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Field Notes by AgChoice is a podcast series covering timely, relevant topics for Pennsylvania's agricultural and rural communities. Each episode will include an interview of an AgChoice expert or one of our industry partners discussing information you need to know.
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Big things are on the horizon for Farm Credit. Effective July 1, AgChoice will merge with MidAtlantic Farm Credit to form Horizon Farm Credit. Together, we’ll be lending support to agriculture and our local communities across Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. With the merger upon us, we’re taking a summer break from our podcast, so this will be the final episode for a few months. For all of the podcast lovers out there - don’t worry! We’ll let you know when we star...
Jumpstart grant spotlight: This episode highlights Esperanzo Wilcox, or Espo. This past year, Espo began the PA Mushroom Company, an organic mushroom farm, specializing in cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms and mushroom grow kits. He is also a 2021 recipient of the AgChoice Farm Credit jumpstart grant which awarded 15 startup farmers with a $10,000 grant this past fall. Tune in for an inside scoop on mushroom production and tips for start up farmers!
Jumpstart grant spotlight: This episode features Jonathan and Winter Weaver. The Weavers operate Wheat and Sparrow, LLC, a 17-acre farm in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. They are 2021 recipients of the AgChoice Farm Credit jumpstart grant which awarded 15 startup farmers with a $10,000 grant this past fall. Listen in to hear how their operation has benefitted from this grant opportunity.
Jumpstart Grant spotlight: This episode features Rachel Wagoner who is the owner of Tall Pines Farms in western Pennsylvania. Rachel and her husband raise grass-fed pasture-raised beef and lamb along with breeding stock, and hay. Listen in to hear more about what it takes to raise and finish beef and lamb on grass and some of the management practices they utilize on their farm.
Jumpstart grant spotlight: This week's podcast highlights Matthew Hansen who is a beginning farmer and began growing vegetable crops in western Pennsylvania. Matthew markets his products through a CSA and serves his local community through providing fresh produce to those in need. He is also a recent recipient of the AgChoice Farm Credit jumpstart grant which has helped to fund the startup of his operation.
Chris Herr, executive director of PennAg Industries, joins us to discuss Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. In recent weeks HPAI has had a tremendous disruption on the poultry industry in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Chris will help us learn more about HPAI, the current status in the state and next steps all of us can take to help prevent the spread of the disease.
Tiffany Kline is carrying on her family’s farming legacy with her husband, Mack. This week’s Field Notes is another feature from the AgBiz Cast podcast.
Grant Winner Spotlight: Joel and Emily Kuhns will run Odyssey Orchard, a veteran-owned business. Odyssey Orchard focuses on producing high quality sharp and bitter-sharp apples for the fine and craft cider markets.
Jumpstart grant spotlight: Mackenzie Strawser and her husband Eli own and operate Top Line Meats, LLC. They started the business in late 2020 and raised sheep for breeding and meat purposes.
This week's podcast is a recap of the recent AgChoice Dairy Industry Outlook webinar. AgChoice ag business consultants Mike Hosterman and Heather Weeks share highlights from the report including a 2022 Pennsylvania milk price outlook and areas of focus for dairy producers.
In this podcast episode with talk with Jim Hoge about the PA Agriculture Mentor Program. The program has five mentors with extensive agricultural backgrounds to assist beginning farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and others in troubleshooting new strategies and ideas for their farm businesses.
Jumpstart grant spotlight: Devin Winklosky started Teufel Hunden Hops Company, a hop farm in western Pennsylvania. His two-acre hopyard includes seven varieties of hops.
Mini grants for big dreams. Apply for a $2,500 grant for youth, ages 16 to 21, who began a farming business in the last two years or plan to start one in the next two years.
Jumpstart grant spotlight: Jesse and Lisa Vivian operate Lane’s End Farm Creamery. The microdairy and creamery opened in February 2020 with one milking cow. Today, the Vivians milk seven cows and sell over 150 gallons of milk each week to the local community.
In a three part series we are highlight farm transition planning. Jody Anderson Leighty joins us for the final episode. As you are planning your farm transition, there are a long list of things to consider. Jody covers legal considerations.Thinking about farm transitioning? Check out PA Farm Link and their resources.
In a three part series we are highlight farm transition planning. Returning, Marlin Hartzler joins us for the second episode. His farming story started with a farm transition. Listen as Marlin shares his reflections of a farm transition.
In a three part series we are highlight farm transition planning. John Black joins us for the first episode. He shares tips to guide families through a farm transition.
This week's episode is a rerun of AgBiz Cast podcast, which shares inspiring stories of young, beginning and small farmers. We feature Arvin Horst, a poultry and crop farmer in Adams County, Pennsylvania.
AgChoice recently announced a new Growing Your Career Scholarship for students this year, and Jenn Hilliard will share more about this opportunity.Apply today: