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Ray, Jake, and Will discuss some things to do and think about when planning for your Christmas Vacation. They talk about their favorite movies and question how to pronounce "Pecan". 
Jake"s back! The guys talk about Thanksgiving traditions and their favorite meals. 
Black Friday

Black Friday


Ray is back!!! But now Jake is MIA? In this episode, Will and Ray catch up and discuss the upcoming Black Friday, some current events, and the podcast. 
We are back! Jake and Will are joined by Operation Open Water's Kyle Kelly. We discuss the importance of Veterans Day and Kyle's story.
In this week's episode, Jake and Will discuss what a Business Continuity Plan is and its importance. 
In this episode, Jake and Will are joined by Andy, Director of Security at RedRock LA. We discuss the importance of a good security plan and the implementation of the plan used at the Route 91 Harvest - Las Vegas Shooting. Andy goes through the events while on the ground during the attack.  
Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking


Sam from Zero Trafficking joins us to talk about Human Trafficking. 
Matt joins us to discuss the world of HNWI Protection. He talks about how he got into EP and what it’s like dealing with the paparazzi. 
This week is all about cryptocurrency. Alec and Charles join the show to talk about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. 
This week we are joined by John "Shrek" McPhee as we remember 9/11. We discuss some of our experiences from the last 20 years in The War on Terror.
Event Security

Event Security


In this episode, we are joined by Anton of Guardian Professional Security to discuss event security. We talk about some of Anton's experiences and his journey into the security world. 
This week Mariah Davies from LVC, Inc. joins the show. We talk about women in the Safety and Security Industry, how Mariah got into it, and a few other things along the way. 
Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence


Jake and Will are joined by Storm from SafeGuard Cyber to discuss Threat Intelligence. They talk little about movies, whiskey, and a lot about threat intelligence. 
This week Jake and Will talk about Security Convergence. We discuss the importance of converging physical and cyber-security together. 
Jake and Will discuss the importance of career development. They discuss the benefits and the different ways to reach your goal. 
Insider Threat

Insider Threat


This week Jake and Will discuss insider threats. We give a few examples and also have our very own "insider threat" infiltrate the podcast towards the end. 
Infrastructure Hacking

Infrastructure Hacking


Jake and Will are joined by Alec to discuss Infrastructure Hacks. We talk a little bit about cryptocurrency and have some fun along the way.   
Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel


Jake and Will talk about Jake's last overseas adventure. They also discuss some things to do to prepare for international travel and some things to do while traveling.  
4th of July Special

4th of July Special


Jake has returned! Will and Jake talk about what the Fourth of July means while reminiscing about childhood memories. Jake can't promise he will return with all his appendages following the weekend's festivities. 
This week Will is joined by Southern Pines, NC Police Chief Nick Polidori. They discuss the importance of security and police cooperation and the current state of policing. 
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