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01:21 Leonie and TetraLogical06:28 State of accessibility13:34 Screen readers19:38 AI-generated alts27:33 Specs interoperability38:22 Missing UI patterns49:21 State of ARIA specsHostsLéonie WatsonBruce LawsonVadim MakeevLeonie and TetraLogicalLéonie’s blogLéonie on MastodonLéonie on LinkedInTetraLogicalState of accessibilityARIA Authoring Practices GuideScreen readersJAWSNVDAVoiceOverAI-generated altsThoughts on screen readers and image recognitionSpecs interoperabilityHTML: The search elementMissing UI patternsOpen UIState of ARIA specsARIA in HTML
01:32 Cats and View Transitions10:28 Design and inspiration21:43 Browser support32:27 Use cases and future proofing41:22 Shopify and cake jokesHostsJake ArchibaldBruce LawsonVadim MakeevJake on socialsJake on MastodonJake on TwitterJake’s blogCats and View TransitionsMissing cat thread on TwitterSmooth and simple transitions with the View Transitions APIDesign and inspirationGoogle I/O: Bringing page transitions to the webView Transitions API at WICGBrowser supportCan I use: View Transitions APIDelightful UI Animations With Shared Element Transitions APIUse cases and future proofingAdding a simple View Transition to an MPAShopify and cake jokesMadeira cake recipe
01:44 Lea’s hats in 19.3 seconds11:16 What is the W3C TAG24:05 CSSWG, TC39, and others33:36 WHATWG, W3C, and WebDX46:19 Family, SVG, and named colorsHostsLea VerouBruce LawsonVadim MakeevLea’s hats in 19.3 secondsLea on MastodonLea on TwitterLea’s blogWhat is the W3C TAGW3C TAGCSSWG, TC39, and othersCSSWGTC39WHATWG, W3C, and WebDXWHATWGWebDX Community GroupFamily, SVG, and named colorsChris LilleyColor.js
00:01:19 Thomas and the Fugu project00:10:48 Partners and priorities00:17:13 Mozilla’s and Apple’s positions00:36:38 Support realms00:50:59 Web vs native competition01:02:46 Fugu’s future plansHostsThomas SteinerBruce LawsonVadim MakeevThomas and the Fugu projectThomas on MastodonThomas on TwitterThomas’ blogFugu landing pagePartners and prioritiesFugu API ShowcaseBlink Shipping ProcessFugu Shipping ProcessMozilla’s and Apple’s positionsMozilla Standards PositionsWebKit Standards PositionsIE legacy APIsSupport realmsWeb Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOSBopPad by Keith McMillenWeb vs native competitionCapacitorSVGcodeFugu’s future plansFugu API TrackerIsolated Web Apps Explainer
01:52 Origins or Apple browser ban11:04 The reasons behind the ban24:04 Browser engines preparations31:38 Possibility of malicious complianceHostsAlex RussellBruce LawsonVadim MakeevLinksAlex Russell on MastodonAlex Russell on TwitterChecking out and building Chromium for iOSSafari 16.4 Is An AdmissionBrowser Choice Must MatterRectums in Apple Healthkit
00:00 Intro01:16 Alex at Microsoft13:39 Dojo history lesson20:16 The case against React36:24 Why companies choose ReactHostsAlex RussellBruce LawsonVadim MakeevLinksAlex Russell on MastodonAlex Russell on TwitterWhat Does My Site Cost?The Market for LemonsThe Performance Inequality Gap, 2023A Management Maturity Model for Performance
00:44 Browser choice on iOS15:50 Why should we care?24:51 What Apple’s doing?33:06 Developers are disappointed38:56 Next steps and possible futureHostsStuart LangridgeBruce LawsonVadim MakeevLinksTalking to the Competition and Markets Authority about AppleBrowser choice on Apple’s iOS: privacy and security aspectsSet Safari free!Briefing to the UK CMA on Apple’s iOS browser monopoly and PWAiOS Engine Choice In Depth by Alex Russel
01:12 Theme-color and extensions in Safari 1514:24 Testing a11y in React Native app24:40 You can :has pseudo classHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevTheme-color and extensions in Safari 15Safari 15 Beta Release NotesWebKit Features in Safari at WWDC21Design for Safari 15Meet Safari Web Extensions on iOSThe web developer’s toolkitTesting a11y in React Native appFacebook roadmap to improve a11yRandom tipsReact Native to webYou can :has pseudo classCan I :has()Meet :has, A Native CSS Parent Selector
02:04 Susy and Sass15:38 CSS Layers22:46 CSS compatibility33:44 Container QueriesHostsMiriam SuzanneBruce LawsonVadim MakeevSusy and SassSusySass ModulesMiriam’s websiteCSS LayersThe famous tweet with 3 specsCSS Cascade LayersCSS compatibilityEric Meyer on The F-WordContainer QueriesContainer Queries explainerContainer Queries: a Quick Start GuidePolyfill for Container QueriesCSS Scoping
00:40 Eric in Igalia07:50 What’s coming22:54 CSS Nesting34:34 Cascading LayersHostsEric MeyerBruce LawsonVadim MakeevEric in IgaliaFirst Day at IgaliaWeek OneIgaliaWhat’s comingFocus-visible in WebKitCSS Working Group DraftsCSS NestingCSS Nesting Module (2020)CSS Nesting Module (2015)Chromium issueCascading LayersCSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 5
01:01 Safari extensions model12:37 Cascading layers of CSS20:07 What’s new in WCAG 3HostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevSafari extensions modelSafari 14 added WebExtensions support. So where are the extensions?Submitting and Distributing a Safari App ExtensionCascading layers of CSSCascade Layers, a ProposalCSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 5What’s new in WCAG 3WCAG 3 IntroductionW3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0
00:43 Browser detection05:25 User Agent freeze12:43 Possible consequences21:08 A right to replyHostsJames RosewellBruce LawsonBrowser detection51DegreesA Browser Sniffing Warning: The Trouble With Acid3 and TinyMCEUser Agent freezeIntent to Deprecate and Freeze: The User-Agent stringBuilding a privacy-first future for web advertisingBBC coverage of CMA and User-AgentsPossible consequencesMarketers for an Open Web response to the CMA’s investigation into Google’s Privacy SandboxW3C TPAC Session on User-AgentA right to replyWhy can’t supply chains be trusted on the web?
00:34 We’re back03:41 Chrome 88 beta17:36 The grand unificationHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevWe’re backYaTalks 2020Chrome 88 betaChrome 88 beta release notesDeclarative Shadow DOM at Web.DevVadim’s Declarative Shadow DOM demoThe grand unificationThe Grand Unification Proposal (CSSWG)The Grand Unification of Web Technologies (full version)Why it’s good for users that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages
00:58 Mozilla layoffs11:38 Modals and focus20:34 AVIF image format29:14 AdBlock Plus lawsuitHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevMozilla layoffsChanging world, changing MozillaThe cult of the free must dieModals and focusModal by Filament GroupModal from WAI-ARIA Authoring PracticesHaving an open dialogAVIF image formatThe new next-gen image compression formatAVIF support in Chrome 85Squoosh with AVIF supportAdBlock Plus lawsuitInside Axel Springer’s war with AdBlock PlusAd Blocker Developer Summit
00:56 Brian and Igalia05:42 Features overview16:27 Why devs should pay24:07 JavaScript and other ideas28:25 MathML and corporate supportHostsBrian KardellBruce LawsonVadim MakeevBrian and IgaliaOpen prioritization and advocacyCrowdfunding Web platform features with Open PrioritizationContributions to Web platform interoperabilityFeatures overviewImplementing selector list argument of :not() in ChromeOpen Prioritization and CSS ContainmentIgalia’s contribution to the Mozilla project and Open PrioritizationUnlocking ColorsWhy devs should payPicture element implementation in BlinkJavaScript and other ideasCompilers and programming languagesTC39MathML and corporate supportMathML in Chromium
01:20 Apple vs. EU17:03 News for form slappers28:51 Where’s Houdini39:12 Browser bugs and Web compatHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevApple vs. EUCommission opens investigations into Apple’s App Store rulesEU’s Apple suit bares tech’s global antitrust threatApple threatens to move Basecamp’s new email app to trashNews for form slappersThe form attributeForm design patternsHTML5 AccessibilityWhere’s HoudiniCSS HoudiniIs Houdini ready yet‽CSS Canvas DrawingBrowser bugs and Web compatHow to file a good browser bugWeb Compat
00:57 Resilience in the time of COVID13:15 HTML nesting rules25:30 Masonry layout32:15 Web We WantHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevResilience in the time of COVIDLooking at and nailsWeb Sites as ‘Public Accommodation’ under a PandemicEnsure your website is available and usable for everyone during COVID-19HTML nesting rulesHTML living standardCan I IncludeMasonry layoutDoes masonry belong in the CSS Grid specification?Masonry layout proposal to CSSWGDev.OperaWeb We WantThe Web We Want survey results
01:46 Chrome 81: badging, MIDI, Fugu07:27 Firefox 75: lazy loading, clamp13:36 The future of HTML forms25:41 Gaps in Safari release notes29:56 Webdev glossary, a11y for designersHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevChrome 81: badging, MIDI, FuguNew in Chrome 81BopPad by Keith McMillenFirefox 75: lazy loading, clampFirefox 75: Ambitions for AprilThe future of HTML formsHTML isn’t done! by Nicole Sullivan, Greg WhitworthCan we please style the <select> control?! by Greg WhitworthHaving an open dialog by Scott O’HaraPolyfill for :focus-visible by Rob DodsonGaps in Safari release notesCan I use: Gap in Grid LayoutWebKit: Rename gutter properties to remove "grid-" prefixSafari release notesWebdev glossary, a11y for designersMy new book covering about 2,000 key terms for developers by Jens MeiertAccessibility for UX designers by Frozen Rockets
02:02 Npm and GitHub08:39 Closing HTML tags19:19 Disappearing User-Agent27:36 Safari vs PWAHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevNpm and GitHubNpm is joining GitHub, Nat FriedmanThe economics of open source, C J SilverioThe Entropic Package ManagerClosing HTML tagsStop using closing tags for the HTML elements, Tab AtkinsHTML Living Standard: Optional TagsThe future of loading CSS, Jake ArchibaldDisappearing User-AgentMy findings after browsing the web without a UA header for one week, Šime VidasSafari vs PWAFull Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More, John WilanderApple just killed Offline Web Apps, Aral BalkanApple’s attack on service workers, Jeremy Keith
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