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Overwhelm is Optional

Author: Heidi Marke

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How you are in the world matters. You matter.Get your life back from that exhausting struggle between trying to hold together the life you’ve worked so hard to create and actually enjoy it!Overwhelm is inevitable and optional and it needs to be taken more seriously. Overwhelm robs you of your life by hiding the easier, more exciting ways to live from you. Teaching my Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices that fit into your day without adding to your to-do list or your overwhelm.See things differently. Do things differently.Heidi Marke is a mentor, teacher and podcaster who blends evidence-based psychology with Zen practice and philosophy to help you reclaim your life from that constant struggle to hold together all the pieces of the life you've worked so hard to create. Because for you there is no compromise between joy and purpose in your work, vibrant health and awesome relationships.Music:​
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There will always be something to disturb your coffee. There will always be big and small storms to knock you off course. Practising weathering tiny storms is the way to get better at weathering the bigger ones.Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differentlyThe One Minute Marke
I hope you've had an unexpectedly lovely week?Have you?Did you notice if you did?Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differentlyThe One Minute Marke
We miss so much by rushing on past moments, always on to the next things to do or see or be.As I bridge the gap between launching my new programme 'Get Your Life Back' and starting working with those lovely people who joined, this quote from Joseph Goldstein came back to support me:"There is great value in slowing down all our activities. No hurry. No place to go. Nothing else to do but just a settling back into the moment."My default setting was always to be on to the next thing as I loved achieving things and wanted to live life to the full.I still do, but have learnt that my life is fuller when I remember to settle back into the moment.
In the last of this week's special Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Workshops I discuss how to dare to start creating your own adventure - your life, your way.The One Minute Marke Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differently
You have the answers you seek - you have everything you need to live your life in a way that honours who you are, that respects and celebrates your uniqueness. Tuning into your body, connecting with your heart, and learning to control your attention will give you the new skills you need to access and start to trust this forgotten (much-aligned) internal navigation system.Neutral Noticing provides a simple way to practice these new skills without adding to your overwhelm.For more information about my new programme: the The One Minute Marke
Feeling stuck between pushing yourself to breakdown and burnout and quitting your job or business?That’s no place to be - you know you can’t keep coming back to this place but you’ve tried so many things already and really don’t know what to do. It just seems too hard and very unfair! Other people seem to be able to lead their lives successfully - you’ve worked hard, you're intelligent and well-educated, people rely on you and you’re really good at what you do. So why is it so hard to work out how to live in a way that works for you?Because the habits, beliefs and perspectives that have got you to this point are no longer working for you. Getting clear on this will enable you to see what’s going on.And being able to see what’s going on - taking a good look at where you are and why - is the first step in getting your life back.In this extra episode I discuss Tunnels, Circles and Caves and how identifying when and why you end up in them can help you get your life back.Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differentlyThe One Minute MarkeTo find out more about my new programme Get Your Life Back you can contact me at
The fear of disappointing others can be overwhelming and paralyzing, preventing us from living our lives truly as ourselves.The One Minute Marke
Overwhelmed by ‘shoulds’ and ‘betters’?Sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves. Noticing this gives us power to get out of overwhelm.Looking back, it was the ‘shoudling’ myself, the need to keep being better at everything and the comparing myself to others who seem to have everything far more together than I felt I did, that led to complete overwhelm and making poor decisions that eventually led to a rather inelegant exit from a once-loved career.Working with clients I find that with practice noticing how often they ‘should’ themselves or think they ought to be ‘better’ in some way, soon leads to a marked improvement in how they feel about their life.But for all of us, we also notice that these habits rear their ugly heads whenever we are in the process of reaching for the next level in our lives.Noticing this too gives us valuable information and more power than we realise.This episode was recorded in my garden, just because I can.Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differentlyThe One Minute Marke
Listen to yourself. Practice Neutral Noticing and get your life back.The One Minute Marke
I needed a duvet day.I took one.Here's what I learnt and why I'm celebrating.Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Facebook GroupThree Tiny-Huge Life-Changing Practices to start your day differentlyThe Overwhelm is Optional PodcastThe One Minute Marke
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It’s time for some honestyI’m not perfect.I don’t have it all sussed.My voice may calm you but I’m not always calm.Don’t be fooled by the zen-like exterior!What I do know is that I am living the life of my dreams.I am creating a life that works for me by undoing, every day, the habits of success that led to me crashing and burning, damaging my health and relationships and losing touch with an essential part of myself.And part of this is standing up and owning all my knowledge and skills in this area.Because helping you create a life that works for you, helping you undo those habits of success and replace them with habits that allow you to have work you love that supports the lifestyle you want without compromising your health and relationships - that is my meaningful work that I LOVE.The One Minute Marke
Kelly is an author, speaker, coach, and sleep expert who will cultivate space for you to emerge from stress and overwhelm to lead and savour the life of your dreams. As an occupational therapist, Kelly has over 20 years of experience specializing in sensory integration techniques. Her background in occupational therapy provides a unique perspective on development and the human condition. She helps overwhelmed working moms light up the world by taking them from burned out to radiating joy.With a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, she brings data-driven techniques leading to lasting change. Over the past 15 years, she has experience teaching on topics including self-care, leadership development, outcomes measurement, sensory processing related to anxiety, and sleep.Kelly is a holistic entrepreneur bringing a wealth of experience and fun science to inspire her clients. Most importantly, she’ll get you the best night of sleep ever! You can check out her recent chapter Sacred Sleep: Cultivating the Best Sleep of Your Life in the best selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Self-healing, Volume 4.Website: https://www.beingwellwithkelly.comInstagram: @beingwellwithkellyFacebook: register for Kelly’s Spring Clean Your Sleep webinar please visit:
Need more energy?Try this.Here's The One Minute Marke, as promised:The One Minute Marke
Too many tough days? Instead of battling on through, pause, and try this instead.Wishing you an unexpectedly lovely
Is fear causing your overwhelm?What’s stopping you doing what you really want to do?Is it Imposter Syndrome?What if it’s the doorway to more joy?
This is such a generous and inspiring conversation!Eli Godin is a remarkable woman and her ‘ha-ha’ moments are a delight and inspiration to hear.In this episode Eli reveals:How she coped with burnoutHow her daughter inspires herHow having the courage to pause and rest allows her to create her best workThe problem with the self-development industry and our need to be betterHow she tunes into her body to allow money blocks to goThe power of staying in the present momentwww.thebusinessbuddha.guruThe Business Buddha course The Business Buddha Experience blends 2500 years of ancient wisdom together with business wisdom to create an innovative mindset, helping you to achieve great success in today’s world.We guide you through a process of discovery, so that you can find success, happiness, and uncover your purpose. We have designed 8 Arts of Becoming a Business Buddha; the art of Awareness, Mindfulness, Courage, Confidence, Authenticity, Connection, Contribution and Living.This experience is designed to give you insights, tools & techniques that will truly create transformative shifts in your life, both at home and at work.
Anything that disempowers and drains you is not meant for you. Tune into your internal navigation system to gain more control over your reaction to messages in the media and online.Find what empowers, inspires and energises you. One MInute Marke - free one-minute audio to reset your
Take a moment to get out of your head and into your body to discover the real goal you want to achieve this week.Join us in Clubhouse every Monday morning to do this live with me.@heidimarke
The One Minute Marke space amidst the chaos withThe Neutral Noticing 7 Day Support Kit leave a 5 * review, share and subscribe - thank you :)You can contact me
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Joanna Pohorski

I love the authentic way how Danni described her journey to deciding to help others to beat their overwhelm. I was fortuntate enough to be guided through a goal mapping session by Danni a year ago and it was a great experience.

Dec 29th
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