps I am taking to improve things.
Murray Bowen's concept of triangulation helps explain the way in which the change in political and social discourse over the last three years has infected the way in which we relate to each other.
COVID 19 is an opportunity to reflect on the American character and the interplay between individualism and communitarianism. Habits of the Heart insights are used to analyze the current situation.
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