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Mother Daughter Date

Author: Jennifer and Georgia Valentyne

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Jennifer (mom) and Georgia (daughter) love to laugh and entertain. We share our thoughts about everything trending, to amazing advice, well we think so. We dive into mom life and teen talk with no holds barred. You will be entertained and a little surprised every episode wanting more...
22 Episodes
We are sooo excited about Georgia's first ever song released.  Georgia and Jake Donaldson recorded a duet together in January 2020 and after a few remixes they have released it as the second single on Jake's new album.  We hope you enjoy it.  🥰bluffing (feat. Georgia Valentyne) - Jake Donaldsonspotify Music Music Podcast
Youtube has changed the world and we decide to be apart of it in 2017.  After 160 videos posted, we received 1,000,000 views.  We discuss some interesting facts about Youtube that will blow your mind 😳
We have been dreaming about travelling all year and this is the first place we plan to visit in 2021.   Yes it's Ireland 🍀 
We discuss our top 10 Christmas movies to watch during the holiday season 🎄You can't talk about Christmas without mentioning favourite traditions.  Our chat has a bit of Naughty and Nice 🤣
We love to tell jokes and especially Dad jokes.  Georgia does cross the line like usual and keeps trying to shock her mom.   Hope you enjoy and get a chuckle from some of our favourites.  
Georgia is now legal to drink and she shares what she did to celebrate.  We reveal something we did as mother and daughter that is illegal.  This is one our favourite Podcasts to date, especially the ending 🤣
Georgia has too much caffeine and goes off the rails.  We were suppose to talk about our top 10 Scary/Halloween movies but it took Georgia 10 minutes to get there 🤣  We did eventually get to our list and it's a good one 👻
We discuss reasons why you might be in the wrong relationship.  Yes, we give relationship advice and what you should do in certain situations.  Oh yeah, Georgia talks about her celebrity crush.  Can you guess who?
We discuss how our life has changed in 2020 and how we are making the best of it.  Georgia admits that she always wanted to get her period and still does.  We discover that Jim Carrey quotes are inspiring and which one is our favourite.  
Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!


Good things come to those who wait.  We discuss some amazing success stories from people you may know and Never Gave Up!  Georgia reveals who her celebrity crush is...   
Georgia answers questions about what parents should do when raising their kids and teens.  If you want the straight truth, you've come to the right place.  Thank you for listening and subscribing 💕
Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever?


This is our favourite podcast to date.  We didn't realize how many stories would come out of playing a game of Never Have I Ever.  Here is a short summary, stalking people online, peeing on someones bed,  peeing in public and can you still date someone that spits all over you when they talk?
Did You Know That?

Did You Know That?


Georgia takes over the podcast with some interesting facts that will blow your mind.  We also discovered a few things about Georgia we didn't know, she always surprises us.  thanks for listening 💕
We dream of life returning back to normal someday, so in this episode Jenn and Georgia share their bucket list or life list.  Georgia also answers what she would do if her boyfriend proposed marriage? 👰🏼
The Sex Talk

The Sex Talk


After 18 years we have the Sex talk 😳  We didn't plan it but it happened.  Jenn and Georgia talked about things you shouldn't with your mom or teenager but they did.  It started off as a game of Would You Rather? and yes another conversation goes off the rails 🤣
It's amazing to see how different we live our lives as teens and as moms.  We chat about everything from parties to short shorts and when moms were teens.  thanks for listening
We don't always remember our early childhood memories but mom does.  So Georgia asks 10 great questions about her past, she was a little surprised.  One answer leads into why AWARDS don't matter.  thank you for listening
Name That Sound? ASMR

Name That Sound? ASMR


Georgia loves crunchy ASMR sounds, so we decided to test her listening skills.   Play along and see how many your get right.  Thanks for listening 🤣
We talk about what we would do if we had 1 hour free of quarantine.   How to find out if someone has Unfollowed you on Instagram and our experiences.  Oh, and Jenn's first visit to a strip club.
Dad Jokes 🤣

Dad Jokes 🤣


Who doesn't love a good joke or even a bad one 🤣  We have recorded many DAD jokes in the past and thought let's share them with our amazing beautiful listeners.  Enjoy 💕
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