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Michael Brown, an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is the recipient of his first National Science Foundation, or NSF, award for $220,000 in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. He will attempt a broad generalization of a 1984 breakthrough theorem on the equations defining projective curves.
In this episode of COSAM Talks, learn how Matt Wolak uses mathematical equations to further understand natural selection. He shares insight about how populations will adapt to the environment and could actually change how people think. 
In this episode of COSAM Talks, Ronald Bassar, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, shares insight about himself, what an evolutionary ecologist does, his $1,616,701 NSF award and advice for students.A native of California, his journey has taken him to Arizona, Montana, Massachusetts, England, and now the Plains. Hear directly from this researcher and learn more about this evolutionary ecologist’s work. 
Daniel S. Jones, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is the recipient of a $752,045 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Integrative Organismal Systems – Plant Genome Research Project. He is collaborating with Jennifer Mandel, associate professor, at the University of Memphis and John Burke, a Distinguished Research Professor and head of the Department of Plant Biology, at the University of Georgia. In total, the award is for $2.2 million among all three research groups for the next four years.In this episode of COSAM Talks, he shares insight about his research including interesting information about how each sunflower is actually composed of many flowers and how a new scientific model can make an impact. 
Melinda Lanius is the recipient of a Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant to support “Promoting Success in Mathematical Enrichment through Graduate Teaching Assistant and Undergraduate Pre-Service Teach Training” from the Mathematical Association of America (MMA). In this episode, Lanius discusses how her educational outreach will positively impact local middle and high school students.
Meet Jarious Avery and learn how this student excels in the classroom and in the lab. A genetics major, Jarious is one of only 12 students that will participate in a prestigious summer program with HudsonAlpha and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 
Brian Counterman from the Department of Biological Sciences conducts research asking insightful questions about the environment, genetics and mating preferences impacting the Dogface Butterfly. He is the recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for $1,565,641 for “Physiological genomics of sexually dimorphic developmental plasticity on butterfly wings.”He explains how his research will a help inspire the next generation of scientists currently in Alabama middle schools through outreach programs.
In this episode I am joined by Geoff Hill and we discuss what brought him to Auburn, the research he performs in his lab and of course, his opinion on the recent announcement that the Ivory Bill Woodpecker is extinct... again.You can view all the videos, photos and audio recordings from Geoff's previous search for Ivory Bills here: video version of the podcast can be found at:
In this episode I am joined by Erik Piedy and Steven Kasperek. Listen as we discuss Biomedical Sciences, Football, and how Erik was able to do both.The video version of the podcast can be found at: out the COSAM Talks episode with Steven at:
“The new Collaborative Space for Learning encourages students to ask questions, work as a team and develop good study habits explained Dr. Vanessa Falcao, lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.The new space, located in Extension Hall, brings students together for active learning.Listen as we talk with Dr. Vanessa Falcao, Dr. Rachel Prado and Dr. Dave Crisostomo about this new room and it benefits for everyone You can view the video version of this podcast at
Recap of our trip to Conecuh National Forest as part of the NatureServe Van Tour.You can watch the video version of the podcast at 
Listen as Junior COSAM student Noah Yawn talks with me about what it was like to find plants in Alabama that most people thought were no longer here, as well as why he chose to double major in Biology and Geosciences among other things.You can watch the video version of this podcast at 
Press play to hear from Ed Thomas Jr. who not only earned his graduate degree from Auburn University, but is a professor of physics and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies. He shared how the university has changed over the past two decades, insight about research and how research funding in COSAM has soared.You can find the video version at 
This month's podcast features Konrad Patkowski, professor in the Department of Chemistry at Auburn University. He discusses computational chemistry and how it differs from what people typically think when they hear the word chemistry, along with the multiple ways the research he is performing with his new NSF grant can impact our lives.You can also watch to this podcast at or most other podcast sources.
COSAM Talks - Dr. Boyd

COSAM Talks - Dr. Boyd


Take a few minutes and hear from Robert Boyd in this issue of COSAM Talks. Listen to him talk about his career as a botanist over three decades at Auburn University including his quest to solve plant blindness, researching serpentine rocks that are high in heavy metals, the "greenie meanie" or Melanotrichus boydi, an insect named after him that was discovered in California, leading the COSAM Leaders during the pandemic, and so much more... War Eagle! You can also watch this podcast at 
In this second part of a two part episode, I am joined by Steven Kasperek and Dr. Annie Kirby as we discuss the different ways in which food can affect our bodies. 
In this first part of a two part episode, I am joined by Steven Kasperek and Dr. Annie Kirby as we discuss the different ways in which food can affect our bodies. 
In this episode we talk with Christian Goldsmith, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry about how his lab is currently working to develop sensors that can be used to detect an overproduction of Reactive Oxygen Species, or Free Radicals. This could potentially help detect problems in the heart and brain using non-invasive procedures, saving many lives.
National Suicide Prevention Week, September 6 - 12, is an annual event to increase awareness of suicide prevention. You can learn more about the importance of this week from Steven Kasperek, a COSAM graduate student who is a graduate teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology in the Department of Biological
In this month’s episode, hear from Kimberly Mulligan-Guy, assistant dean of inclusion, equity and diversity in the College of Sciences and Mathematics. To learn more about the Office of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, visit
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