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Author: Tina Powell | C-Suite Social Media

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In the Suite is a podcast that shares amazing stories of women in business in the financial services and wealth management industry. The podcast features interviews with inspiring, top women leaders in business and some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry. In the Suite is where you’ll discover their best secrets and top strategies to grow a great business, build a strong brand, and lead teams in the 21st century. In the Suite podcast is hosted by Tina Powell, TEDx Speaker, former NYU Professor, Marketing Consultant and CEO of C-Suite Social Media.
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Today, we welcome Vanessa Martinez In The Suite. Vanessa is on a mission to break the standard of male-dominated partners and advisors within the financial planning industry. Vanessa is the Managing Director and Partner for The Lerner Group at Hightower Advisors, co-author of the book 'Family Value at Risk,' financial planner at the Northwest Church of Christ, and an active member of a non-profit organization called Step Up. All of this while being a committed wife and a mother of two young children!In today's podcast, Vanessa explains that wealth is much more than money. It can be your friends, family, and/or values. It's your legacy! Vanessa is passionate about guiding families through all aspects of their wealth, including estate coordination, asset management, and legacy planning. She partners and builds meaningful relationships with family to help them preserve wealth from one generation to the next.  To spread the message of intentional communication between families regarding financial planning, Vanessa co-wrote 'Family Value at Risk.' In this episode, she announces how it will soon be turned into a podcast and translated into Spanish!It's to no surprise that her contribution has led her to be recognized as Forbes Best In State Wealth Advisor for 2021 and Barron's 2020 Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.Join the conversation to hear about:Her journey to Hightower (06:05)About her book: “Family Value at Risk” (09:55)The concept of multi-generational planning (12:35)How can you talk to your parents about wealth management? (14:00)Intentional conversation is key! (18:45)Money vs. value discussion (21:10)Tips on finding the right work culture (23:40)Vanessa’s experience in Guatemala (29:10)Her volunteerism (33:25)How parents should raise daughters with strong financial habits (37:30)How to get more women to join the financial industry (39:40)Best way to contact Vanessa (45:00)Tip of the day! (46:50)Referenced Materials:Vanessa Martinez TwitterVanessa Martinez FacebookVanessa Martinez LinkedInVanessa Martinez BioFamily Value at Risk- What’s Your Net Worth? LinkedIn ArticleLerner Group: A Mother/Daughter Interview Lerner Group WebsiteVanessa’s Mother/Daughter Interview
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Founder and Host, Tina Powell, is about the 12 insights she found inspiring from the Carson Group’s #Excell2021 Conference, October 12 - 14, 2021, held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  Excell enables financial advisors to go beyond the status quo by providing you and your team with actionable advice, tried-and-true strategies, and a network of inspiring professionals who know how to get it done. From financial planners to investment managers and small independent practices to billion-dollar RIAs.Invest in your growth, personally and professionally, and join Tina #InTheSuite for an inspiring conversation around these top twelve takeaways:Institute a code of conduct. (6:39)Give back and support a cause. (7:42)Promote your event hashtag and use it. (8:49)Drop your mask, the non-COVID kind. (9:34) Don’t be afraid of work that has no end. (10:58)Explore your creative talents. (12:45)Empower others and build a plan to let other people help you. (14:50)Make diversity and inclusion a reality by making it an actual business goal. (16:18)Consider a new business model for your business. (18:23)Diet is all the food you’ve eaten in your entire life and all your habits. (19:54)Love what you do and make it obvious. (21:35)Get your mind right for marketing. (23:18)Resources MentionedCarson Group Excell Conference 2021 Ron Carson, Founder, Carson Group  Jamie Hopkins, Carson Wealth Teri Shepherd In The Suite Episode 11 Suzanne Siracuse, The Big Reveal Steph Bogan In The Suite Episode 36  Mary Kate Gulick, CMO LinkedIn Sonya Dreizler Charity Water  No Kid Hungry Dr. Darshan ShahSandra JosephMichael Kitces John R. DiJuliusOut Of Many, One by President George W. Bush on AmazonC-Suite Social Media Website 
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Samantha Russell is about creating your own momentum in the ever-changing world of technology, innovation, and social media. Samantha Russell is Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite & Twenty Over Ten, a leading SaaS company in financial services providing marketing automation and creative content for financial professionals. She’s a mother of two, a voracious reader, and an articulate communicator who has delivered over 600 presentations since 2015 about how to use digital marketing to grow your business. Samantha is a 2020 Honoree for the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 award and was also named to the "10 to Watch" list by that same year. She has a B.S. Cum Laude in Organization Communication from Miami University and has a decade of experience, but appreciates being a student of life. “I'm a lifelong learner, I read incessantly, and I love to just learn,” Samantha says. As she puts it, There is nothing she finds more inspiring than being able to empower advisors to market themselves effectively and who are enjoying returns on their marketing investment…In The Suite. She boldly evolves with the social media platforms, breathing life and fresh air into everything she touches. Listen to Samantha’s episode to learn about examining who you’re targeting with your pricing, facing the hurdles of compliance, the art of storytelling, and so much more.Referenced MaterialsSamantha Russell - Website Samantha Russell - TwitterTwenty Over Ten - WebsiteTwenty Over Ten - YouTubeFMG Suite - Website8 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO - Twenty Over Ten WebsiteSamantha Russell Named to 2020 Class of 40 Under 40 by InvestmentNews - Twenty Over Ten WebsiteExcell Conference 2021 - WebsiteJustin Castelli - Website
In today's episode of In the Suite, we are thrilled, excited, and honored to welcome Lee DeLorenzo, CFP®, CPWA®, AIF®, the co-founder of United Asset Strategies, a prestigious broker-dealer.The name Lee DeLorenzo,CFP®, CPWA®, AIF® is synonymous with top female advisors in the wealth management industry. She's been ranked and included annually as one of America's Top 100 Women Financial Advisors by Barron's for ten consecutive years! In addition to being inducted into Barron's Advisor Hall of Fame, she's also been a Top 50 Advisor on Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in New York and named Forbes' Top Women Wealth Advisors 2021. This episode kicks off with Lee making a massive and exciting announcement. She talks about why and how she sold 80% of her family-run company to 2 employee-partners, one of them being her nephew, Matthew DeLorenzo, who'll bring in unique abilities to drive business value over the long term. Fine-tuning the family business for the new generation and succession strategy is one of the key themes of today's episode.  In this episode, Lee explains her exciting and unique origin story. Lee started her career as an assistant at her father's insurance and investment planning business at the young age of 19. Working with her father, who is now retired, Lee helped expand the firm's purview from insurance sales to stock brokerage to financial advisory and investment management. And in 1992, with her dad being semi-retired, they founded United Asset.It's truly impressive how the company has managed to keep the same team glued for many years. Lee proudly confesses that she loves and deeply cares for her close-knit team. Additionally, she mentioned how over the years, she's dropped her ego to develop her delegation skills and leadership style to give her team the freedom to be accountable for their work. She goes in depth on how the company has addressed quarterly and annual reviews, which has helped them immensely in retention.Lee emphasizes the importance of being a lifelong learner and that actions as leaders are vital. Highly motivated to fill the market's gap and meet the company's roadmap needs, Lee has independently taken various courses. She is a certified Financial Planner, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, and she has obtained a license for life and health insurance. It’s just amazing. Lee is a modest, courageous, and vocal entrepreneur. In addition to the details of the above, our listeners will get inspired by Lee's take on the work culture of stewardship, receive industry advice and get an insight into her vision for the next five years. Find our conversation with Lee below: Lee's big news! (04:40) Succession Strategy (05:00) The ability to walk down the alter (09:45) Lee's Origin Story (13:00) The Third Generation of DeLorenzo’s (15:00) Lee's tight-knit team (18:45) Manifesting lifelong learning at United Asset Strategies (20:00) Lee's incredible designations (23:30) Lee's take on work culture (33:15) Advice for anyone new in the industry (38:10) The next five years (43:05) How to get in touch with Lee (46:40) Lee's book recommendation (54:50) Resources: Lee DeLorenzo, CFP®, CPWA®, AIF®  - LinkedInLee DeLorenzo, CFP®, CPWA®, AIF® - TwitterUnited Asset StrategiesForbes' Top Women Wealth Advisors 20
We feel so lucky and honored to have Heather Fortner In the Suite! Heather Fortner, MS, IACCP® is the Chief Executive Officer at SignatureFD, an award-winning multi-billion-dollar integrated wealth management and advisory firm in Atlanta that helps clients transform their net worth into "Net Worthwhile." SignatureFD is ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 Americas Fastest Growing Companies and was named one of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work for in 2021. In today's episode, Heather shares some of the greatest leadership lessons learned throughout her career and her philosophies.  She stresses the importance of asking for help, being curious, being a lifelong learner, being kind, and being compassionate: qualities that can also be applied to your personal life to help you become a better human being.It is her humble attitude, proactiveness, and generosity that have led her to the success she's achieved today. And without a doubt, her words of wisdom throughout the podcast will leave an indelible mark on you.Below is the show’s agenda:Being promoted Chief Executive Officer of SignatureFD (6:10)“We’re better in the community” (12:00)What does the ‘FD’ in SignatureFD stand for? (13:45) How SignatureFD bridging concepts revolved around life? (16:05) “…it starts with who you are” (22:10)The benefits of a Masters’s Degree in professional counseling? (25:00)What drives Heather? (35:40) About the podcast “Empower To In Power (38:30)The emotional intelligence toolbox (44:10)Best way to contact Heather (50:40)Heather’s Book recommendation (51:40)Resources:Heather Fortner, MS, IACCP® - LinkedIn Heather Fortner, MS, IACCP® - TwitterSignatureFD Website"Empower To In Power," SignatureFD’s Podcast“Double Blessing: Don't Settle for Less Than You're Called to Bless” on AmazonKennesaw State UniversitySchwab Executive Leadership programG2 Leadership Institute
We’re thrilled to welcome Liz Fritz In The Suite for today’s inspiring episode. Liz is Chief Commercial Officer of F2 Strategy, a leading boutique management consulting firm based in Silicon Valley helping complex RIA, wealth and multi-family office firms improve their technical capabilities across the entire client and advisor experience.Liz co-founded F2 Strategy in 2017, with her husband Doug, the company's CEO. Through F2 Strategy, this innovative husband-and-wife team brings their strengths and deep technological and marketing experience together to bridge the gap between emerging client's needs and the lack of digital wealth experience.  In today's podcast, Liz takes us through her incredible journey. From attending UC Davis and studying to be an equine veterinarian to becoming head of Wealth Management Communications at Bank of the West/BNB Paribas - one of the top 10 wealth managers worldwide, to now forming her own company, after seeing how many top wealth management firms were ill-equipped to keep pace with technology & innovation. We also focus on what Liz affectionately calls, “Fluid Expectations,” the idea that competitive threats come from beyond the wealth management industry and are shaped by brands delivering an exceptional and innovative client experience. Join the Conversation to Learn About: Welcome Liz! (01:15) Wealth Tech Gets Vocal - Man in the Van Podcast (06:10) About F2 Strategy (06:30) How does Liz work with clients? (10:30)The three wealthtech trends we need to pay attention to (13:05) What is a Chief Commercial Officer?  (18:40)How can we bridge the gap between marketing and sales? (19:50) Liz’s backstory (27:50) The three areas for growth for women (32:40) Women in Wealth Tech series (40:00) Liz’s volunteer experience (44:10)How to contact Liz (49:00)Liz’s book recommendation (50:10) Resources:Liz Fritz - LinkedInLiz Fritz Forbes CouncilF2 Strategy Website Man in the Van Podcast “Future Proof Your Business With Direct Indexing And Estate Planning” Webinar“Braiding Seagrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer on AmazonReese Witherspoon's Book Club - Hello SunshineCastilleja School in Palo Alto, CA  
It is with immense pleasure and honor that we introduce our first male guest ever on the show. It is none other than the phenomenal Dr. Travis Parry. Travis is the best-selling author of "Achieving Balance," an inspirational keynote speaker, the Founder and coach of the Make Time Institute, and soon to be a father for the seventh time. Travis started his career as a financial advisor in 2002, but a series of life-changing events took a turn in his life. The tragic experience of losing his young father from an unexpected heart attack and having to literally process his father's death claim created a moment for Travis to look at his life in a more holistic view. He invested in his education and earned several degrees in behavioral science to understand human behavior better.As a result, his best-selling book "Achieving Balance" was born. In the podcast, Travis reveals that the concept of work/life could actually be a misnomer. In addition to work, there are ten other areas in our lives, including spiritual, physical health, relationships, and more, that are vying for our attention and time. Through his workshops, Travis noticed a natural market for couples who find it difficult to talk about money, causing friction in their relationship. He firmly believes that when couples share goals, especially financial ones, it will translate into increased happiness in their partnership. Join the conversation to hear about:Big news! (02:15)About the Make Time Institute (04.55)What is a mini-obituary worksheet? (09:55)The role of community in our lives (15:10)How often should we re-visit our smart goals? (18:45)Busting myths on 'Balance' and 'Multi-tasking.' (22:03)The power of letting go (32:10)What to expect from Travis' workshop? (37:50)Shared values and well-being among couples (42:40)Travis' next project (55:33)Book recommendation (01:03:15)Resources:Travis Parry, Ph.D. - WebsiteTravis Parry, Ph.D. - LinkedInGet Your Free Copy of Achieving Balance by Dr. Travis ParryMake Time for Balance Education Course by Dr. Travis ParryMake Time Podcast with Dr. Travis Parry on Apple Podcasts"Man Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl on Amazon "The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home" by Arlie Hochschild (Author), Anne Machung (Author) on Amazon 
It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Megan Carpenter In The Suite! Megan is the Co-Founder and CEO of FiComm Partners, the co-host of the podcast 'New Skool,' a blogger, a spokesperson, and an active member of the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning Workforce Development Advisory Group. She's also a member of the Investment News 40 Under 40 list! Megan's route to a career in the financial advice business began with a paid marketing internship at John Hancock Financial Network. In no time, the industry turned into her passion, and in 2014, she co-found FiComm Partners, an integrated communications agency specializing in the financial services industry.  Megan explains that as she helped wealth management businesses engage with their target audience effectively, she realized that marketing and PR in the financial world was old school. She found the approach to be jargon-heavy, top-down, buttoned-up, and overly professional.  In today's episode, listeners will learn how Megan transformed and modernized the financial marketing industry through her podcast 'New Skool' and series of virtual marketing workshops. Advisors can gain access to the strategic framework they need to be more authentic and vulnerable to make the right marketing decisions for their own business. Check out her podcast and educational material on the financial services industry. In addition, Megan personally supports the industry by leading FiComm's pro-bono effort for the Foundation for Financial Planning, the InvestmentNews Impact Forum and the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning Workforce Development Advisory Group.   Without a doubt, today's episode is the key to success for many financial advisors. Join the conversation to learn and understand what it means to have a fierce personal leadership style and why perception and communication are the keys to everything. Megan's humble and positive approach to leadership combined with an intense passion for bettering the financial services industry inspires us all. Join the conversation to here about:About Megan and her business (05:42)What attracted Megan to this industry (08.38)About the podcast (13:31)Why take the ‘Advisor Education’ course? (24:10)How the pandemic changed the industry? (28:30)About "news-jacking." (31:43The ideal persona to seek for professional financial services (37:15)Her involvement in the CFP Board Center (44:20)How to get involved? (51:02)Meg’s takeaway from Covid (55:00)Book recommendation (01:02:50)The Best way to get in touch (01:02:50)  Resources:Megan Carpenter - LinkedInMegan Carpenter - TwitterInvestment News 40 Under 40 ListMegan Carpenter Financial-Planning.comThe New Skool PodcastCFP BoardFoundation for Financial PlanningNo Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention By Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer on Amazon
We are so excited to welcome Diana Cabrices In the Suite! Diana the Vice President of Enterprise Development at Snappy Kraken. Snappy Kraken is an award-winning automated growth program focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing solutions that helps financial advisors automate, personalize, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. While predominantly she works with the compliance team in the broker-dealer channel, Diana has successfully worked with thousands of financial advisors on marketing support, succession planning, and M&A recruiting. Her passion, enthusiasm, and love for the profession will clearly reflect in this interview. Despite the challenges that come with her role, she's very driven, motivated, and career-oriented - qualities that she thanks her mother for. In this episode, Diana shares with us her fascinating origin story. She's a first-generation Cuban-Venezuelan-American who grew up low-income in a single-family home. Being the youngest daughter of three, she grew and understood her responsibilities quickly.  She reveals that coming from a Hispanic background never stopped her ambitions. And despite the initial mental struggle, as she matured, she learned to own her original story and be proud of it.  An attitude she hopes inspires other women. While some companies fell into disarray during the pandemic, other companies like Snappy Kraken actually began as a 100% remote company. Diana is extremely grateful to Snappy Kraken, who gives her the freedom and lifestyle she's always dreamt of.  In fact, Diana starts the podcast sharing a big announcement that will blow your mind!In addition to her role as Vice President of Enterprise Development, Diana found her calling as a Doula a few years ago. Through her past experiences, she realized that there was a need for professional support to empower women before, during, and after pregnancy. Diana knew that she could help women by extending her true characteristics, as a supportive and nurturing woman.Join our conversation to hear about:Who is Snappy Kraken and the BIG news happening at Snappy Kraken! (05:38)Diana’s origin story (8:30)What keeps culture together in a remote environment?  (13:00)How businesses can be formed in a virtual environment (18:50)Diana’s role in Snappy Kraken and Enterprise Marketing (32:45)What are we getting wrong? (37:00)Celebrating Diana as a proud Latina (40:30)Diana’s role as a doula! (44:00)Advice for women (50:45)Diana’s book recommendations (57:45) How to get in touch with Diana and upcoming conferences (59:38)Resources:Diana Cabrices - LinkedInDiana Cabrices - TwitterDiana’s Email AddressSnappy Kraken WebsiteSnappy Kraken FacebookT3 Advisor Conference 2020 Highlights ReelGlennon Doyle's Untamed on AmazonSnappy Kraken's State of Digital 2021 Report 
It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Diana Britton In The Suite for this episode. Diana is the Managing Editor at and the host of 'Transparency with Diana B,' a podcast about advisors' personal struggles and healing.Having started her career as an intern at The Daily Breeze, Diana is a self-made woman with an illustrious career who is now celebrating her 11th anniversary at, the industry's premier publication. Furthermore, just a few years back, Diana was acquired by Informa, a leading international intelligence, events, and scholarly research group that is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a member of FTSE 100, with over 10,000 colleagues working in more than 30 countries.Her efficient work in content management systems, AP Style, InDesign, and SEO have been honored by the Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) and SIIA's Jesse H. Neal Awards.Diana holds a Master's degree in Journalism from the prestigious New York University.  In the podcast, Diana admits that she 'fell' into the financial industry. The transition from her beautiful beach town in Southern California to the high-maintenance lifestyle of New York was difficult. It was a culture shock to her suburban bubble. However, navigating life in New York while being a reporter helped define who she was on a professional and personal level. In the podcast, Diana shares her initial day experiences, from learning the basic financial terms and tasks on the go, to writing detailed reports on everything from finance and investments, the trucking industry, entertainment and media, religion, social justice issues, and general news.  Diana was recently featured on InsideETF's, Inside Wealth Stack, Women's History Month, in which she shared a quote, which reads:"Women still represent just 18% of financial advisor headcount. The wealth management industry needs to create better career paths to bring more young women into the industry."In our conversation, Diana gives us fantastic updates on this figure and provides advice to women who want to be in the finance industry. Diana hasn't missed a beat during the pandemic. She moved from Queens to Long Island with her husband and two young children, continued to work remotely as Managing Editor, and continued working on her podcast ‘Transparency with Diana B.' The podcast follows an open, transparent, and refreshing narrative in which she talks to financial advisors on their personal struggles and healing processes.  Her mandate is to bring these issues out into the open so that others may find healing. A podcast that will no doubt resonate with you and change your perspective towards life. From our conversation with Diana, listeners will learn the importance of being independent, proactive, a fighter, and some life lessons on living the moment.Join the conversation to hear about:Diana's background (03:00) Diana's journey to NYC (06:30)The positives and negatives of reporting during the pandemic (10:50) How Diana got into WealthManagement and Financial Services Reporting  (17:20) Diana's advice to financial advisors (22:20)Upcoming trends for 2021 (25:30)How fits into the Informa universe (30:00)About Diana's podcast (39:30)Advice to women who want to be in the finance industry (50:20)Diana’s Book Recommendation (54:40)
Ni Hao everyone! After months of waiting, we’re thrilled to finally introduce Helen Yang in today’s episode of In the Suite! Helen Yang is an inspirational and giving person. She’s a CFA by designation, a FinTech veteran for 20 years, a co-winner of the Harry Markowitz Award, an involved mother of two children, and an active board member of Asian Americans for Equal Rights. She started her career at Thomson Reuters and Charles River Development. Helen was dissatisfied with the ‘cookie-cutter’ service she was receiving from financial advisors. She realized that financial advisers didn’t have the right tools to deliver the kind of personalized insights and services she was looking for. With the mission to fill this gap, Helen founded Andes Wealth Technologies.For the second year in a row, Andes Wealth Technologies was selected as a finalist in the 2021 Industry Award in the Risk Tolerance and Client Profiling category, and for the first time, a finalist in the Portfolio Analytics category. Helen is inspired by acts of kindness around her and volunteers extensively to give back to society. She serves on the board of Lexington Lions Club and Asian Americans for Equal Rights. In this episode, you will learn about her awe-inspiring growth journey and how she balances her personal and professional life. We also cover powerful and educational topics, including the identity and challenges experienced by Asian Americans and what we can do to combat hate. Helen also shares knowledge on why risk tolerance is essential and shares relevant stories.Find the agenda of our conversation with Helen below:About Andes Wealth Technologies (02:57)How the pandemic made advisors look at risk tolerance differently (04:42)Congratulate Helen on her recent success (06:20)The importance of risk tolerance tools explained (09:20)The backstory behind the company’s name (14.40)Sharing the Harry Markowitz Award 2011 with Dr. Andrew Lo (16:06)Helen’s impressive educational background (21.19)Inspiration behind her career choice (22:08)Helen’s advice to women who want a career in Fintech (25:30) Being an advocate for equal rights for Asian Americans (32:30)Educating herself and others on Asian American history (38:00)How can we support Asian Americans? (40:06)“Good Deeds For Good Karma” (44:22)Speaking at the Wealthies Forum (47:00)Book Recommendation by Helen (55.38) Behavioral biases during the pandemic (1:03:19)Resources-Helen Yang Twitter-Helen Yang LinkedIn-Andes Wealth Technologies LinkedIn-Tsinghua University-Andes Wealth Technologies-Andes Wealth Technologies Named Finalists for Two 2021 Industry Awards-t3 Technology Software Survey Report-The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed Our Lives by Michael Lewis on Amazon-Growing Tree
It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Cecile Munoz In The Suite for this episode. Cecile has been the the Founder and President of U.S Executive Search & Consulting for over 28 years, and a show host of the ‘Ends with Z’ podcast.Cecile has been an entrepreneur since the age of 11,  when she built her first pop-up concession stand during movies in her backyard in a very rural hometown. With over 28 years of experience in financial services, she’s one of a very small group of executive search firms owned and run by minority women working specifically with Wall Street investment firms. Cecile is fascinated by numbers and understanding the deepest emotions and exploring the depth of human capital and compassion.  She’s committed to empowering everyone, and especially women from minority groups and challenged backgrounds. She believes that if women want to experience freedom and the variety of life, “they better know their money.” In today’s episode, Cecile gives a refreshing and transparent narrative about how her experience as a Hispanic woman inspired her to create an executive search company that’s helping advisory firms redefine what leadership looks like, especially post-pandemic.  She is a motivated, courageous, and a glass-half-full person who wants to channel her difficult experiences toward a positive future. The power of her words and example is something we all need to remember:  “We become our own limitations of what’s possible” she says. Join the conversation to hear about:Welcome, Cecile! About the company and why she chose this industry (3:48)Her first customers (08:50)How she responded to a stereotyping comment (10:00)How can women amass money effectively (15:25)Where Cecile’s strength comes from (17:00)Cecile on her divorce (21.55) The gift of the pandemic (27:00)How are women in the financial services industry dealing with the pandemic (30:35)Advice women interviewing (38:00)When should one seek the expertise and help of a recruiter? (43:48)Ballroom dancing impact on personal and professional life (51:10)Referenced Material:-Cecile Munoz Twitter-Cecile Munoz LinkedIn-U.S. Executive Search & Consulting-RIA Biz-Adapting Your Leadership Style with Cecile Munoz-Adapting Your Leadership Style to Meet the Current Times-Ends with Z Podcast-Ron Okubo & Cecile Munoz Ballroom Dance-Cecile Munoz Dances at USDC Finals Nationals 2017-Top RIA Business Executive Recruiter Hosts Event in a New York ballroom for second-guessing themselves-U.S. Executive Search Munoz-Bureau of Labor Statistics
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Genecia Alluora is all about going from being stuck to unstoppable! There are many words used to describe Genecia Alluora–Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Podcaster, Coach, and Beauty Queen. This Former Miss Singapore International used soul and synergy to build “Soul Rich Women” the #1 Leading Female Entrepreneur Network in South East Asia, connecting over 200,000 women across the globe empowering women to succeed in life, business, and health. Profiled in CNBC, Forbes and China Daily, Genecia is a thought leader and leading women’s empowerment expert. She is regularly invited to speak on TV and Radio as well as at conferences. And with 52.9K followers on Instagram, she is an online influencer to women all over the world. Genecia’s epic journey from six-figure debt to millionaire status in 2013, fuels her passion to support women to do the same and to own the F-word - Being fabulous, having freedom, financial independence and family. Genecia’s network is now near a quarter of a million strong. The power of her words and example is something we all need to remember:  “Alone we are strong, together we are UNSTOPPABLE.” - Genecia Alluora.In this podcast episode, Genecia shares her sage advice on building a platform, podcasting as a tool for empowerment, finding the right mentors, and “turning our messes into our message” as Genecia takes us on her personal journey through the highs and the lows of her career. Join the conversation to hear about:Big welcome to Genecia! (01:35)Trials, tribulations, and transforming Genecia’s life and business (03:40)Doing business with friends (07:25)How to get your first mentor (11:25)3 tips for selecting a mentor (14:00)How Genecia grew her network of women (17:50)The Internet has opened up the world (24:00)The power of being willing to learn (27:10)Diving headfirst into podcasting (31:05)Family legacy and Genecia’s anchor, her mom Carol (36:15)Volunteering and finding ways to give back to your community (38:20)Equipping yourself with self-love (42:20)Focusing on human connection and human touch (45:50)The story of a woman who took a leap (49:00)Love your customers more than you love your product (53:00)How to get in touch with Genecia (55:00) Referenced MaterialsSoul Rich Women Website Instagram - Genecia AlluoraLinkedIn - Genecia Alluora Facebook - Genecia AlluoraFor Women Who Love The F Word - Podcast Soul Why? The Secrets Of The Soul Rich Woman Blueprint - Podcast Make It Happen: Secrets to Go From Stuck To Unstoppable Without Changing Who You Are - Podcast You Are Possible! Personal Branding Secrets by Genecia Alluora EBookWomen of Influence: Build Your Unshakable Confidence Workbook CARE Singapore
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Penny Phillips is all about being your authentic self. Since her Twitter bio says it best, Penny is President and Co-Founder of Journey Strategic Wealth; she’s an industry consultant and speaker who emphasizes real talk to combat all the b.s. in this industry. As a lifelong New Yorker and Greek-American, Penny is the perfect example of the enchanting melting pot of the United States.She is President and Co-Founder at Journey Strategic Wealth, an RIA for advisors seeking independence and full fledged practice management support. Penny is Founder of Thrivos Consulting and has been a board Board Member of the Macaulay Honors College Foundation Board since 2019. Before Thrivos, she spent nearly 6 years at New York Life as Corporate Vice President in the practice management division and she also worked at Envestnet.If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need continuous support to run our businesses. Penny has been in the practice management space for a long time. She has seen the struggles and the challenges that can evolve advisors from a modern perspective.  In this podcast episode, Penny shares the importance of embracing her heritage, how to be your authentic self, and her keys to being fierce within the industry. She also shares how she is assisting others within the industry through her educational weekly discussions on her YouTube Series Practice Management with Penny, Videos on LinkedIn and Twitter.Join the conversation to hear about:Welcome Penny to In the Suite! (01:55)Reframing what practice management means in the RIA space (05:20)How to attract, retain, develop, and mentor talent (08:15)Why social media is vital for advisors and business (11:30)How to evolve your way of thinking (17:00)Penny’s Greek upbringing (21:05)Why Penny launched Thrivos Consulting (23:30)Building a network and coaching roster in a modern world (26:00)Penny’s tip for leaders navigating a virtual workforce (30:20)What events Penny is looking forward to this year (37:50)Why you need to start a YouTube series (40:20)How Penny knew what she wanted to study at university (45:00)You don't have to have a traditional start (48:45)Define success for themselves now and moving forward (51:50)What's your best recommendation for 2021? (55:00)Referenced MaterialsPenny Phillips - TwitterPenny Phillips - YouTube SeriesPenny Phillips - LinkedinIn the Suite Episode 22: How to Own Your Yes and Your Worth with Velera Wilson, Public Speaker and Author of the Book, “You’re Absolutely Worth It”You’re Absolutely Worth It by Valera Wilson on AmazonThe Alchemist by Paul Coelho on AmazonAdvisor Education Overview- A series of marketing and communication workshops delivered virtually, designed for the modern advisor.
Today’s episode of In The Suite is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. We have double the fun, double the knowledge, and double the energy!! We have two female leaders in financial services and wealth management partner together on the same podcast. This week we have two guests Meg Hanington, EPC and Genevieve E. Thayer, EPC. It's actually the first trifecta In The Suite.As the famous saying goes, teamwork makes the dreamwork. You can tell from their rapport that they really understand each other and their core competencies and how one complements the other. These two ladies are both Co-Founders at Beacon Partners. Plus, both Genevieve and Meg are co-delegates for the NYC Metro Area chapter of Females & Finance, where they are responsible for gathering the network to provide meaningful and relevant information for each of its members working in the financial services industry. Dynamic duo indeed!These women are intelligent, smart, seasoned women who have done a masterful job empowering others. They work so well together, like peanut butter and jelly. “The synergy between us is unique because we both have very different skill sets,” Genevieve explains. In this episode, we discuss can't-miss topics such as how to lift ourselves and each other up through networking, what is emotional intelligence?, and how you can get more comfortable putting yourself out there! What are you waiting for?! Grab a cup of coffee and listen to the episode.Join the conversation to hear about:Lifting ourselves and each other through networking (03:25)How Genevieve and Meg know each other (07:00)Helping independent advisors achieve their goals (12:00)Advisor trends Genevieve and Meg are seeing since the start of the pandemic (13:15)What is emotional intelligence? (18:15)Two things a good leader does (24:15)What makes a successful leader? (26:55)What makes Meg and Genevieve’s relationship so special (31:25)How they landed their TV show (37:30)Getting comfortable putting yourself out there (41:55)Being braggadocious without being braggadocious (47:45)How Covid shifted dynamic conversations (54:00)Ways to get in touch with Meg and Genevieve (58:20)What Genevieve and Meg are reading (60:35)Referenced MaterialsBeacon Partners - WebsiteEmotional Quotient TrainingSheryl Hickerson - Females and Finance Website Mark Iorio - Rain Maker’s Round Up WebsiteRVN Television - WebsiteGail Collins Book - When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present
It is an absolute joy to welcome  Meredith Moore, LUTCF, CLTC to In The Suite for this episode. Meredith is a CEO, a financial guru, a speaker, a writer, a leader, and a growth junkie. She’s also a fighter with a fiery passion to help lift up her community. Meredith is the Founder and CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies, where she helps Atlanta families coordinate their financial world. She won the greater North Fulton Chamber of Business, “Women of Excellence” award and is also a proud graduate of “Leadership Atlanta.”“My passion is around mentoring, and that's what really gets me going,” Meredith tells us in this episode. She became interested in the idea around mentorship for the simple fact that she did not have any mentors during the first part of her career. She is also a firm believer of “we are the average of 5 people that we surround ourselves with.” In this episode, Meredith encourages us to cross out everything we know about work or business. “I'm challenging people that I'm working with to lean into being yourself and figure out what makes sense,” Meredith says. “Think about it out of the box.” Meredith is a fighter not only within the professional aspect, but also within her personal life. 6 weeks after having her baby boy, she became ill with brain cancer. She overcame this life-threatening illness and fought for everything she had including her life and her business. Meredith lets us know that this illness gave her a perspective on risk that most advisors do not have.One of the many gifts that you’ll discover while listening to Meredith Moore in this episode is her passion to help her community and her drive for success. Meredith shares the importance of having mentors, and how to be true to yourself. She says “they're either gonna like you or they're not.” She continues, “I've tried to create an environment where people can connect and really get to know somebody at a deeper level.” Join the conversation to hear about:Meredith and mentorship (06:20)Why finding a niche is important (09:20)You are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with (14:20)Transitioning to a virtual environment (18:00)Training yourself to get vulnerable and connect in meaningful ways (20:00)Meredith’s certifications and background (24:20)Battling brain cancer, 6 weeks after having her son (26:00)Scaling up and rebranding her business (33:00)Hiring to address blind spots and weaknesses (41:00)Finding structure using Entrepreneur Operating System (43:00)What does Meredith Moore's tech stack look like? (45:20)Meredith’s research and insights on women family providers (51:00)Meredith's findings on gender roles (58:00)Quarterly skills and accomplishing goals (61:00)Where you can find Meredith Moore (63:00)Referenced MaterialsMeredith C. Moore - LinkedInMeredith C. Moore @FinancialGirl - TwitterArtisan Financial StrategiesNecessary Endings by Henry Cloud on AmazonCircle: Human CommunicationEntrepreneurial Operating SystemStephanie Bogan - Limitless Advisor Website
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Martine Lellis, CPA, CFP® is all about making bold moves.5 months before the COVID-19 pandemic entered into the world and changed our lives, Martine took a deep dive into uncharted territories. She decided to leave her previous company after 17 years of being a partner. Martine left the company without another position in mind and decided to take a sabbatical to travel the world and search for answers. Martine says, “I didn't have a job before I decided to leave. But I had confidence in myself that I would figure it out.”  She made a bold move to change the direction in her life. Not only did she change her professional position, title, and company. She also changed her geographical location. That’s right, she moved from the state of Virginia to Colorado.What she had in her, was faith and confidence that she would find the next best thing. Through calling upon her network of industry friends and having faith and confidence, she found herself in a new position as the Chief Talent & Business Solutions Officer at Mercer Advisors. In this episode, Martine shares her story about entering into a new position, becoming a National Technical Officer for USA Weightlifting, setting goals, and traveling during the pandemic. We talk about taking a chance, having trust in yourself, and how to make the bold moves in life. She trusted her gut feeling, and had confidence in herself that she would excel in the next steps in her life. Martine says, “Sometimes you just have to take that chance, and you just have to trust yourself.”Join the conversation to hear about:Making adjustments to working from home (00:45)Celebrating one year at Mercer (03:45)Making big changes in life and considering bold moves (10:10)Taking the chance and trusting yourself (13:00)Relocation from Virginia to Colorado (15:30)Being open-minded during the job search (16:45)National Technical Official for USA Weightlifting (18:35)Martine’s motivation to becoming a stronger woman and Crossfit (23:30)Making a C-Suite level shift in her life (26:55)Reverse mentorship (34:55)Social media giving insights into life (36:00)Traveling during a global pandemic (40:10)Referenced MaterialsMartine Lellis, CPA®, CFP - FacebookMartine Lellis, CPA®, CFP - LinkedInMercer Advisors WebsiteMercer Advisors - TwitterMercer Advisors - FacebookMercer Advisors - LinkedInThe First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter, Michael D. Watkins on Amazon
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Abby Salameh is all about the simple things in life that money can’t buy. Freedom, family, love, a sense of adventure.Three weeks from the date of this original podcast recording, Abby Salameh announced her departure from Hightower Advisors. What she told Ian Wenik of CityWireRIA is: “This was a very personal decision. Taking a reset to focus on family first, with three teens at home in this pandemic, has brought me to really think about what is important and what I want to do next.”In this episode, Abby shares her thoughts on establishing your vision, what questions to ask to make it happen, how to build a work culture that people enjoy working, and so much more. We talk about how so much has changed due to Covid-19, from remote working to advances in technology to Abby’s entire mindset.No matter what, she perseveres and walks forward, one step at a time.“I've always enjoyed growth-minded organizations that have a desire to build and grow. And that's just who I am,” Abby says. “I love pushing things forward. I love moving the needle.”Join the conversation to hear about:Welcome Abby to In the Suite (05:30)The 2-point criteria for attending in-person events (09:15)What is a rebrand? (12:40)Reprioritizing wealth and what it means to have wealth (16:20)Abby’s tip for women who want to dive into C-Suite Leadership (21:10)From finance to publishing: expanding her roles (27:05)Establishing your vision and the questions to ask to make it happen (29:40)Building a work culture that people actually want to work in (34:50)Leveraging testimonials in the finance industry (39:25)How to get in touch with Abby (45:50)Referenced MaterialsAbby Salameh - TwitterAbby Salameh - LinkedInHightower Advisors Website The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - Get It on AmazonReid Hoffman, Masters of Scale Podcast - John Foley (Founder & CEO of Peloton)Peloton Cody Rigsby in People In The Suite Podcast Episode 28 with Suzanne Siracuse
Today's episode of In The Suite with the life-inspiring Michelle Arpin Begina, CFP®, CIMA®, is all about creating wealth from the inside out. It also happens to be the foundation of her soon-to-be-released book, "Good With Money-Creating Wealth from the Inside Out." Michelle Arpin Begina, CFP®, CIMA®, is Founder and Gateway of her own company, MichelleAB (pronounced Michelle - Ay-Bee), used to empower professional women to step into financial freedom so that they can enjoy their wealth and make their boldest, most inspired decisions from a place of confidence. MichelleAB offers "Good with Money" financial workshops and coaching. Michelle has worked with 100s of executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. She's a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®), and a senior partner, managing director at Snowden Lane Partners. Michelle is also a member of the Forbes Business Council and has been featured in Forbes and Thrive Global. "Never let money stand in the way of something you want to achieve," says Michelle Arpin Begina. It certainly hasn't stopped, Michelle⸺so why should it stop you and me? Join the conversation to hear about:The Meaning Behind MichelleAB and Her Title "Gateway" (04:57)Building a Personal Brand and Starting from Scratch (08:31) How Michelle was Inspired by Megyn Kelly (11:04)The Genesis of Michelle's New Upcoming Book (14:24)Michelle's Three Money Stories - Age 6, 10, and 17 (18:00)The Will is The Way (24:28)Michelle's First Unexpected Mentor (27:42)The Single Biggest Impact on Michelle's Life (33:16)Studying Financial Therapy at Kansas State University (41:55)How to Reach the Highest Level of Potential with Your Financial Advisor (47:12)The Difference Between Suitability and Being a Fiduciary (50:03)Working with Clients To Take Inspired Action (52:55)Michelle's Money Success Formula Guide - Download (56:34) Michelle's Book Recommendation for 2021 (59:38) Referenced MaterialsMichelleAB WebsiteMichelle Arpin Begina LinkedInMichelle Arpin Begina InstagramDownload Michelle’s Good with Money Success Formula Start with Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek on Amazon Brené Brown WebsiteHigh Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Burchard on Amazon Kansas State University Online Financial Therapy Graduate Certificate Tina Powell TEDx Talk 
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Cathy Curtis, CFP® is all about feeding your soul by sharing your authentic self. Cathy Curtis, CFP® is the Founder & President of Curtis Financial Planning, an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor located in Oakland, California that specializes in the finances of independent women. In this podcast episode, Cathy shares how she learned to market herself on social media to realize her dream job of launching a second career in financial services. One of the industry’s most notable female advisors, Cathy has been named to the coveted Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors for three years running and is a member of the CNBC Financial Advisor Council, an achievement unto itself.“I have to tell you, you have to find what’s right for you, what feeds your soul,” said Cathy. Armed with the power of knowledge, she also aims to demystify many of the financial planning topics that specifically impact women through many initiatives, the first being her own podcast called Financial Finesse, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcast, and in video format on YouTube.Join the conversation to hear about:A warm welcome to Cathy (05:10)Branding, spaghetti sauce, timing, and luck (08:20)How Cathy dove headfirst into social media (10:35)Rebranding and dealing with imposter syndrome  (12:45)Working one-on-one with women on their finances (16:40)How Cathy got into the world of podcasting (22:30)Why peer coaching can uplevel you (28:20)What a mastermind is and Cathy’s journey to joining them (31:20)Being authentic on social media (42:05)Finding your audience (48:30)Accessing the right people to ask questions to (51:00)The AGC™ and diversity in the financial services industry (54:45)Referenced MaterialsCathy Curtis CFP® - Twitter Cathy Curtis CFP® - LinkedInCathy Curtis CFP® - YouTubeCathy Curtis CFP® - InstagramCurtis Financial Planning- WebsiteFinancial Finesse Podcast With Cathy Curtis, CFP®Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisor 2020 Limitless Adviser - Stephanie BoganChristine Benz - MorningstarJustin Castelli, CFP® The Advisor of Tomorrow PodcastExperiments in Advisor Marketing Taylor Schulte, CFP®The AGC Commonwealth Club of SF 
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