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Market Matters from New York Life Investments
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Market Matters from New York Life Investments

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Hosts Lauren Goodwin and Robert Serenbetz bring a fresh look at what matters for the economy, markets, and a multi-asset portfolio. Tune in for a weekly dose of what’s driving portfolio decision-making at New York Life Investments.
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The reflation trade has a lot of investors positioning for value stocks outperformance. In this week’s episode, Lauren and Robert, take a deep dive into the components of the reflation trade with a timely debate on “value versus growth” investing.
Razor thin margins in the House and Senate mean that Biden will not have full reign to pursue the more expansive aspects of his campaign. Still, we expect major changes in the next four years. In this week’s episode, Lauren and Robert identify seven themes the administration is already following, and seven investment ideas to match. 
“Lower for longer” interest rates are here to stay, reducing both current income and future returns. What’s an investor to do? Lauren and Robert make the case for a multi-asset approach to generating income, and offer several allocation ideas. 
Retail investors are taking some bets that look a lot like gambling. Lauren and Robert take a step back to discuss tactical allocation and stock picking – is it a winning strategy or a fool’s game?
Is inflation on the way? Lauren and Robert discuss the drivers of higher prices and how the Federal Reserve will – or will not – react to inflationary pressures this year. They are joined by fixed income expert Adam Schrier, who describes an investment idea he calls “defending against duration.”
Last year, we witnessed remarkable performance from big tech companies. Lauren and Robert look back at what drove tech higher in 2020 and discuss the outsized risks for the tech sector in 2021.  
New year, same complex financial markets. Lauren and Robert take stock of the year that was, and the themes shaping the economy and financial markets in 2021.  
In their final podcast of the year, Lauren and Robert discuss the holiday cheer for stocks.
The period after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic brought us the roaring 20s, a period of economic prosperity. Lauren and Robert assess whether we’re in for a second round.
2020 has been a wild year, but will the next one be any calmer? Here’s our best guess at ‘what matters’ in 2021.
Lauren and Robert identify what’s most important to monitor from now until the end of the year, plus a few fun facts about the economics of Thanksgiving.  
Interest rates are going to be lower for longer, so we invite special guest, Kenneth Sommer, head of investment grade portfolio management, to help listeners navigate the fixed income environment.
As attention shifts from the election back to the economy, how might markets respond?
The election result is uncertain, and investors are positioning for a divided government.
Tuesday is election day, and for investors the results feel high stakes. Lauren and Robert share the strategies that investors can rely on no matter the electoral outcome.
Growth stocks have vastly outperformed value stocks for the past year… and the last cycle. But with so many changes afoot, could it be time to add value-oriented stocks back to a portfolio?
How might the regulatory environment change if the political environment does?
Lauren and Robert dive into a space previously unexplored on the podcast – venture capital. Along with special guest Joel Albarella, Head of New York Life Ventures, our hosts identify what makes venture capital different, and how companies are adapting to a pandemic-driven world.
Joe Biden’s electoral ticket has outlined several important changes to the tax code. Taxes matter for company profits and household finances, and investors have taken notice. How can investors put these potentially major changes into context?
With Presidential debates starting this week, Lauren and Robert share four potential policy ideas and four investments at stake in this election.
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