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Ray, Jake, and Will came together over their passion for security. While discussing current security issues over some coffee (well, sparkling water for Jake), the idea was born to find a way to share security principles and opinions with people across all levels of experience. They wanted it to be informative while remaining light-hearted and fun… And so was born “The Coffee Squad Podcast.” So, sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!
51 Episodes
Is Social Media Safe?

Is Social Media Safe?


This week we are joined by Scott to talk about how to be safe while using your social media. The guys have some fun while covering some basic precautions everyone should be using. 
Cliff joins us once again to discuss how to be more secure with your cyber footprint while navigating the cyber world.  
As we continue our series on home security we are moving on to home network security. This week we are joined by Cliff to discuss the ways and the whys of securing your home network. 
This week we are joined by Security System expert Isaiah to discuss how to choose what kind of system to put into your home. Will and Jake also discuss the big football game this weekend and who we are hoping wins. Help Nate out at
In part 4 of our Security 101 series, we are once again Joined by AP to discuss CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). Jake talks about how much he loves sugar and Will admits to being a PAC-12 fan. 
This is part 3 of our Security 101 series. We are joined by Adam to discuss how to identify your assets, the 4 D's of security, and more! Jake goes "pinkies up" with his tea description and Will understands why he gets a hard time. 
This is part 2 of our Security 101 series! In this episode, we discuss basic security terminology. Jake struggles with some math while Will is back to his "Pinkies Up" ways. 
Security 101 Kick-Off!

Security 101 Kick-Off!


This starts our 10 part series covering basic security principles everybody should know. This week we discuss why we decided to do the series with Pro Surfer and Entrepreneur Josh Mohr. Jake remembers surfing trips as a teenager and Will starts the conversation about current events. 
This week we take time to reminisce about what the holiday season means to us. We discuss some of our favorite things and Jake and Will are joined by a long lost friend. 
In this episode Will and Jake take a look back at the year, highlighting the most talked about issues and the guests we had that joined us. Jake confesses to being scared, and Will discusses dressing up as Cindy-Lou Who. 
Attack of the Drones!

Attack of the Drones!


This week we are joined by Scott to discuss Drones and their applications within the security and commercial world. Jake is excited to ride the Polar Express and Will enjoys a bourbon coffee. 
This week we are joined by Private Investigator Steve to discuss his career as a P.I.  Jake enjoys some early eggnog and Will tries to discuss his coffee's nuances. 
This week we are joined by Airport Head of Security Bear to discuss the workings of the airport and holiday travel tips, and Jake and Will argue over the quality of water vs the quality of coffee. 
In this episode, we are joined by Deputy Chief Doug Wright to debunk some common Hollywood myths related to law enforcement. Jake discusses his speeding problem and Will rants about clips vs magazines. 
In this episode, Jake and Will discuss some tips and precautions to take during the holiday season when shopping. Jake talks about his paddle trip and will drinks some Funky Chicken!
In this episode, we are joined by Justice Pearson of Proper Patriot to discuss what Veterans Day means to us. We discuss Montana, the 82nd, and our drinks. 
This week we discuss prepping for the possibility of Civil Unrest following the Presidential Election. Will needs more coffee and Jake tastes the rainbow. 
Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety


This week Jake and Will discuss some Halloween Safety tips in time for Trick-or-Treating. Will tries to scare Jake, and Jake admits his love of Pinterest.  
Cybersecurity Breakdown

Cybersecurity Breakdown


This week we are joined by Tim to discuss cybersecurity. Will finds a coffee drink that Jake might actually drink. 
Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence


Will and Jake are joined by Bryan to discuss all about Workplace Violence. We talk a little coffee, some BBQ, and a whole lotta security. 
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