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Whether prayer is a daily practice, a sometimes thing or an emergency outlet, most of us have called out to the Almighty. In our last episode “God, Please Speak to Me,” we explored whether He communicates back; and if He does, how it could happen. Our guest, Kelli Shelton from Seek Well Ministries, really opened our eyes (and ears) and the episode is becoming one of our most listened-to. In this short bonus episode, we reflect on what we learned from it and explore ways we believe God has directed us (ways that we may not have realized until we looked back).  There are so many methods that God uses to communicate. It is primarily through His Word, but He also uses other powerful ways to guide our mind and hearts. You probably shouldn’t expect and audible booming voice to snap you to attention. We have found that God’s ways are gentle, loving, scriptural and are often customized specifically to each person. We pray that the next few minutes will bring new meaning to your prayer life.For more info on IMAGINE YOURSELF and Lanee and Sandy visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
When you pray, you open the door to communicating with God. Whether out loud or silently, with others or by yourself; you can let Him know what’s on your mind and in your heart. But do you listen for Him to speak back to you? Is it even possible, and if so, how does that happen?  We invited a wonderful guest, Kelli Shelton from “Seek Well” Ministries to share her knowledge about how we can experience God’s divine guidance in our lives. Kelli and her husband Tim co-founded “Seek Well”  which she calls “a movement to teach people to slow down the pace of life so we can hear from God and refresh our hearts.” Their book, blogs, podcasts and immersive experiences have helped to transform many lives.  In our last episode How Slowing Down Speeds Up Success (and Happiness!), we discovered that being intentional about getting rest and down time had many benefits, including being better able to receive divine direction. In this episode, we take it a step further to really dig into that possibility.  FIND KELLI SHELTON AND SEEK WELL MINISTRIES:WEBSITE INSTAGRAM YOU TUBE For more info on IMAGINE YOURSELF and Lanee and Sandy visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
We live in a society that glorifies “the grind.”  We’re proud of our hustle and hard work to make things happen. Setting goals and going after them is a good thing, the trick is to pace yourself; and to take time to "stop and smell the roses" on the way. We know that constantly pushing ourselves and rushing around can lead to burnout both physically and mentally, but  many of us continue at a breakneck pace because we think it’s necessary to achieve our goals and dreams. The reality is, adopting a slower more deliberate pace can deliver better results and enhance our quality of life.  In this episode, we’ll look at both the benefits of taking time to pause and rest…and ways to realistically do it.For more info, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
We can think of “time for what counts” in a couple of ways. Making sure we check the most pressing things off our to-do list, or getting our business taken care of so we can focus on the things in life that matter to us most: like family, friends, faith or causes we support. In this bonus mini episode, we talk about both as we get advice from to two very accomplished professionals who juggle all these things and are the kind of people who you might want to ask, “how in the world do they get everything done?”.In the last episode, we talked with Gail Perry-Mason and Mark S. Lee about the benefits of diversity, especially in the workplace. In this bonus episode, they gave us some tips for how to beat the clock to master the 24 hours we are all given in a day. We loved the clever things they did to not only make sure they HAD time for their priorities, but that they MADE THE MOST OF IT. We hope the short time you spend listening to this podcast will be multiplied back manyfold by what you learn.  For more info, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
Imagine yourself in a world of open-armed opportunities for all. It’s what we all say we want. However, there still exist many shallow, external factors that people consciously or unconsciously use to exclude others. Why do humans do this? Why not take the strengths and perspectives of people of various ages, races, genders, and backgrounds and use their viewpoints to enhance our communities, organizations, businesses, and our lives? Sometimes we just need a little help learning how to do this, and this episode shows us how and why we can effectively make positive changes.We invited two guests who have advanced the DEI:  diversity, equity, and inclusion movement. They are successful professionals in the Detroit, Michigan area who have much to say about the challenges they’ve witnessed and faced themselves. Gail Perry-Mason is a financial advisor and executive, an author and philanthropist. She founded of Money Matters for Youth, which helps kids with financial awareness and literacy.  Mark S. Lee is President & CEO, The LEE Group, a strategic marketing consulting firm.  He's also an educator at three different universities and a dynamic radio host. Both have stories that will enlighten, challenge, inspire and instruct. For more info, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pagesLinks for Gail and Mark:GAIL PERRY-MASON ON INSTAGRAM GAIL PERRY-MASON ON TWITTER GAIL PERRY-MASON ON FACEBOOK GAIL PERRY-MASON ON LINKEDIN MONEY MATTERS FOR YOUTH MARK S. LEE ON TWITTER MARK S. LEE ON FACEBOOK MARK S. LEE ON LINKEDIN THE LEE GROUP 
Finding someplace we’ve never been is a fairly low-stress thing these days using navigation systems. You just put in the address and off you go.  It wasn’t always like that. Back in the day with MapQuest or even paper maps, the routes didn’t automatically just re-calculate and course-correct us if we took a wrong turn. The road of our lives is also filled with wrong turns, or maybe a better way to phrase that would be unexpected turns. These detours might shake things up for just a season, but often they set us on a different path for a lifetime.  In our last episode we featured two wonderful women we call the “Hope Ladies” who wrote a book called Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart.In this week’s bonus episode, we bring you a part of our chat we didn’t include in the original. April and Marilyn sum up their best advice for those going through life’s interruptions with hope and faith.  We pray you’ll find it an inspiring and enlightening few minutes.   Listen to Episode Holding On To Hope w/Guests, Marylin Nutter & April WhiteFor more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
Ups and Downs are part of life, but sometimes the “downs” seem more like cliffs we can’t climb up. “We encourage women to see that the hit that knocks you down doesn’t have to keep you there,” Marilyn Nutter wrote to us in an email a few months back. Marilyn and her co-author April White have become affectionately known as “The Hope Ladies” and we are excited to share their stories of hope and faith.  Connect with our guests:MarilynNutter.comAprilDawnWhite.comFor more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
The answer to “what to do when you’re hurting” is not a simple one, and it can be very different for people. However, there are guideposts that can help in many cases. In our episode “God Will Get You Through”, writer and speaker Angela Scott told us about the emotional road she traveled and ways she dealt with devastation in her life. In this bonus episode, we reflect on what we learned and open up about what got us through some very rough circumstances in our own lives. These few minutes are meant to help you with healing and to reflect on how you may be able help in the healing of others. We hope it will boost your faith and bring you comfort.  Listen to “God Will Get You Through” with Writer and Speaker Angela ScottFor more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
There’s a good chance you’re going through something challenging right now.  Maybe you’re even facing a huge mountain of adversity. Whatever you’re dealing with and as impossible as the odds may seem, one way or another, God will get you through. That’s the message of our guest, Angela Scott. She’s turned her misfortunes into a ministry to help other women know that they, too, can turn to the Lord.  She’ll walk us through some of her struggles and the steps she’s taking to “turn mourning into dancing.”  This is not an overnight fix, but real talk to give you some comfort and help you make progress. Angela's Agape Love on InstagramChosen Women's EventFor more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Celebrating and enjoying traditions and taking time to honor those who have paved the way for us is part of the fabric of America. And Black History is a prominent, distinct, and very valuable piece of that fabric. We decided to focus in on the significance and beautiful benefits of celebrating the heritage, culture, history, and contributions of Black Americans in a way that doesn’t feel like a high school history lesson. We have chosen to take you to a place where you can look around and see things from a different perspective, no matter what race or ethnicity you belong to. We made it our goal to help everyone imagine new ways to celebrate Black History Month, ways that seek out the beauty of a culture and the victories won while being mindful of the many sacrifices made over the span of centuries.  Here's the thing, we truly don’t know what we don’t know. So let’s change that: Imagine yourself taking the opportunity to learn and grow more during this and every Black History Month.For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
Prayer has the power to change things and that includes marriages. In this bonus mini-episode, we dig into more of our discussion with Relationship Coach, Rev. Monica Humpal, this time with a focus on faith. So much impact can be made when we pray with and for our spouse, and so much good can come out of looking to the example of Jesus to help us with communication, boundaries and how we treat each other. In our last episode “Are You Fighting Fair With Your Partner?”, Rev. Humpal gave us lessons in effective communication that were both brilliant and easy to implement. We really zoomed in on conflict and problem solving. In this part of the conversation, we drill down more into how our faith informs this process. As with the last episode, we get some practical advice from someone who has counseled many women and couples through trauma and healing. Wherever you are in your relationship:  whether it’s in need of repair and reconciliation, whether it’s in need of strengthening or you could just use a brush up for good maintenance, click play! We believe what you’ll hear in the next few minutes will pack a big punch! Our previous episode:  Are You Fighting Fair With Your Partner? With Relationship Coach, Rev. Monica HumpalFor more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pagesFIND REV. MONICA HUMPAL:Monica Humpal Coaching WebsiteMonica Humpal on YouTube
Fighting is a given in relationships. While it’s certainly not healthy to constantly be in conflict, it is normal (and potentially beneficial) to argue with your partner.  It’s how you both handle it that can make all the difference. Do your clashes strengthen the bonds of love and respect or rip them apart piece by piece? We called on relationship coach, Rev. Monica Humpal to help us fight fair and lead us through the keys of effective communication in good times and bad. In addition to opening up about some of our own marriage struggles, we’ll work our way through some of the proven tactics and effective advice she has used to help her clients. Whether your relationship is strong, barely holding on or somewhere in between, we think you’ll be in for some game-changing information and encouragement.For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pagesFIND REV. MONICA HUMPAL:Monica Humpal Coaching WebsiteMonica Humpal on YouTube
Are you thinking about a new direction professionally? It doesn’t matter what age or stage or life you’re in, we think this episode may open your eyes to possibilities that you may not have considered. So much has changed lately and there are new and different options that may be on the table for you. We’re spotlighting four interviews with career coaches and experts in the professional space who want to talk about a new path forward, one that will address real priorities  and honor the work/life balance.Our pros help you take an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses and how your unique life experiences can help move you into a new career path or strengthen the path you're currently on. From finding the right direction, to taking the right steps to get there, to reaching out to the right people, we'll walk you through the process.  You'll also learn ways to set goals and make habits that will serve you  in attaining and keeping not only career aspirations, but any area  in life you wish to grow. You’ll hear from:  Isha Cogborn, Personal Brand Strategist and Professional Development expert, from “Now is the Time to Re-Imagine Yourself”Heather Wolfson, CEO and Lead Strategist at Maven Coaching and Consulting “Opening the Door to What’s Next in Your Life.”LaShay Avery, Leadership and Wellness Consultant at Q Avery Consulting from “Starting a New Chapter: What You Should Know” Tareka Wheeler, Career and Mindset Strategist of Professional DNA from “Change Your Life By Changing The Way You See Yourself” For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
It seems like we are always bombarded with messages about how we should live a healthier life, but it really kicks up every January. That’s all good, but it can be overwhelming... especially because some of the advice or tips contradict other things we hear. So, our goal is simple: cut through the clutter and focus on what you can do now. Over the years, we’ve talked to many wonderful experts in different areas of health and wellness and discovered a running theme: small changes can lead to a big impact. We collected some nuggets on the topics of nutrition, exercise, and sleep and hope this will give you the answers and motivation you may need for a healthier, happier life.Guests Featured:Patrick Tulio of Weight Down, Life Up Imagine Yourself Winning the Weight WarDiane Randall, Nutritionist  One Change Away From a Healthier LifeNate Wilkins, Founder of Ageless Workout Happier, Healthier, Ageless LivingKatelyn Anderson, Founder Equip Sleeping Co. – How to Finally Get Enough SleepElizabeth Sherman, Life and Weight Loss Coach – Crushing the Quarantine 15For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
When it comes down to it, a big part of growing in our faith is learning more and more to trust God and His timing. Part of the process is sometimes having to go through things that are (to say the least) challenging and uncomfortable. It helps to hear stories and from others who have walked a difficult path and have turned their tests into testimonies. In this episode, we feature five women we talked with over the past year. You’ll hear stories of enduring through trials, learning total surrender, the power of forgiveness and even the miraculous. If you’re ready for a little “faith-lift”, we invite you to click play, we think you will be truly blessed. The guests featured were from:When You’re Waiting on God w/Lorie BarnwellFinding Joy on the Good and Bad Days w/Author, Singer, Encourager Lee CruzReleasing Shame and Perfection: Writer Candice Miller Shares Her Faith JourneyCreating a Realistic Happily Ever After (w/ Author Mary Lewis)Can You Really Let Go and Let God? (w/Author & Speaker Erica Wiggenhorn)For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
Mental Health can be a weighty and serious issue, but that doesn’t me we can’t have more casual or even fun conversations about it. In this episode, we hear from some of the mental health professionals we’ve talked to on the podcast. Each one drops nuggets of information and practical advice on topics like experiencing anxiety, feeling depressed, being affected by negative self-talk, taking control of our thoughts and suffering from loneliness. Some of our chats are serious and some more light-hearted, but we hope they all communicate empathy and hope.  We designed this episode so you could get a quick boost for yourself or equip you for understanding and helping a loved one.  Although nothing replaces consulting a mental health professional on your own, we hope this gives you some guidance. Here are the episodes we reference:1)      Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on “Saying No to Negative Self Talk” 2)      Dr. Jennifer Goble on “Controlling Your Thoughts When You Can’t Control Anything Else”3)      Counselor Kelli Center on “Staying Centered in Times of Crisis”4)      Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on “How to Cope in a World of Constant Change” 5)      Counselor Matt Lawson on “Leaving Loneliness Behind” TalkSpace is the online counseling service where Matt and many other qualified therapists can help you from the comfort of your home. For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
These days life coaches are becoming more and more popular. We love talking to them so we can pass along ways to make us better, happier humans. So, let's dig in to help motivate us  in areas we might need to work on, but do it without all the judgement. In this episode we highlight lessons learned from four coaches we talked to in previous episodes. We’ll get eleven keys to self-care (Kerry Rasenberger), how to break a bad habit by "deconditioning  desire" (Leslie Hoerner), overcoming fears – especially public speaking (Grace Brown) and controlling our reactions to negative situations (Sheila Sutherland). Here’s hoping the next few minutes can bring some positive and lasting life changes.For more inspiration, visit imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
While everyone is “decking the halls with boughs of holly”, what if this year it doesn’t feel like the season to be jolly? What if grief, depression, loneliness, or something else makes this season especially difficult? We talked to a professional to get some tips especially designed to help with these issues during the holiday season. We hope what Matt Lawson of Chicago Compass Counseling has to say will help  - whether it’s something unique to this year or if the Christmas season is just triggering in general.  In this bonus mini episode, we share portions on our chat last year with Matt Lawson as well as some of our own struggles. Most of us will experience the holiday blues to one degree or another during our lifetime, for some it happens every year. There are a variety of reasons for it: being away from family, grieving the loss of a loved one or ending a relationship are some of them. For others the holidays can trigger anxiety or sadness because of something that happened in the past. Some of us feel we may crumble under the perceived pressure to make the holidays perfect for friends or family. Whatever the case, it can feel worse when everyone else seems joyful. Take a few minutes to listen to what Matt has to say. Even if you don’t struggle with holiday blues yourself, it’s good to be aware of those who do. Let’s help them feel seen and heard. More importantly, let’s be there to support each other.For more inspiration, visit Join the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pagesContact Matt Lawson,  MA, NCC, LPC
Next Level Gratitude

Next Level Gratitude


There’s a wonderful quote that says “gratitude turns what we have into enough.” It’s a simple concept but one that’s worth repeating: if we focus on the things that we DO have instead of what we feel we lack we realize we are truly blessed.  But how can we have NEXT LEVEL gratitude? What does that even mean? We’re releasing this episode just before Thanksgiving, the time when we many of us will go around the table and say what we’re grateful for. Some of us are better at counting our blessings than others. And to be sure, there are times in our lives that make doing that easier while other times leave us more bitter than thankful. In this episode on next level gratitude, we re-visit portions of one of our very first episodes from 2019 where we talk about being grateful during those darker times and how to go beyond just saying what we’re grateful for and living it out. During this season of thankfulness, it’s extra important to be intentional about thinking about what and who we are grateful for. Remembering how God has blessed us, writing it down and sharing it with others are some wonderful ways to do that. As we talk about in this episode, this can help carry us through those times when we are reaching for something to be grateful for but can’t find it. Let’s make an attitude or gratitude more than a bumper sticker or a positive quote on Instagram… and live it in our daily lives. We look at practical ways to not only feel it ourselves but to extend it to others. Click play to get your gratitude game going. Give us your feedback and get more inspiration at imagineyourselfpodcast.comJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pages
It’s no secret that prices have gone through the roof lately. The cost of everything from filling up your gas tank to filling up your shopping cart has spiked. From cat food to cars and hamburgers to houses, we are feeling a big pain in the wallet. Not to mention, sometimes we just consider ourselves lucky to even FIND what we set out to purchase. Words that most folks don’t hear much outside of an economics class like “supply chain” and “inflation” are now common in everyday language. That’s just where we are in holiday season 2021. Enter financial coach and author, Kembala Evans. In last week’s chat with her on Don't Make These Money Mistakes, we got some great insight into personal finance and a ton of easy-to-implement tips. In this bonus mini-episode, we feature an additional part of our discussion with Kembala on the challenges presented by this year’s unique economic environment. Along with detailing some ideas to help us handle our money, we take a step back and look at what is truly important to keep in mind during the holiday season and beyond.  Give us your feedback and get more inspiration at imagineyourselfpodcast.comGet Kembala's book offerJoin the conversation  on our  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM pagesFollow Kembala on TWITTER
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