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What Is Sex?

Author: Isy Abraham-Raveson and Rebecca Klein

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What is Sex? is a new podcast hosted by YES! co-founders Rebecca Klein and Isy Abraham-Raveson. Each episode features one anonymous question submitted by a kid in our sex ed classes. With the help of special guests, Rebecca and Isy discuss their own experiences with these questions and explore how to address these topics with the young people in your lives. YES! is a nonprofit that provides intersectional, sex-positive sexuality education to people of all ages. Learn more about YES! at our website: Contact us with questions you've been asked by kids about sexuality and bodies at! SUPPORT OUR WORK HERE:
17 Episodes
Rebecca and Isy discuss oral sex, vagina smell, and what to do with semen in your mouth.
While Rebecca worked hard on the presidential election, Isy and guest Elena Faverio discuss bras, corsets, and making your own decisions about your body.
Isy and Rebecca are joined by three guests with penises to discuss circumcision, ear piercing, and Hebrew school memories.
Isy and Rebecca explore a question Rebecca had when she was young, remember games of Truth or Dare, and discuss bisexuality.
Isy and Rebecca explore a question Isy had when she was young, remember details of Rory Gilmore's dating life, and push back on societal pressure.
Isy and Rebecca are joined by their first ever kid guest! 7-year-old Orin and her mom offer their perspectives on pregnancy, birth, and why no kid is too young to have their questions answered.
S2:E1 - What is rape?

S2:E1 - What is rape?


Join Isy and Rebecca for the first episode of Season 2 of What is Sex? where they discuss dress codes, Degrassi, and the continuum of sexual violence.Support What is Sex? by contributing on Patreon and get your name on an episode of the  podcast!If you or someone you care about has experienced sexual violence, here are some resources that might be useful:RAINN (National Sexual Assault Hotline)National Sexual Violence Resource CenterUnderstanding the Me Too Movement: A Sexual Harassment Awareness Guide
Join Isy and Rebecca for the season 1 finale of What is Sex? featuring hating pants, figuring out exactly what we want, and teaching pleasure-based sexuality education.
Join Isy, Rebecca, and guest Morgan Williams for a discussion of our first memories of racism, the white savior complex, and being honest with kids.Resources for learning more about how to talk to kids about racism:List of books, articles, and podcastsThe Conscious KidRaising Race Conscious ChildrenEmbrace Race
Join Isy, Rebecca, and guest Pierce Jordan for a discussion of pubic hair, whether or not Ross from Friends ever shaved his genitals, and what it means to be "normal."
S1:E7 - What is porn?

S1:E7 - What is porn?


Rebecca and Isy are joined by Yema Rosado in their discussion of porn vs. erotica, chatrooms, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and restrictive beauty standards.
Rebecca and Isy reminisce about high school sex ed, brotherly love, Seinfeld, and TLC's Sex Sent Me to the ER.
Do you remember the penis game? Listen to Isy and Rebecca get goofy as they channel their inner middle schoolers and list every word for penis they've ever heard.
S1:E4 - Isy and Rebecca are joined by Cori Maskart to discuss child development, our first reactions to the concept of transgender, and how we are all stars!
S2:E3 - Isy and Rebecca are joined by the amazing Marcus Borton to discuss gay sex, Toni Morrison, and possibility models.
S1:E2 - Rebecca and Isy discuss periods, body image, and access to information.
S1:E1 - What is sex?

S1:E1 - What is sex?


S1:E1 - Meet co-hosts Isy and Rebecca as they explore the complexities of the question "what is sex?"
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