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Hosted by Dan Tomaszewski, The Powered Services podcast is your one-stop shop for all the information you need to supercharge your MSP on the go. Learn vital industry strategies and insights while hearing commentary from experts in the trenches and behind the scenes so you can know where the market is going and how to make the most of it. IT professionals are busy, which is why the Powered Services podcast is packed with valuable, concise insights you don’t want to miss.
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The “What’s Going on with Cyber Liability Insurance?” episode of the Powered Services Podcast was such a hit, we had to bring in another expert in the space to discuss what MSPs should expect and prepare for when it comes to cyber liability insurance in 2022! Join hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop as they have a real and insightful conversation with Andy Anderson, CEO, and Co-Founder of DataStream Insurance, about the realities of cyber liability insurance right now and how MSPs can move forward.
It’s no secret that technology has changed the way businesses operate and how people live all over the world—and it’s only going to change our future faster as time goes on. In this episode of the Powered Services Podcast, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop invite Sheryl Connelly, Chief Futurist for Ford Motor Company, to the show to have an honest conversation about looking to the future.
In this episode of The Powered Services Podcast, you’re going to learn how to supercharge your MSP with the No Barriers Mindset. Hosts Dan and Will invite blind adventurer, American athlete, author, and activist Erik Weihenmayer to share how you can apply the No Barriers Mindset to your MSP and your everyday life so you can reach your goals.Guest:Erik Weihenmayer – Blind Adventurer, American Athlete, Author, and Activist
In this episode of the Powered Services Podcast, host Will Bishop sits down with Mike Steep to talk about the current and emerging IoT landscape for SMBs and what that means for you as an MSP. Mike Steep brings his wealth of knowledge and experience as an executive director at Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities.
In this special episode of The Powered Services Podcast, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop kickoff Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a brainstorm you don’t want to miss! Dan and Will share fun ways you can raise cybersecurity awareness amongst your prospects and even engage your existing clients in the fun to better protect their business and earn your MSP referrals, skyrocket your social media engagement, and stand out in the crowd.
When it comes to running your MSP, no one can understand the technical aspects better than you. But, like most MSPs, you might need a little help on the sales side of the business. To celebrate International Podcast Day, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop invite Frank DeBenedetto and Mike Bloomfield on the show to share their insights and expertise on MSP sales.Special Guests:Frank Debenedetto, Founding Partner of audIT Sales Presentation System and President and Chief Technology Advisor of Two River Technology GroupMike Bloomfield President of Tekie Geek
Do you know what your MSP is worth? In this episode of The Powered Services Podcast, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop sit down with Rick Jordan, Founder & CEO of ReachOut Technology, to have an open discussion about how much the average MSP makes, how they can conduct a valuation of their business, how long it takes to break 1 million in MRR, and how you can maximize the valuation of your MSP for M&A.
In this bonus episode of the Powered Services Podcast, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop welcome Tara Newman, Kaseya’s VP of Global Events, to discuss the biggest IT event of 2021 and why you don’t want to miss it. Find out who our big headliners are, what fun events we have planned for you, and listen to the end for an exclusive discount code that’s only for Powered Services listeners!
You might think you know how to prevent insider threats from wreaking havoc on your clients, but there’s a few simple tactics you might be overlooking. In this episode of the Powered Services Podcast, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop sit down with Gary Peace and deep dive into the world of insider threats. Gary investigates insider threats and internal corruption allegations and implements technical and management systems to counter those issues. This is a discussion you don’t want to miss.Guest: Gary Peace, Founder of ESID Consulting
Why are some MSPs beginning to build CMMC businesses? Should YOU turn your MSP into a CMMC business? Where would you even start? And we’ll ask the question everyone is wondering—HOW are these CMMC MSPs taking business from other MSPs? Join Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop as they host an insightful discussion you don’t want to miss with two CEOs of CMMC businesses—John Hill of TechSage Solutions and Leia Shilobod of InTech Solutions.Guests:John Hill, CEO of TechSage SolutionsLeia Shilobod, CEO of InTech Solution
Can using a template agreement for a Decline of Service come back to haunt your MSP? Is the email where your client says they don’t want any cybersecurity services enough to protect you in the event your client experiences a breach? What should be in a Decline of Service agreement anyway?In this episode of the Powered Services Podcast, Brad Gross—leading legal authority in the area of cloud computing transactions—answers all of these questions in order to help MSPs legally protect themselves from being held responsible for data breaches that happen to clients that weren’t interested in cybersecurity services.
Welcome to the brand-new Powered Services Podcast! Our commitment to you, the MSP, is to have meaningful and insightful conversations that give you all the strategies and advice you need to supercharge your MSP.In this inaugural episode, Dan Tomaszewski hosts a round table discussion with MSPs just like you to ask Kristen Bay of Cysurance the cyber liability questions we’re all wondering, and even a few brilliant ones we hadn’t thought of yet. This episode’s special guests are:Will Bishop, Sr. Director of Channel, KaseyaMichael Arnold, Owner / Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer, ITNS ConsultingMatt Disher, President, Southwest Networks Kirsten Bay, CEO, Cysurance
In this episode, Dan talks with Ray Orsini & Sean Lardo of OIT about vendors and partners.The group talks about the importance of community, partner development, the importance of transparency and more.Connect with Ray: with Sean: Website:
Clip Episode 5

Clip Episode 5


Dan Tomaszewski interviews a variety of guests on topics ranging from the next 5 years to customer experience.Time Stamps:Mike Brooks: 0:15 - 4:40Nadir Merchant: 4:52 - 7:50Colin Knox: 7:52 - 5:15Fred Voccola: 15:20 - 19:15Andrew Wallace: 19:20 - 24:00
In this episode, Dan talks with Katie Freedman of Kaseya about the upcoming Connect Community.The new Connect Community is an online forum designed to bring all Kaseya brands together and give customers an outlet for support, best practices and building relationships with key Kaseya stakeholders, as well as other MSPs & IT Pros from around the globe.Connect with Katie:Linkedin:
In this episode, Dan talks with Andrew Wallace of SmileBack about customer experience.The two talk about the importance of customer experience, operational efficiency, how to make both positive and negative feedback work for you, and more. Connect with Andrew here:LinkedIn:
In this special episode, Dan talks with the CEO of Kaseya - Fred Voccola.The two experts speak candidly about the future of the MSP industry over the course of this 30-minute interview. We are thrilled to bring you this discussion on upcoming challenges, services MSPs will need to provide, and M&A. Connect with Fred:
In this episode, Dan talks with Colin Knox of Gradient MSP about Data-Backed Decisions.The two explore what dirty data is, the kinds of dirty data in your PSA, and the importance of making data-driven decisions.Connect with Colin here:LinkedIn:
In this episode, Dan talks with IT Glue CTO Nadir Merchant about the IT Glue 2021 Global MSP Benchmark Report.The two explore the outlook for the MSP industry in 2021, the biggest opportunities for MSPs in the upcoming year - and more.Download the report here: connect with Nadir here:LinkedIn:
In this episode, Dan talks with Mike Brooks of audIT about sales.The two talk about the importance of understanding the knowledge level of who you are selling to,  prospecting tips, and more. Connect with Mike:LinkedIn:
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