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Author: Toby Mildon

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I love talking about diversity and inclusion - and that’s exactly what I do in this podcast, ‘The Inclusive Growth Show’. Each week, I interview diversity and inclusion experts, thought leaders and senior business leaders making an impact in the working world - all to help you cultivate your own culture of inclusive growth!
46 Episodes
In this interview I spoke to Karen Catlin author, speaker and leadership coach about her book “Better Allies” and everyday actions people can take in the workplace towards being a better ally.Sign up to Karen's weekly newsletter.
In this  interview I speak to the founders of Digit Music and creators of Control One, a device that removes the restrictions to music creation for disabled artists. You can listen to Jess' soundtracks on Sound Cloud
Emma Codd, the Global Inclusion Leader at Deloitte, talked to me about inclusion, changing organisational culture through everyday behaviours and the importance of leaders being accountable for change. 
Kamran Mallick is the chief executive of Disability Rights UK. In this conversation we discuss inclusion in the context of the workplace and the pandemic and the importance of keeping intersectionality in mind for any diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Nicola Paul is a diversity and inclusion practitioner and founder of Good Work Life. In this interview we talked about good governance, looking at the same data through a different lens and personal actions around inclusion that everyone can commit to.
Josh Wintersgill is an entrepreneur whose love of travel led to him developing a product to make other disabled travellers' lives easier which also won him the Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs. I chatted to him about his career so far and future plans.
Freddie Herbert talked to me about The Inclusion Initiative. The team is based at the London School of Economics and is working to create a valid evidence base for inclusive companies and the impact of that on the balance sheet.
Iyas AlQasem set up Beyond the Quarter to help business grow in line with their purpose and values. In this interview he eloquently explains the approach and how it links with diversity and inclusion. Learn more about Iyas work and contact him at
Rikia Birindelli-Fayne is a Director at Catalyst, a global non-profit that works with leading organisations to build workplaces that work for women. Rikia has particular expertise in creating psychological safety which was the focus of our conversation.
Jenifer Clausell-Tormos is on a mission to close the gender and diversity gap at speed. Her company Develop Diverse is achieving staggering results with its technology that leverages language to increase the diversity of the talent pipeline and more besides.
In this interview I learned how my friend Srin Madipalli keeps inclusion at the heart of everything he has done in his diverse career. It’s a fascinating journey that’s taken him from genetics to law to coder to Airbnb in San Francisco and now back to the UK.
Mark Baker, Founder of d&i Leaders, has created a purpose-led organisation dedicated to providing high-quality content, training and events which helps D&I professionals deliver positive change within their organisations.
Toby speaks with Anna Brailsford, CEO of Code First Girls, an organisation dedicated to transforming tech. Code First Girls provide the skills, space and inspiration for women to become developers and future leaders in the tech industry.
Toby talks to Darren Burns, the National Recruitment Ambassador at the Timpson Foundation. He finds out why the Timpson Group is at the forefront of ex-offender employment and why other employers might want to rip up their HR policies and do the same.
Christine Hemphill talked to me about her consultancy Open Inclusion and the tools and impact of their work with clients to create better, more inclusive products and services for every customer.
In this Inclusive Growth conversation I caught up with Nick Davis, the Director of Engagement and Inclusion at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Nick shared both his experiences of embedding diversity in the organisation’s DNA and the impact of racial discrimination in his life.
This conversation is with Dr Alice Maynard, an expert on inclusion and diversity in senior leaders and within non-exec directorships on a range of boards.
In this episode I had a great catch up with the business psychologist Dr Sylvana Storey Eisenecker who talks about the importance of leadership, and diversity and inclusion for successful organisational culture change.
I talk to Mark Dearlove, chairperson of Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK, who has experience of the benefits of diversity and inclusion in both the not-for-profit and the banking and finance sector.
For this conversation the author of ‘The Human Workplace’ Andy Swann came and talked about the link between diversity and inclusion and enabling people to do good work in the workplace.
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