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It’s time to prepare. Get your pens and notepads ready! Over the last 16 months, we’ve all had to shift and learn to cope with the new ways of life. The whole world stopped and at times it feels like we could possibly be moving towards a dystopian future like the ones we’ve only seen in the movies or read about in novels. And now, it seems as if we may be headed back into lockdown. God stopped time once, possibly so we could reflect, take stock, and get ourselves together. At the moment, we are filled with questions and uncertainties. Now is the time to pay attention and make the necessary preparations for the possibility of quarantine part 2. We cannot come out of these moments the same way that we went into them. It’s time to utilize our time and these moments as opportunities to see the bigger picture in all its truth. If we must go back inside, let’s look at the whole picture and do what we need to do to be better, healed, and whole on the other side. We must get ready for something new!!*We are still physically separated, but always meeting on one accord. For your Black Girl Divinity Gear, visit
The Great Bonnet Debacle

The Great Bonnet Debacle


Black women are constantly being told what to do, what we could do, should do, etc…. Even what respect looks like. We have always had to balance and break the chains that have tried to keep us bound. Respectability politics used to be one of the laws of survival for black people. Our pain aversion to healing, makes moving past desired acceptance rather difficult. Every aspect of our lives seems to be a "thing."Even a bonnet is not just a bonnet. It has been a status and class symbol, a way to protect, as well as a force of shame and dominance. Black women’s hair is so powerful, there were laws made against our hair. There is an urgency to reclaim our power, creating holes between generations. In this conversation , we raise questions of respectability politics and the necessity of moving forward for future generations to be free.
Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents


Dolla Dolla Bills. Paper. Cheddar. This week we’re talking Money. There’s things we believe about money:*There’s power in money*Our relationship with money matters*There’s a difference between having money and wealth*Our emotions are entangled within our money *Our relationship with money begins early in our livesThere are so many constructs in the way we view money. It is something we believe we must grind for, wearing ourselves out to get to the next level. We try to manifest financial power, but we're not necessarily manifesting the things that will feed our spirit. So get out your shovels as we dig deep and shine a light to break down your old & build up new ideas and beliefs about funny money. P.s. What if we may be thriving and don’t even realize it? What if the green is the wrong color to be focused on?Share your thoughts in our group:
Step 1- Call your girls Step 2- Get your wineStep 3- Get comfy & Listen to this episode together!Get ready for a fun review of some of our favorite shows and movies where the sisterhood resides!! Burgundi & Kayisha dive deep to share their favorite shows and movies that exemplify sisterhood in its funniest and deepest moments. Gather your girls to reminisce, sing along, and relive our favorite sisterhood shows and movies. Feel free to share your favorite sisterhood moments and movies with us! And, as always, keep the conversation going in our facebook group
Can We Get It Together

Can We Get It Together


Get ready, we are going in! In this episode, we begin talking about Kirk Franklin and his son’s public argument. Many saints came out in Kirk’s defense, but others felt like Kerrion Franklin’s voice was not being heard. This public arguments brings up a mountain of problems that crumble into issues of parenting, slavery, emotional competency, liberation, respect, and everything in between. Get ready to go deep & spend some time with your girls!We’d love to hear your thoughts! Join our Facebook group and subscribe!
Hold My Mule

Hold My Mule


We are constantly hearing the words "self care," but what does that truly entail? During these "self care" sessions our nails and hair may look beautiful (which is great, don't get us wrong), but our souls are being neglected. Our souls are crying out for rest, but we keep not answering the call. We are conditioned to keep moving, keep pushing, don't stop or be considered lazy from a young age. We as black people have a legacy of hard work, determination just to have something to pass on as a legacy to future generations. Once God created the world, he saw it was good & rested. We hope you receive this message and rest well. ❤️Fell free to join the conversation in our facebook group and tell us about how your care for yourself and your soul:
Who sets the standard of beauty? We as black women have always been told & shown that we aren't considered to be the standard of beauty, yet other women strive and pay for ways to achieve our body types and assets. We are all built the way we are for a reason. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God built your body perfectly for a purpose. With lip injections, butt implants, and waist shapers, many are striving to fix something that ain’t broke. “Your form in all its original glory is BEAUTIFUL.” It’s time to appreciate, learn about, and be comfortable in our own bodies. Stand firm in the truth that your form is beautiful, perfectly made, & divine.
It’s our last episode of 2020! Thank you for listening to our first year of Golds, Girls, & God! On this episode we reminisce about the year, our show, the ups and downs, and lessons learned. Some of the epiphanies we’ve had, especially about our black girl magic and divinity, have developed and changed a bit since first introducing certain topics on the show. Going deeper into some of the issues we’ve covered while revealing some secrets, we come together to look back and give some advice for your chains in 2021. We’ve talked about parenting, rachetness, our beloved city, divinity, faith, breaking cycles, and everything in between. There’s so much we’re grateful for this year. We are blessed to have great families, good friends, and wonderful listeners like you! We pray you have a wonderful holiday season and an abundant new year!
We all have a role to play in this game of life. During this past year, with everything we've known shifting and changing, we have had to adapt and find new strengths. Sometimes, in order to learn and harness our new skills we must take advice from the wise words of others. Other times, words of the past can help us to unearth the pain in our history to propel us into our future, healed and whole. We must form authentic connections with our sisters, building a collective, unstoppable sisterhood to build strong foundations for the future with the power to heal ourselves and change the world.Warning: This episode may make you scream out loud, text your girls, and give you a tingle in your elbows! Get out your shovels, We've got tombs to raid and destinies to fulfill! During this holiday season, we pray you and your family stay safe, stay healthy, stay blessed. Continue the conversation and share you thoughts on the episode in our facebook group:
Childhood experiences shape and mold us for our future. The experiences and lessons we learn, give us the tools to build & solidify a foundation as we grow. During our formative years, the accomplishments, memories, and struggles, create our beliefs that we as children carry over into our adulthood. Over the years our accumulating baggage needs to be unpacked & reevaluated from time to time in order for us to grow. When we don’t unpack our baggage, we cannot heal or grow from the building block that once shaped us. The fear of what's in our baggage keeps us from unlocking our true potential of our destiny. We no longer will be afraid of what's we keep in our baggage. 2020 is the year to do something new and step boldly into our future- No longer imposters, but our full redefined, destiny bound selves.
Finding joy in these hard times is essential. While balancing through life, work, school, and anything else that comes your way, you must be open to finding the little hints of joy during your day. This is how we make it through sometimes. Whether it be through self care, twerpies, finding bingable shows, or freestlying, in this episode we offer ways toThrive, not just survive. We also figure out how to become immortal. S/o to Mixxed fit @toya and savannahS/o to @applemusic for helping us make great playlists!Look us up on apple podcasts
What if I told you that children come into this world knowing what they like and where they're destined to go. We as parents try to conform them and make them fit into our world, in the here and now. Godly parents must walk the line of honoring the authenticity that God put into our children, while preparing and protecting His children to make it to their destiny. God must be our co-parent.In order to raise whole, flourishing children against Satan and his influences, we as parents must be submitted to the will of God, and close enough to Him to hear his directions. If we do not, we run the risk of helping the enemy disarm our children. Within the sacredness of childhood, is your child allowed the space to discover and explore who they are destined to be?Keep the conversation going on Blackbee Radio’s fb page episode is brought to you by Burgundi’s amazing new book, Fishbones and Breadcrumbs:
They say "all you need is love," but do you also need marriage? The definition & necessity of marriage, commitment, and a union is a personal one. With lists of "non-negotiables" and contradictory visions of successful relationships, the question becomes one of how you define success in love.Traditional ideals say women are the "helpmates," and in order for a “Godly” marriage to work, submission to God from both parties are necessary. We discuss the difference and balance between secular/natural and spiritual marriages, as well as the idea that sometimes we are put together by God to help smooth out each other’s edges. However, in this day and age, are the ideas of traditional marriage still necessary?
We dig deep to honestly share our stories of putting on our armor to deal with the oppression that surrounds us. In our personal spaces, as well as professional, we constantly deflect or combat blows and hits as they come from every angle, while trying to maintain our identity and humanity. Every time we show up, we must show up in ways that are not understood by all because we are defying the ways the world has interpreted us as black women. We must be intentional in how we proactively and reactively handle the process of kicking down oppressive doors in this revolutionary moment. We recognize how oppression has filtered into every aspect of our lives and discuss our next moves.Now, where do we begin....TRIGGER WARNING: We will be open & transparent in our journey thru oppression as black women. We will share our experiences honestly and transparently.
How and why do you love and rep your city? Do you choose your city or does the city choose you? In this emotional and personal love letter, the ladies explore loving and believing in your city enough to give love to its people and using your gifts to build it up, despite instilled constructs, racism, unfulfilled dreams, and reputations that are tearing down and hurting our city with violence, broken spirits and mentalities while trying to heal in survival mode. Loving your city means loving the people. Bmore has a “negative,” yet truthful reputation that many are quick to claim. You’ve seen The Wire and The Corner, but there’s so much more to this wonderful city. This city has many jewels and all of them are out in the open and “in plain sight” for all to see. From the skillful corner boys, the encouraging teachers, the entrepreneurial squeegee boys, to the life saving doctors, the city changing creatives and developers, we all have gifts that make this city amazing and strong despite high murder rates, educational struggles, and riots that are balanced in love with community outreach, youth programs, and Sunday church services.The authenticity of Baltimore in all its grimy, glistening, gutter turmoil and love is made of beautiful people who are striving to hold their families together and support themselves through good times and bad. “Charm City,” is made up of hardworking, determined, driven people with amazing talents and values that make this city great! Bmore, stand up, put on your favorite 92Q club mix, grab a chicken box, & get ready to rep your city!!!*We had to record apart..cuz of Rona...please excuse the audio differences
We tune in weekly. We invite them into our homes. We may even be addicted to being voyeurs of their lives. We shout our opinions at the television, we get emotionally involved, and even choose sides. Housewives From Orange County to ATL, Married to Medicine, Love & Hip Hop,… They’re the reality stars we love to hate.Every week, women on television come into our home with their craziness, drama, and rachetness. We delve into the psychology of ratchetness as we sit from our privileged seats to consume their pain that’s for pay. As many of our favorite stars of reality are grown women, we wonder is there a responsibility and an age limit on foolishness? It seems as though the toxicity of our youth is holding us back from growing and disallows the teaching future of generations from learning to be better. Ratchetness, at times can be a tool, but does it reflect the real you or the you you are perpetrating to be?
We continue our conversation raising question of possible beliefs, habits, and ideas we as black women have to unlearn in order to have a functional, meaningful relationship with a black man. We know what a good relationship should look like, but what does it take to actually attain and cultivate one? There are things on both sides that single men and women must unlearn when coming together, but do we end up presenting our "true" selves or does our ego and pride get in the way? Your ego has no place in a relationship with man, woman, or God. We can't have a truthful, bare-all, naked relationship with others until we first are presenting and grounded in our "true" selves. But how do we have authentic connections and fulfill our purpose without magic and your gansta?
Are you ready for this?! In our second episode, we delve into relationships and the true meaning of Black Girl Magic. As singles, we often operate on our own terms, making our lives work for us. However, when we meet a mate, do we need to change how we operate to make room for the new boo? Must we unlearn certain habits and beliefs in order to have a successful, meaningful, and functional relationship with another who may need to unlearn some ways as well. Within our daily lives we may be holding ourselves back from having a great relationship because of the magic tricks we perform. What is the true meaning and cost of our belief in magic?
Welcome to the first episode of Golds, Girls, & God!!! Meet us at the intersection of Hip-Hop culture, femininity, and Faith and get ready for it to get real! On this episode the ladies discuss shaming. We have all seen it, Mommy shaming, Slut shaming, the list goes on and on. However, is it our right as followers to shame or do we bear some responsibility when we post? In our current "anything goes" culture, are there situations for which we should be shamed? Nowadays, someone is always watching and judging the things we say and do. Are you a judge or being judged?Shame, Shame, Shame....
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