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About Adam GrossmanAdam D. Grossman is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Papa & Barkley, a leading California wellness company selling cannabis-based pain and wellness products including topical balms and transdermal patches, along with consumables including tinctures and capsules.Prior to Papa & Barkley, Adam was the Chief Operating Officer of Northeast Dental Management, a multi-state private equity sponsored multi-brand operator of dental offices. Grossman is an active investor and serves on the board of several privately held companies.He received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts and his JD and MBA degrees from Georgetown University. He is active in charitable organizations and community development projects in Dallas, New York City, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.About Guy RocourtGuy Rocourt is the President, Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer of Papa & Barkley. At Papa & Barkley, Guy is responsible for product innovation, optimizing production practices, ensuring the company complies with rigorous testing and lab standards, and developing the product roadmap as the brand expands into different areas of the cannabis marketplace.Previously, Guy designed and built manufactured infused products facilities (MIPs) in multiple states, making him an expert in cannabis science, tech, strategy, and production. He also has experience caring for patients with cannabis as he spent many years as Montell Williams’ caregiver during his battle with MS.Guy graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a U.S. Navy veteran (submariner). Guy uses his keen understanding of the cannabis plant, cannabis culture, and business acumen to craft a variety of wellness products. Like Papa & Barkley, he is on a mission to unlock the power of the plant to improve people’s lives.LinksPapa & BarkleySome of the highlights of the show include:  Adam describes his background as well as his personal experience developing cannabis products that effectively brought his ailing father back to health.  Guy also discusses his background as a cultivator and developer of cannabis and infused products, as well as his experience helping Montel Williams battle MS. Adam and Guy both expand upon what Papa & Barkley’s mission is and what it means to both their current and future customers as well as the evolving cannabis industry.  Guy also gets into some of the science of cannabis as well as the overwhelming safety hurdles their industry overcomes by choice. Adam and Guy also discuss why Papa & Barkley’s products, origin, and development decisions make it prime for becoming a global leader in the cannabis industry.  They also share advice for individuals who are hesitant to try CBD or cannabis, and assert the importance of starting slow. 
About Andy HendelAndrew “Andy” Hendel has been the affiliate owner of CrossFit Charlotte since 2007. Before CrossFit, Andy was a college and high school football coach. He also played football professionally in the USFL and the NFL. Andy has been married 32 years to his wife, Dina, and has two children, Spencer and Andee, and is a grandfather to two grandchildren.Linkswww.crossfitcharlotte.comShow Notes John and Andy discuss Andy’s background in pro football and active living and discuss how he came to be a CrossFit gym owner and coach.  Andy discusses who comes to CrossFit and why and how the methodology can be helpful for anyone since it focuses heavily on overall health and functional movement.  Andy shares about his experience hiking 46 miles over two days in the Grand Canyon for the Navy Seal Foundation and how he trained. Andy discusses how the CrossFit methodology works to force people to address and improve their deficiencies. 
About Steven LeungSteven is Canopy's Head of Confectionery, responsible for CBD gummies in the US, and also chocolates and gummies in Canada. Prior to that, Steven was Senior Director of US Product Portfolio at Canopy Growth. Previously, Steven held a number of roles in strategy and innovation, most recently served as Global Director of Innovation at ABInbev.Links Show NotesSome of the highlights of the show include:  Steven provides a brief overview of his background and why it’s important for him to be in an industry that can help people; namely, why cannabis and CBD are so promising to him and the benefits they can provide anyone dealing with daily stresses. Steven and John also discuss how the marketplace has a need for accountability and trust among consumers who want to try CBD, but just need the right voice to guide them, like Martha. They also discuss why Martha was a natural, perfect fit to represent a line of CBD, mainly because she believes in the products and CBD herself.  Steven gives some background into product testing and development of Martha’s product line, as well as all the love that went into it. He also gives an overview of more exciting things to come from Canopy Growth. Steven and John also discuss the unique partnership between Direct CBD Online, Canopy Growth, and Martha Stewart CBD. 
About Crystal GuessCrystal Guess serves as the head of client relations for wholesale at NuLeaf Naturals. She began in the bartending industry in DC before taking a leap, following her dream, and finding her people among those in the cannabis and CBD industry in Colorado. She’s proud to be part of a brand (and a movement) that offers pure, simple, and powerful products to naturally improve the livelihood of customers everywhere. Links of the highlights of the show include:  Crystal talks about how she got into the cannabis industry and even how she helped start the women’s marijuana movement.  Crystal discusses why she was motivated to take the leap to move to Colorado where she currently serves as the head of wholesale client relations for NuLeaf Naturals.  Crystal also discusses how she pivoted into the CBD space and applauds both NuLeaf’s leadership and the entire industry for its potential to improve lives (and how it really cares about users). John and Crystal also discuss some of the misconceptions about other cannabinoids like THC, CBG, CBN, and CBC. They talk about the benefits and what to look out for when choosing a full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate product, as well both of their go-tos. Crystal elaborates further on CBD and why some people may give up on it too early.
Some of the highlights of the show include:  John and Rob discussed the beginnings of Direct CBD Online as both a concept and as it developed and evolved into an all-encompassing online marketplace.  John and Rob also dive into the technology behind early decision-making, such as web-hosting, as well as the innovative changes the rest of the Direct CBD Online marketing team has made as the site expanded. John and Rob also touch on the process behind adding new products to the site and how these products are displayed and marketed to customers in an appealing and user-friendly way.  John and Rob also talked about their go-to CBD products, as well as Rob’s routine, attention to detail, how he leads his team, and his breakfast of choice.  Links: General: Brands mentioned:
About cbdMDThe main guest, Pancho Mangual, is currently the EVP of Sales at cbdMD. Pancho’s background includes award-winning expertise in the radio industry, online advertising, a lot of sales, Hearst Media, and much more. Yoshi Tochicki began with cbdMD on the ground floor and has experience in cannabis cultivation. Some of the highlights of the show include:  Pancho briefly discusses his experience in radio, online advertising, sales, and Hearst Media. Yoshi Tochicki, a key player at cbdMD since the beginning, is introduced.  John and Pancho discuss their personal experience with using CBD and what works best for them. Pancho and Yoshi elaborate further on their ability to positively influence international markets, particularly athletes and active individuals, on the potential of introducing CBD into their routine.  John and his guests discuss the importance of a proper CBD education, further research (that’s occurring globally), as well as the necessity of patience when it comes to finding the right products for each individual. Links: FB: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:
About Dr. Sean PastuchDr. Sean Pastuch is a thought leader in the health and fitness world whose industry disrupting company, Active Life, is bridging the gap between performance and rehabilitation. Dr. Sean believes that the larger the problem, the more valuable the solution. He believes that the biggest problem worth solving is the absence of healthcare, and the abundance of sick care in the United States and Internationally. That’s why the mission of Active Life is to humanize the doctor, professionalize the coach, and empower the individual.Some of the highlights of the show include:  Dr. Sean’s businesses combine the tenets of personal training with chiropractic medicine — with an overarching focus on mindset improvement and self-empowerment. He began as a personal trainer then felt called to do more to help his clients with a multifaceted approach.  Even after becoming a chiropractor, he felt bored by some of the issues that faced him when dealing with patients. He believed in changing his approach and taking on clients that not only had pain but also had goals to move beyond the pain and continue doing the even high-intensity activities they love. Much of Dr. Sean’s approaches — and a huge bit of the methodology of his businesses — involves the mindset of, “it’s not about you, and it is most definitely your fault.” While this may be upsetting or difficult for some to adopt, it highlights the fact that everyone’s actions are self-interested. And, in that vein, solutions often become our responsibility as well.  John and Dr. Sean discuss the typical action plan for injuries, in which John describes he recently broke a rib in his back from sneezing. John describes how, as an active individual, it’s difficult to adjust his activity level to accommodate healing. Dr. Sean discusses that even though it may seem crazy to think about learning what underlying issue caused the injury, it could go a long way in John’s (or anyone’s) progress. Dr. Sean discusses different aspects of pain and how he and his colleagues address patient education in this manner. The different aspects of pain described include insult, irritation, pain (as well as determining what level of pain), and injury. Dr. Sean’s methods involve helping the patient distinguish what pain is damaging and what pain can be worked through — and is thus necessary for healing. Dr. Sean also discusses how intentional he is with his schedule — and how everyone can be — even with COVID causing some changes. He also talks about how he does as much as he can to credit his wife for his success.   Links:
Some of the highlights of the show include:  Eades and Wiesehan discuss the humbling experience that often comes early on in the lives of leaders — you realize that you owe it to those below you to elevate them and treat them well. If there is a failure, which there likely will be, you have no one to blame but yourself. Small habits — with an overarching positive goal — compound over time in both life and business.  If you do things the right way in business — treat your team, customers, etc. right — everything else will come. Eades and Wiesehan discuss the concept of habit formation and the differentiation between habits and behavior. Habits are unconscious but are formed after repeating some sort of action 21-66 times, while behavior is something you consciously do. Eades discusses the fundamental nature of self-discipline, “the willingness and the ability to sacrifice what you want now for what you want more later on,” and the role it’s played in his life. Eades and Wiesehan also dive into their respective relationships with other influential men in their lives. For both Eades and Wiesehan, they credit their fathers but also touch on the complexities of those relationships. Eades also discusses his faith walk and the impact his brother, a Catholic priest, has had on him throughout life and during COVID-19.    Wiesehan discusses the Latin word, apokaradokía, that, in essence, means the act of stretching the head forward or looking forward. Eades also lends a Latin phrase, nunc incipere, that means, “Now I begin.” These mentalities sum up the hopefulness and positivity both speakers have and their dedication to always strive to be better.  The two end the podcast discussing Eades’ book: Building the Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others to Success and Eades’ points of contact.  Links:
Some of the highlights of the show include:  Cynthia’s second TED Talk occurred after being hospitalized for more than two weeks with sepsis from a ruptured appendix. Cynthia, coming back from the brink of death after being a healthy person her entire life, was reaffirmed in her belief that “mindset is everything.” According to Cynthia, making a lifestyle strategy for your best health is like creating a recipe — there is not a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. You have to stick with it, whether it be finding the real, nutrient-dense foods that work with your body best, the right fasting schedule (if it works for you), the right workout routine, and so on. It’s a process. The three key things that Cynthia swears by for living better, even more critically during these trying times, include sleep, the quality of foods consumed, as well as stress reduction. Sleep is critical to people of all ages, and you need to aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night. Furthermore, you should be mindful of the foods you’re putting in your body, and try to “eat the rainbow.” Lastly, move your body each day. It does not have to be complicated.  John, too, summed the above point up with doing things that “nourish your mind, body, and spirit.” In regards to Cynthia’s access to her colleagues at top academic centers in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cynthia asserts that the single most important thing we can all do is stay home. A lack of doing so, on top of other health precautions discussed, is not only putting the immunocompromised at risk but also the very frontline healthcare workers who are meant to treat them. Cynthia is familiar with what the front lines in healthcare entail, as she served as an ER nurse and later an NP working in cardiology. She asserts that as a nation we were not prepared for this pandemic, and it’s difficult to hear how stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed her colleagues are.  John and Cynthia both discuss in greater detail the overarching importance of taking care of one’s personal health during this time, and that as people our focus needs to always consider what’s best for our personal health. Cynthia discusses that the overwhelming majority of fatalities during this pandemic are due to individuals having some other co-morbidity — i.e. obesity, diabetes, and so on.  How can listeners live well and be well based on these discussions? It starts with small changes each day — getting better sleep, eating more nutrient-dense foods, relieving stress, moving, and nourishing your spirit. Over time, these changes will compound greatly.  Links: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:



A podcast about life, wellness, becoming a better person — and everything in between. Join entrepreneur, dreamer, family-man, and CEO/Owner of Direct CBD Online John Wiesehan III every month as he talks about how he's gotten where he is in life with the role models he continues to use for inspiration.
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