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The Australian Podiatry Association is the largest and oldest peak body representing podiatry and promoting foot health in Australia. As the leading provider of quality continuing education for podiatrists, we support our members with opportunities to develop their professional career, uphold standards and build connections.We are committed to the advancement of podiatry to improve foot health in the community. The positive impact of podiatric care changes the lives of one in five Australians who suffer from foot pain.
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Today’s podcast will dive into an issue that may not have been at the top of many people’s agendas for quite some time (thanks to Covid). High heels… Given this year’s Foot Health Week seeks to champion podiatrists and the difference they make, our host Hayley Uden asks guests Alysha Ferwerda and Melissa Zacharia to give us the lowdown on high heels. How can people wear heels AND support their foot health at the same time. Is it even possible?This podcast was brought to you with thanks to our Foot Health Week partner, Bared Footwear.
The following podcast contains themes which may be disturbing to some listeners and/or may not be suitable for young audiences. Listener discretion is advised.In this fascinating episode we dive deep into the world of Forensic Podiatry to hear about real life criminal cases, what’s involved in forensic podiatry analysis and how to explore this career path.Join the APodA as we speak with Dr Paul Bennett, a well-known forensic podiatrist who uses his skills to provide evidence in criminal law cases and trials, of which he has worked on over 36 major crimes and counting...Show notes:*During the podcast Dr Paul Bennett, references Sara Robinson, correction he is referring to A/Prof Sara Jones.  
In this episode we are talking about a disability and development organisation called Motivation Australia, and the role podiatry has in the kind of work being done.  This not for profit runs life saving and life changing projects in developing countries to strengthen locally led sustainable health, disability, rehabilitation and assistive technology sectors. Join the APodA for our recent conversation with Motivation Australia’s Clinical Project Officer, Tom Fitzpatrick and Surgical Ward Nurse, Roselyn Mataki Solowara who shares her experiences of working as a registered nurse at the national referral hospital in Honiara, in the Solomon Islands. 
Back to school shoe shopping can be overwhelming and confusing so join us for this special Back-to-School episode as we cover everything parents need to know before hitting the shops.Podiatrist, Hayley Uden and Phil Scala from Colorado chat all things school shoes to better understand why school shoes matter so much for growing feet and how to get it right.We hear their top tips to help guarantee you pick the perfect pair of school shoes – and leave with happy children who are comfortable in their new school shoes!
The APodA has updated its infection control guidelines to help members understand the latest insights in this often complex space.Join our APodA President Ainslie Davies and our Infection Control Consultant Brenda Tonkin as we discussed why we have the APodA infection control resources, an overview of the changes, what is likely to need amendments in the future and how these recourses will give you peace of mind.IC guidelines will be available for members early 2022.
For those diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) it can be a debilitating and exhaustive condition. There are no definitive ‘tests’ for CRPS and a patient’s doctor has to exclude a number of other conditions that may appear similar before reaching the diagnoses.Join the APodA as we learn more about CRPS with Sports Physician and Chief Medical Officer for St Kilda AFLW, Dr Leesa Huguenin
Up to 50% of residents in aged care homes are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. These figures are somewhat less in the community, but older people living in their own home, in a retirement community or serviced apartment remain at risk of an inadequate intake.This may seem a slightly left-of-centre topic to be discussing on a podcast developed for podiatrists, after all nutrition in older patients isn’t necessarily about feet. It is however - linked to the overall health and well-being of the patient’s podiatrists see and that, as we know is important to everyone … Join the APodA as we discuss this important topic with Advanced Accredited Practising Dietician, Julie Dundon and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Letizia Sasanelli.
The APodA Podcast presents a special Foot Health Week episode...Join Tokyo Olympian Matthew Clarke as we chat candidly about mindsets, overcoming injuries and general fitness and foot health tips.As a high-performance athlete, Matt has more in common with every day Australians than you might first think. Hear his top tips for looking after your feet, how to bounce back physically and mentally from that sporting injury and why loving your feet is so important. He chats about what goes through his mind right before a high stakes competition and how he bounced back from when he thought his olympian dream was over (twice!).Listen to our special Foot Health Week podcast with Matt to learn more about his Olympic experience and his role as a podiatrist in helping to keep Australians pain free and moving with good foot health.
The APodA Podcast presents a special Foot Health Week episode...Hosted by Nicki Quigley, Hawthorn Football Club podiatrist along with Australian Wallaroos Rugby Union players Sera Naiqama and Emily Chancellor. Chatting all things football; how to support the female football industry, staying motivated during a pandemic, bouncing back from serious injuries and exciting developments in female specific football boots.This podcast was brought to you by our Foot Health Week partner Asics. 
Treating patients who live with the challenges of Dementia presents very specific issues in terms of communication, patient management and in some cases handling. The patients suffer from many foot issues common to the elderly population, but in some cases their inability to communicate can be difficult to navigate. In this Dementia Action Week 2021,  join the APodA as we discuss some of the challenges and considerations when working with patients with Dementia.For Podiatrists interested in learning more about working with patients living with dementia, take a look at the below resources; Dementia Australia - Education resources: Dementia Australia - Language Guidelines: Older Persons Advocacy Network: 
As practitioners we like to think the care we provide is always ‘patient centred’, but apart from being a bit of a ‘buzz-word’, what IS Patient Centred Care? , what does it look like in a real podiatry practice and how can practitioners apply the principles daily, for the benefit of their patients and their business? Join the APodA as we discuss this and more with Podiatrist Rebecca Healey and Patient Centred Care advocate, Shelley Thomson.
Osteoarthritis of the knee is a commonly diagnosed condition with studies showing around 20% of the population experiencing some kind of patellofemoral (PF) joint pain in their lifetime. Join the APodA for our recent conversation with Dr Narelle Wyndow as we discuss the symptoms, possible treatment options and the role of the podiatrist in assessing and providing options for PF osteoarthritis in younger and older patients and when to refer for further treatments.
With many Podiatrists seeing more children in their practices, its common for podiatrists to work with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Hugely rewarding, especially when you see progress, it can be challenging to navigate communication and to adapt consultations and your environment to help improve the experience for all involved. In this episode of the APodA Podcast, we’re joined by Dr Cylie Williams to discuss her experience working with children diagnosed with ASD and her strategies for understanding and communication. 
APERF's aim is to advance podiatry research in Australia - but who's behind the scenes and what do they do?  How much do you really know about APERF and the work they do and support? Join the APodA as we chat with two APERF Trustees; Dr Susan Nacarrow and Professor Hylton Menz  to learn more about APERFs aims, values and projects. 
Within the healthcare sector, environmental sustainability occurs when resources are used as efficiently as possible, without compromising the quality of care for patients. Reducing the environmental impact of health care is important, and not least of all because of its links to the health of the environment.We all acknowledge the need to reduce our footprint, yet what can practitioners do in their practices that help efforts towards more sustainable behaviour in healthcare facilities? Join the APodA and Dr Angela Evens in our latest podcast episode, as we learn more about sustainability, the principles behind efforts to reduce emissions and waste, and the impact if we don’t start making positive changes now. 
Do you use diagnostic ultrasound in your practice? Ultrasound is becoming more and more common in podiatry to assist with the assessment and diagnosis of a number of foot complaints ... but how often do you use it? Are you confident in the use of it, or has become an assessment you choose to refer on? In this latest episode of the APodA Podcast, we’re joined by Dr Debbie Turner and Sonographer Brendan Goode to learn more about this often underutilised and possibly misunderstood modality. 
Chronic swelling, or edema of the lower limbs can be a sign of several medical conditions. The most common of these being lymphoedema, venous insufficiency, heart or kidney failure. Join the APodA as we speak with Professor Neil Piller, Lymphologist and Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University. Neil discusses lymphoedema and the complications, assessment and treatment of the condition and how podiatrists can play a role in best practice healthcare for the patient. 
Stretch before you exercise, you’ll avoid injuries. Exercise in the morning, its more effective. Doing more cardio equals more weight loss … For every two correct fitness concepts, there’s one lie. There are dozens of exercise myths that can do more harm than good and no one is ever sure where they came from!  Exercise advice can be misleading, so join the APodA as we chat with Podiatrist and Clinical Rehab Fitness Trainer, Talysha Reeve to debunk some of the fitness and exercise myths that plague our patients (and sometimes ourselves).
The 'Start with Why' movement was started by Simon Sinek to help people connect to their purpose and feel more inspired at work, by exploring the fundamental question of ‘WHY’. This successful movement affirmed that for people to be truly successful and happy in work, they need to understand the ‘WHY’ behind it. With so much uncertainty, it has been easy to lose direction and disconnect from your purpose, your ’WHY’.  In this podcast, podiatrist Joe Brooks chats to Samantha Gash about her experience of and journey to finding her ‘WHY’. Samantha started running as a break from studying law to discover her ‘WHY’.  Little did she know those small steps would turn into a journey that has seen her run over 35,000km across every continent and raise approximately $1.3 million for charity while advocating for women’s empowerment, social change and access to education.   Joe and Samantha chat about finding purpose, reconnecting to your WHY and how this impacts your career.
If you haven’t been able to get to a previous Australian Podiatry Conference, then 2021 might just be the year! Online for the first time, with sessions available over 2 weeks (fit workshops, lectures and panel discussions in after work or on the weekend), word class speakers, networking events and more - the 2021 conference is gearing up to be quite unique. Join us as we hear from committee members Dr Debbie Turner and Dr Sarah Carter as they discuss all that the conference has to offer and more.  For those interested in having a closer look at the Australian Podiatry Conference program and speakers, head to  where you will find details for registration, the program and conference social events 
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