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In this edition, Paul Pennington looks at alarming new public research on bowel cancer symptoms, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists highlight the dangers of DVT to those of us travelling by long car, train and coach journey. We also feature reports on anaphylaxis, the rising tide of dementia cases and new guidelines on cancer and malnutrition.    
In this edition Paul Pennington talks to Julia Priestley from the British Thyroid Foundation, Dr Andy Whittamore from Asthma + Lung UK and Rozie Corbett from Endometriosis UK. 
In this the 30th edition of our podcast, Paul Pennington talks to Dr Stephen Cox from Cardiac Risk in the Young,  Claire Wright from the Meningitis Research Foundation and Julie Thompson from Guts UK.   
In this edition,  Paul Pennington talks to Michelle Vickers from the Head  & Neck Cancers Foundation, Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK, Cathy Yelf from the Macular Society and Sian Porter of the British Dietetic  Association. 
In this edition,  Paul Pennington talks to Consultant Dietician Anne Holdoway  about how to navigate the Christmas calories fest!  Alison Bowser author of 'The complete guide to acne and rosecea' talks about rosecea,  Meg Burgess from Prostate Cancer UK  joins Paul to talk about the disease.  NHSBT highlight the importance of giving blood this Christmas and  in the final interview of this edition, Paul speaks with Jenny Ward from the Lullaby Trust about SiDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).       
In this edition, just ahead of the start of ‘Movember’, Paul Pennington talks to Dr Gill Jenkins about the importance to men of regular health checks.  The National Institute of Medicinal Herbalists join Paul to discuss the right approach to using herbal medicine.  Consultant Dietitian, Anne Holdoway and the Patients Association, talk disease related  malnutrition and new patient resources available to help detect and support people at risk.  Dr Carrie Rushton from the HSIS, looks at the importance of Vitamin D and Target Ovarian Cancer highlight a form of cancer that sadly takes the lives of 11 women every day in the UK.        
In this episode, Paul Pennington talks to Dr Tim Cantopher about clinical depression.  Claire Jacklin, CEO of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Association highlights the misconceptions surrounding the condition.  Lucas Sojka from Hair Solved discusses female hair loss and Dr Trisha Macnair from the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology, looks at why we all need to be more mindful about our liver health.
In this episode Paul Pennington talks to the Chair of the Circulation Foundation about how we can reduce our risk of vascular disease. The CEO of the PAGB discusses our changing attitude to community pharmacists. Paul looks at how a simple piece of jewelry could help save your life.  He talks to Endometrosis UK about why it can up to 11 years for a woman to recieve a diagnosis and in the final interview of this episode Paul talks to the National Academy for Social Prescribing.       
In this edition, Paul Pennington talks to Dr Jon Goldin from the Royal College of Psychiatrists Child and Adolescent faculty about self-harm and he  looks at research into rare and complex brain conditions in children. 
In this edition, Paul Pennington looks at sarcoma awareness, snoring, reflexology and he has an extended feature on digital health apps - our grateful thanks to all our contributors. To find out more log on to our website 
In this edition,  Paul Pennington looks at acupuncture, why we need to wise up to medicines, he looks at persistent bedwetting in children, testicular cancer and the importance of the National Cervical Screening Programme.  Our grateful thanks to all the experts who kindly contributed to this podcast.      
In this episode, Paul Pennington looks at coeliac disease, epilepsy, mouth cancer, outdoor  eating food safety and mental health. Our grateful thanks to all our guests.     
In this edition, a round up of the recent 'Word on Health' radio reports presented and written by Paul Pennington,  covering brain tumour research, dyspraxia, psoriasis, salt reduction for the good of our health and, bowel cancer.  Grateful thanks to all our expert guests for their contributions .
In this edition, to coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week,  as research shows an increase in prevelance and suffering,  Paul Pennington talks to former Emmerdale actress and charity manager, Gemma Oaten from the eating disorders support charity  SEED .  We also have reports on foot health, the importance of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects in pregnancy and in line with the recent Rare Disease Awareness Day, we look at PSP.  As ever,  our grateful thanks to all our guests - links to the organisations featured are available via      
In this episode Paul Pennington looks at the rise in the incidence of Tinnitus, how to deal with a fear of needles, female  hair loss and he talks to SRUK about  recent research on Raynauds.   Our grateful thanks to all our contributors and guests.    
For our first podcast of 2021 - Paul Pennington talks to the British Dietetic Association about Celebrity Fad Diets - Blood Pressure UK highlight the importance of 'knowing your numbers -  if you've switched to a plant based diet new research from  the Health and Food Supplements Information Service shows that a surprising number of people eating less or no meat don't get all the nutrients they need,...and finally Mike Fischer from the British Association of Anger Management looks at anger and the pandemic.  
In this edition Paul Pennington looks at dystonia, lupus, bladder weakness and COVID 19, redundancy and mental health.  Our grateful thanks to all our contributors.      
In this edition, ahead of World COPD day, Paul Pennington  looks at this incurable lung condition in light of worrying new patient research. Our grateful thanks to the Taskforce for Lung Health for bringing this story to our attention and to our guests for their contribution to this podcast.    
In this edition Paul Pennington talks to the experts about endometriosis, PAD, chronic constipation, stroke and why we should all follow the UK government’s advice to help boost our immune system.
In this special edition of the podcast we focus on Anxiety.  We talk to Dave Smithson from the charity Anxiety UK and in these trying times, if you need a few moments of calm, we have  an audio relaxation programme devised by Paul Pennington and Sebastien  Agasse.
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