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All of us have experienced the feeling of bullying, even if we don't want to admit it. Today we chat with some wise counsel on the subject and learn about how we can Biblically seek that wise council.
Is it luck, skill or a blessing? This episode we get to chat with Smallgenie about it. Also I miss scatter arrows.
Ever have someone you just don't vibe with on your squad? too.
THE Harlem Knite Joins us this month!
What has Lem been up to?  Well, let's check-in and chat with Scott Higa, The Christian Nerd, about how our Bad Gamer Elite could and should else:
Episode 51: GGs Thnx

Episode 51: GGs Thnx


How do we say thanks when the payload was just one big Parade float all the way to the destination. Or when The Vicyoy Royale was snatched from us? Let's see what the Bible says as well as Lucas Ham Swisher from The Good Morning Guys.
Episode 049: QQ Noob

Episode 049: QQ Noob


Are you a noob? Of course you are! Us too...Let's talk about it.
We all have asked the question.... Thank you Bethany for helping us look for answers.
Coming (mostly) from Tennesee, let's chat about worry!
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Episode 43: Dogwater

Episode 43: Dogwater


Dogwater. Ever heard that term? Ever think that it might be you? Let's check to see if it's true.
Welcome to the new format! Let us know what you think in a review or email your host at
The book, the movie and God's kingdom. Let's Go!
How did we miss that!? Its just makes sense.
Fortnite!? Come on man! I said the same. But I learned a lot about my walk alongside my spiritual sibs.
Star Wars. Charlie Brown. Rugrats? What's your favorite Christmas special?
Let's play a game and talk about Christmas.If you can, please leave a review and rating.
Episode 36: Chapter X

Episode 36: Chapter X


One word...Snikt
Episode 35: Mimic Him

Episode 35: Mimic Him


Remember Calvin Rankin? No? Well, get to know him this week as well as how we can mimic his abilities for Christ.
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