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In this episode we talk with Roy Osing, author of   "Be Different or Be Dead" about practical ways to  differentiate your organization and lead your teams to higher levels of success.During our discussion we talk about:four key principles of audacious leadershipan ingenious way to differentiate your organizationhow long you should spend creating a strategic planthe importance of Servant Leadership and taking care of your customersIf anyone is interested in more from Roy, visit his website or send him an email (
In this episode we talk with Daniel Alfon, author of "Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success".  Daniel opened his LinkedIn account in early 2004 and has since helped thousands of entrepreneurs and consultants grow their business.During our discussion we talk about:connection strategies to get real-life introductionscommon mistakes people make when trying to use LinkedIN to make connectionsthe pros and cons of cultivating a large network vs. a network of people you actually know the difference between your personal LinkedIN profile and company page and how to leverage both effectivelyselecting the right metrics to followhow often you should be posting to LinkedINIf anyone is interested in more from Daniel, check out this free link for our listeners on how to double your sales with strong connections (a $68 value).  You can also access a free download on how to create a LinkedIN Profile Headline that Sells here.Note:  At the 8:10 mark of this episode, we talk about replying to incoming invitations.  LinkedIN has just removed this feature.  For more information on how to respond to invitations, view this short video.
In this episode we talk with Eric Brotman, CEO of BFG financial advisors, and host of the podcast Don’t Retire….Graduate about not only the importance of achieving financial freedom but advancing into retirement seamlessly.  During our discussion we talk about:the concept of graduating instead of retreating into retirement how to think about and plan for your transition to retirementwhat to do in the different stages of your life/career to prepare for graduating into retirementwhat to do if you are a little behind in planning for your retirementthe role of the leader when it comes to helping those around you prepare for retirementIf you are interested in more from Eric, visit
In this episode we talk with Pete Mohr,  life-long multipreneur and business coach about ways entrepreneurs and business leaders can eliminate the frustrations and chaos that challenge many people.During our discussion we talk about:making time to work on your business not in your businessthe difference between "management" and "leadership" decisionsusing the five "Ps" of Business (Promise, Product, Process, People, and Profit!)the importance of aligning your workforce and communicating your vision and missioncreating systems that save time, stress, energy, and money  leveraging the "Wheel of Momentum" to turn your business into one that essentially runs itself, freeing you from having to be "the hero leader"If you are interested in more from Pete, visit
In this episode we talk with Mark Herschberg,  author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You, about the essential skills for success that nobody taught you, why this phenomenon exists, and what you can do to bridge the skills gap for yourself and others around you.During our discussion we talk about:what skills aren't taught in most schools and whywho's responsibility it is to  develop these skillsthe benefit to leaders and their organizations in helping people develop these skillsthe benefits of peer learning in helping people develop new skills
In this episode we talk with Prantik Mazumdar about recruiting, hiring, and retaining people for digital roles in your organization.   We also talk about ways to effectively to lead in an increasingly digital world. 
In this episode, we look back at the history of New Year's Resolutions and provide some tips to help you craft, share, and achieve what you want in 2022!  
 In this episode we talk with Gordon Van Wechel, founder of The Alchemy Consulting Group, about ways you can communicate the value your organization brings to customers.   During our time together, we discuss:The core marketing challenge all business faceThe value of online and offline marketing Establishing and maintaining your online presenceThe importance of having a properly built web pageThings to consider when investing in Search Engine OptimizationDetermining your organization’s investment in marketing and tracking return on investmentAs a special bonus, Gordon is also offering a free digital download of his best selling book Core 5® Marketing to our listeners. Please use the following link to access: Enjoy!
In this episode, I talk with Bruno Pesec co-founder of the Norwegian Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, about ways leaders can innovate profitably in their organization.   After taking a moment to clarify what innovation is we discuss,.Why organizations fail to achieve returns on their investments in innovationThe three things you can do to minimize the fear and risk of taking on a new innovation initiative How to properly measure innovation efforts of your workforceThe role of the leader when it comes to innovation in your organizationFor more from Bruno Pesec, please visit
In this episode, I talk with Kyle Sullivan, lifelong learner, mindset coach, keynote speaker, and founder of Unleash the Champ, about ways to build trust and empower your team.  In addition to providing his advice on building trust, Kyle shares.The 7 words you can use to demonstrate you trust your peopleThe 2 words you can use when your team members ask you what they should do to solve a problem or challengeHow great leaders approach difficult conversationsHow to navigate a difficult conversation that isn't going wellHow people and organizations can break free of their hesitation to embark on their "championship run".
In this episode, I talk with Anwar Jumabhoy, a keynote speaker, facilitator, coach and co-author of 9 Entrepreneurisms: Management Practice for a VUCA World.  Everyone has natural entrepreneurial spirit within them and yet we sometimes feel like we have to check that spirit at the door of our organizations since they aren't a startup.  During our time together we talk about how leaders can harness the power of entrepreneurial spirit to meet the challenges of the (VUCA) Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world we live in, and make your organization a great place to work.  
In this episode, I sit down with Charlotte Crabtree, professional and corporate coach to discuss how leaders can build confidence and self-belief.    During our discussion we talk about:Why self-doubt and feelings of insecurity come into our minds.How to combat imposter syndrome and manage emotions at work.Taking control of your days and positioning yourself to level up.The advantages and disadvantages of moving to a new organization.Tips for achieving success in your career and personal life.  As a special bonus, click here to get a copy of  Charlotte's 5 original confidence hacks to help you feel your best at work. 
In this episode, we talk with Paul Glover, the No B. S. Workplace Performance Coach and author of Workquake:  Making the seismic shift to a knowledge economy.    During our discussion we talk about:The Great Resignation and how to combat it.The importance of Emotional Intelligence and how leaders need help identifying their blind spots that can derail their career.The power of storytelling when attempting to make an emotional connection with your audienceImplementing Self-Directed teams to engage your workforce and get more done.
Leading From Zero

Leading From Zero


In this episode, we talk with Dave Coffaro, author of Leading From Zero:  Seven Essential Elements of Earning Relevance about the importance of starting every day with the mindset of having no customers and needing to earn each one continuously.During our discussion we talk about:why relevance everyone in your organization has a role to play in earning relevance each and every day.advice for measuring how relevant your organization is to its customers.common mistakes to avoid when seeking to earn relevance supported by real life examples of companies that didn't earn relevance each day.
In this episode, we talk with Emily Sander, author of a new book titled Hacking Executive Leadership: Go from insecure, indecisive, and overloaded to confident, influential, and effective.   Emily specializes in helping leaders get out of firefighting mode, drive their life and career progressions, and be a model of self-improvement for others around them During our time together we talk about:How leaders can differentiate themselves.Communicating effectively with others.Understanding failure loops and how they can help propel you on your leadership journey.Building confidence when making hiring decisions. 
In this episode, we talk with Raven M. Harris,  founder of Activate the Dream, an organization focused on helping leaders create a life that is in alignment with their dreams, vision, and goals. During our time together we talk about:What it's like to be a C-Level executive.How to lead authentically and intentionally (especially during times of extreme crisis).Finding the courage to make career transitions.How to  pursue work, life harmony and also understand what "season" you are in. 
In this episode, we talk with Caterina Kostoula, founder of The Leaderpath, about ways to conduct better meetings and eliminate unnecessary meetings in your organization to free up time for everyone to get things done. During our discussion we talk about:Research that show most leaders rate the quality of their meetings much higher than their participants do . How to properly plan your meeting using the four "D"s framework.The different roles within a meeting and who should assume those roles.How to start a meeting in a way that engages everyone.How to quickly drive out unnecessary meetings in your organization.
In this episode we talk with Storm Cunningham, the world's thought leader on community revitalization and natural resource restoration. about how business leaders can revitalize and restore the communities and economies where we live and work.  During our time together we discuss:The size and scope of the global restoration economy.How leaders of organizations can serve the community they operate in while also meeting the needs of their shareholders.The importance of strategy and good change management practices when taking on a revitalization project or initiative.For more information, visit the Reconomics Institute website.
In this episode, we sit down with Sean Tyler Foley, a published author, keynote speaker, speaker trainer, and international business advisor who helps his clients share their message with confidence During our discussion we:Dispel the myth that people are afraid of public speaking. Talk about techniques to overcome sudden onset stage fright and losing your place when you are presenting.Discuss the difference between in-person presentations and zoom presentations and what it means for your presentation.Review best practices for preparing to deliver a presentation, including how to re-engage your audience if you see you are losing them.After listening, check out this free download from Tyler with "5 Insider Secrets" to Speak with Confidence, Communicate Effectively & Win Your Audience.   Enjoy! 
In this episode, we sit down with Thom Keehan, Founder and Managing Partner of Enterprise Kaizen to talk about solving big problems in your organization.  During our discussion we address:How to get started when you first identify a problem or are handed one to solve. Decision making process guidelines to follow.  The benefits and potential pitfalls of using tools and methodologies to help you.How to recognize when you have arrived at your solution.
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