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Author: Raana Zia

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Welcome to the Your Hidden Light Podcast hosted by Raana Zia. The purpose of this podcast is to support, uplift, and guide spiritually minded people through times of uncertainty. Be inspired and strengthened by following simple strategies on how to become more powerful manifestors during times of great change. Raana Zia is the author of the book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life. Please remember to rate, review, and checkout for more information.
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In the End

In the End


In this episode I talk about how a song I heard recently took me back 10 years ago when I was going through a big transition in my life.  The song reminded me of the shock, anger, and uncertainty I felt at the time.  However, it was also a reminder of how it was the beginning of something so much better.  Hearing the song now brought out all those same emotions and a knowing that this is another big transformation for all of us.  Endings can be hard but we need to be very purposeful when navigating this time by keeping our head clear, emotions balanced, and approaching the next steps to what we desire absent of anger, fear, and resentment.  In this episode I share some strategies you should keep in mind as you go through the ups and downs of the next few weeks.
What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe?


In this episode I discuss the importance of allowing yourself to change beliefs in times of change.  Holding onto old beliefs that no longer serve you will keep you from what it is you truly want in your heart.  In order to fundamentally experience change for the better, old beliefs systems need to break down, so new supportive ones can take their place.  Sometimes it takes a crisis to show us the truth about ourselves or the world we live in.  Its often big disruptions or challenges that get our attention enough to effectively change a core belief that no longer serves us into a belief that helps us. 
In this episode I talk about the feeling of desperation.  It is a feeling driven by fear.  We have all felt it.  It happens in times of uncertainty when your mind gets fixated on wanting a particular outcome to happen in order to alleviate your fears.  The problem with desperation is that it keeps you focused on what you fear and, therefore, it keep you stuck in suffering.  If you want a particular positive outcome to come to you, you must focus on allowing that outcome to come into your life.  The feeling of desperation creates resistance to that.  In this episode, I share some reminders on how to shift your energy from resistance and unease to that of allowance and trust.
Ask For the Truth

Ask For the Truth


In this episode I share a little about when my spiritual journey began.  I talk about how during times of awakening, confusion, and uncertainty, I found myself going within and asking for truth.  Seeking your own truth is an important part of the spiritual awakening process.  By asking for truth you will be given answers that are meant for you to hear.  You may find you will be led in directions you never expected to go in, but your mind, consciousness, and world view will expand.  In this episode, I share how by simply asking for truth can create clarity for yourself.   This will help you stay balanced if you are feeling stressed, confused, and frustrated during these uncertain times.
In this episode I share a bit about my journey of trusting my higher self.  In 2016 I lost my job and I was terrified of what would happen next.  I lived through the fear and uncertainty when everything I thought was certain no longer felt certain or secure.  I knew I had to make a choice between my head and my heart/higher self.  While it seemed so scary, I had to start trusting my higher self.  When you trust this part of you and believe you are being guided by a much higher power towards what is better for you, inexplainable things can happen.  In this episode, I share that it is important right now to start to see the signs, listen to your intuition, and trust where your higher self is guiding you.  The Universe is trying to get your attention.  It may feel scary and you probably will feel unsure but only your higher self knows the best path for you, so trust it.
The Devil = Fear

The Devil = Fear


In this episode I talk about a lesser know book written by the famous Napoleon Hill called Outwitting the Devil.  Hill wrote this book in 1938 after he published his widely popular personal development/business book called Think and Grow Rich.  This book was hidden away for over 70 years because it was considered controversial in nature.  It was finally published in 2011 and offers an interesting perspective on the Devil which really resonated with me. Specifically, the idea that it is fear that is the greatest tool of the Devil to control humanity.  I feel his insights are extremely relevant to what we are experiencing at this time.  In this episode, I share some of Hill's ideas and how it applies to what we can do today to break the chains of fear and control in order to experience our own freedom and happiness.
In this episode I reflect upon the first presidential debate of 2020 and how it was such a trigger.  From feeling so off the next morning to seeing that maybe it wasn't so bad after all. As we are all confronted with things that upset us and make us angry or annoyed, remember we are collectively going though a significant change.  We are constantly being shown things the need to change for the better.  Change must start from within before we see it reflected on the outside.  In this podcast I talk about the Mirror Effect.  How everything in your reality is a reflection of what is in you.  We are not separate from our reality but directly connected to it.  Therefore, when we are triggered by outside events or people, we need to see it as a mirror, and as an opportunity to think differently and do better.  I share three suggestions/reminders on how to manage through these triggering times and learn what it is you need to do when they happen.
In this episode I talk about the fact that we are all feeling confused about what is going on in the world right now.  Therefore, It is important to recognize your confusion and not just ignore it.  Ask yourself - Why am I confused?  Why doesn't this make sense?  The feeling of confusion is your catalyst to seek clarity, to dig deeper, and to seek your answers. If you don't then confusion only leads to chaos, and chaos creates more fear.  The Universe is intelligent and nothing is random.  Therefore, its up to you to seek your own meaning and truth during this time.  This is all a part of your spiritual awakening.  The answers you seek are waiting for you.  In this episode I share a few reminders that will help you to move out of confusion into clarity so you can break through the illusion that is holding you back.
Are You Frustrated?

Are You Frustrated?


In this episode I talk about how its natural to feel frustrated when things are going the way you want or planned.  Feeling frustration is a pushing against what is and where you are at right now. We are moving through an extraordinary period of change and not having clarity on where the world is going creates frustration in our bodies. In order to move through these times of uncertainty and upheaval with more ease, it important to remember to surrender to where you are at.  Know that everything has it's cycles.  By consciously releasing your frustration and by focusing only on what you can control, you will start to enjoy your own journey more.  In this episode I share a few suggestions on how to release your frustration when you are stuck in it.  By doing so, you automatically change your own energy and begin to attract the outcomes and experiences you deeply desire.
Wax On Wax Off

Wax On Wax Off


In this episode I talk about how we are all going through a spiritual training right now.  Everything we are doing or being led to do has a meaning.  Whether you spent the last few months taking up home projects like me, doing new things, taking care of others, learning new skills, or just found more time to rest and just be - it's all for a reason.  I talk about how seemingly small unrelated things are actually preparing us for bigger things in our life.  It's like the movie The Karate Kid when the main character Daniel does not understand how doing chores has anything to do with learning Karate.  It's eventually revealed to him that everything he was doing prepared him to reach his ultimate goal.  Similarly, everything you have done in the last six months is preparing you to be ready for changes to come.  In this episode, I share three suggestions/reminders to help you shift into the Fall Season feeling ready and prepared to realize the positive change and spiritual growth you desire deep inside of you.
In this episode I talk about how the anticipation of things either good or bad greatly impacts our emotions and our reality.  Our minds make things out to be worse than what they actually are.  By noticing your own mental patterns, you can consciously change them to bring yourself back to a neutral state of mind.  When you are balanced mentally and emotionally you automatically create a much better reality and experience for yourself.  In times like these, it is easy to feel fear and worry about a future negative outcome.  I find the easiest way to manage through the unknown is to live moment by moment.  In this episode I share three suggestions to help you manage your fear and move yourself back into alignment of what it is you truly desire.
In this episode I talk about my experience with my current feelings of sadness.  With so much uncertainty and fear in the world, many people are going through emotional swings.  As I process my own sadness, I am reminded about a time when I went through a major change in my life 3 1/2 years ago.  I share my story in this episode as an example of how our bodies process change with emotion.  Sadness and grief are part of the process of transformation.  If you are truly changing, then part of you has to die.  While your mind and soul are flexible and want to change and adapt, the body still needs to go through the process of purging old thoughts, attachments, and beliefs that are held within it.  We feel this process within the body through our emotions.  In this episode, I offer a perspective that your negative emotions at this time are really just part of your transformation.  They are an indication you are moving in the right direction.
In this episode I talk about about how you can quickly change your experience by changing your perspective.  Everything can be seen from another perspective.  There is not one truth.  Typically we perceive things only one way and believe it to be our truth.  However, by seeing things a new way, you can create a new and better reality for yourself with little physical effort.  This is easier said than done; therefore, it takes conscious effort to change our conditioned thought patterns and beliefs.  Our challenges are meant to wake us up and remind us that something within ourselves need to change.  We need challenges to help us evolve.  Part of our spiritual awakening is being able to see things from multiple perspectives so we can grow, expand, and experience more.  In this episode I share three ways in which you can shift your perspective so you can shift your experiences for the better.
In this episode I talk about one of my favorite movies from 1993, Groundhog Day, and how the wisdom in this comedic movie is very relevant to what we are experiencing today.  When I saw this movie many years ago, I only viewed it as funny and entertainment.  However, I see so much more in it now.  As everyday feels the same and we grow tired of this new cycle of reality, this movie is a reminder of what really needs to change before the world can change.  As the chaos continues outside of us, we are being asked to go within and change ourselves.  Now is a time to listen to how you are being guided and follow your intuition.  Change is inevitable.  By embracing and accepting the fact that we must change, you can break free from feeling stuck and move forward in a much better way.  In this episode I share a few takeaways from the movie that I believe are very helpful in navigating the challenges we are personally feeling at this time, so everyday will stop feeling like Groundhog Day.
In this episode I talk about how things are intensifying again in the world around us.  With this intensity comes increased fear.  As the energy around us intensifies, know that within this energy is also the energy of love, light, and miracles.  Within the bad, there is always good.  At this time it is important to recognize the good that is being born from the chaos.  By focusing on positive change you will fuel more positive change.  In this episode I offer some suggestions to help you see the miracles all around you, and how you can tune in and consciously create positive outcomes in your life at this time. 
In this episode I talk about how our bodies are going through changes that our minds may not yet understand as we prepare for a new and better time in our lives.  Unexpected challenges or negative emotions that are coming up now, is your body's way of purging old stuck beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you.  You are being asked to address issues you might have avoided or face your fears, but its likely much easier than you think.  You are changing from within and its all leading you to a better place.  In this episode I share two things that I was reminded of last week that I hope are helpful as your manage through the tensions and challenges of right now.
In this episode I talk about how its your own intuition that will guide you through this time.  As the world around you continues to be uncertain, you are being guided to go inward to seek answers to your questions.  As the economy starts to open up, decisions that were once so simple have bigger consequences.  Knowing what to do will come from inside of you.  This is the time to follow what is calling forth within you.  The world is changing and you are been given the opportunity to open up and listen to where you are being guided.  In this episode I share a few suggestions on how to start to hear your intuition and how to practice getting in touch more frequently with your higher self.
Opening Up to Receive

Opening Up to Receive


In this episode I talk about our current opportunity to take advantage of this time of "opening up".  As business start to open up in a new way, we will begin to experience simple things for the first time again.  In the midst of chaos of upheaval, there is a renewed sense of appreciation for the small things that matter to us.  This is a time to open up to receive good things in your life.  It's a time to remember to be grateful in the midst of our challenges.  In this episode, I offer a perspective that I hope will inspire you to let ease and joy back into your life as you navigate change.
In this episode I talk about the fact we all have walls we have put up from a very young age in order to protect our sense of self.  These walls are energetic barriers that have been built up out of fear.  As part of this period of change and transformation we are being asked to courageously break down our walls.  These are the walls that unknowingly divide us.  By shedding a layer of fear, we move closer to love and unity.  This is the process of healing we are all facing right now.  In this episode, I share how you can start to identify your walls and start shedding them one layer at a time.
In this episode I talk about how to manage your mind through the current upheaval we are collectively experiencing.  The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, "You have the power over your mind, not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength."  By becoming the observer of your mind, you become the master of your domain.  By observing the world from a neutral perspective, you can consciously decide how best to navigate change and serve others in a way that is authentically you.  Our thoughts create our reality;  therefore, do not let outside events control your thoughts.  You can create positive change by changing what is inside of you.  In this episode, I share suggestions on how best to observe your own thoughts that run automatically, so you can consciously choose to direct your mental energy towards only what serves you and those around you.
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