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Author: @BadGamerElite

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God, games and geekery is a series of devotionals about the crossroads of our faith & gaming. @BadGamerElite, an average joe who loves God and video games, will share his insights about the two and how they relate to each other and the human experience.
44 Episodes
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The book, the movie and God's kingdom. Let's Go!
How did we miss that!? Its just makes sense.
Fortnite!? Come on man! I said the same. But I learned a lot about my walk alongside my spiritual sibs.
Star Wars. Charlie Brown. Rugrats? What's your favorite Christmas special?
Let's play a game and talk about Christmas.If you can, please leave a review and rating.
Episode 36: Chapter X

Episode 36: Chapter X


One word...Snikt
Episode 35: Mimic Him

Episode 35: Mimic Him


Remember Calvin Rankin? No? Well, get to know him this week as well as how we can mimic his abilities for Christ.
We all need a place to grow in who we are. Let's be thankful for it.
We have heard from the heroes. Let's check in on the X-Villians. Or maybe an Ex-Villian. It's time to look at temptation and the Unstoppable Juggernaut!
This week, The Gospel According to The X-Men continues and we step out of the ink and paper and onto the silver screen and chat about falling short
Remember Joseph? No, not the technicolor dream coat guy. The one who could manipulate the magnetic fields around him. No? Well sit back and let's see what he has to do with giving it to God!
The third in the Gospel According to the X-Men Series is here! Let's chat about the kindness of strangers and Ororo Monroe! Remember to leave a review if you can. You can also send Lem a review to
There's a fire shut up in Gmbits Bones. Confused? you won't be after the second of our 10 part Xmen devo series.
Join Lem as we chat about our favorite Weschester Mutants, The Xmen!
Come on In, come on in, come on in. This week we talk about control. The game and the power over Lem's nightmare character, Smeagol!
It's rough. it's raw. It's two Christian gamers with very little clue as to what they are doing other than chatting about headshots and Jesus. This week we give you a long form show with Lem and Lucas!
This week Lem chats about how God encourages us to take the Spider-Man approach to failure.Proverbs 24:16 :For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again,but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes
This week Lem talks about the complexity of Marvel's Avengers and how that relates to our prayer time.Matthew 6:6:But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
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