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Author: Universal Conjunction

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UC360, Podcast by Universal Conjunction, is dedicated to the discussion of astrology, tarot, magick, and other esoteric principles. Laura and Andrew are constantly learning and sharing their unique perspectives on these issues with each other. They invite their listeners to learn alongside them. Visit our website at universalconjunction.comFollow us on Instagram @universalconjunction
7 Episodes
Laura and Andrew make an announcement about the future of UC360. Topics covered:Announcement!Venus RetrogradeCelebrity Insights 
Pilot 6: The UndertowLaura and Andrew discuss the effects of the quarantine and briefly touch upon the topic of manifestation.Expectations of quarantine vs. realityCreativityManifestation
Laura and Andrew discuss recent dreams and potential meanings. Topics covered:Recent dreamsDream meaningsTarot pull
Your moon sign provides clues to the brand of healing that is most helpful for you. In this special episode, Laura provides self-care strategies for each moon sign, specifically focusing on activities that can be completed at home.
Pilot Three: Empathy

Pilot Three: Empathy


Laura and Andrew discuss the role of empathy throughout their lives. Topics covered:Empathy in childhoodEmpathy in adulthoodSelf-care for empaths
Laura and Andrew discuss their "Big 3" and how they believe those placements impact their lives.  Topics covered:Big 3 placementsPositives and challenges related to Big 3 placements
Laura and Andrew give a brief introduction to the Universal Conjunction Podcast (UC360). Topics covered:Who we areWhat to expectThanks for joining us!
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