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Author: @BadGamerElite

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God, games and geekery is a series of devotionals about the crossroads of our faith & gaming. @BadGamerElite, an average joe who loves God and video games, will share his insights about the two and how they relate to each other and the human experience.
78 Episodes
LIVE FROM LIFEST!BGE gets to chat with Gabe Patillo about "In all things".
Who is ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new with friends?! Me either. But let's talk to the Lifest Volunteer Coordinator, Britta, about it
Like to laugh? Let's chat with CODGER!Xp2ik5cHS8h7lM64IXby
Oh's a long one but oh so much fun with Bryson & Grayson!
We welcome the master of genuine compliments, Ed Placencia of Twitch, Married to the Games, and Foot in the Door fame.
Ever feel stuck in your faith?  Me too. Let's talk about it.
Happy New Year! It's time to make some plans...or is it?
This ain't no end-of-year clip show baby! (It almost was though...) Find out more in Episode 63 of God, Games & Geekery!
Later this month our US fam will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  But how is this applied to our geeky lives?
I'm not the only one freaked out by Gollum, right? He's scary. This month we get to chat with david_Keychain about the response we should have to fear.
We get to chat with one of the coolest cats I met in Tennessee about ...well...just listen.
Ok...good news. Double guests this month. Bad news... my local audio got all messed up. Sooooo...LET"S GOOOO!
Episode 58: QQ YAY!

Episode 58: QQ YAY!


I just got owned by a 12 year old as Widowmaker and his little brother out Marvel Trivia'd me last week.  But hey, we are supposed to rejoice, right? ...RIGHT?
Episode 57: 1 UP

Episode 57: 1 UP


Let's learn about new life and alive days!
All of us have experienced the feeling of bullying, even if we don't want to admit it. Today we chat with some wise counsel on the subject and learn about how we can Biblically seek that wise council.
Is it luck, skill or a blessing? This episode we get to chat with Smallgenie about it. Also I miss scatter arrows.
Ever have someone you just don't vibe with on your squad? too.
THE Harlem Knite Joins us this month!
What has Lem been up to?  Well, let's check-in and chat with Scott Higa, The Christian Nerd, about how our Bad Gamer Elite could and should else:
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