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Author: Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

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Front-end podcast by Bruce Lawson and Vadim Makeev.
6 Episodes
00:58 Mozilla layoffs11:38 Modals and focus20:34 AVIF image format29:14 AdBlock Plus lawsuitHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevMozilla layoffsChanging world, changing MozillaThe cult of the free must dieModals and focusModal by Filament GroupModal from WAI-ARIA Authoring PracticesHaving an open dialogAVIF image formatThe new next-gen image compression formatAVIF support in Chrome 85Squoosh with AVIF supportAdBlock Plus lawsuitInside Axel Springer’s war with AdBlock PlusAd Blocker Developer Summit
00:56 Brian and Igalia05:42 Features overview16:27 Why devs should pay24:07 JavaScript and other ideas28:25 MathML and corporate supportHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevBrian KardellBrian and IgaliaOpen prioritization and advocacyCrowdfunding Web platform features with Open PrioritizationContributions to Web platform interoperabilityFeatures overviewImplementing selector list argument of :not() in ChromeOpen Prioritization and CSS ContainmentIgalia’s contribution to the Mozilla project and Open PrioritizationUnlocking ColorsWhy devs should payPicture element implementation in BlinkJavaScript and other ideasCompilers and programming languagesTC39MathML and corporate supportMathML in Chromium
01:20 Apple vs. EU17:03 News for form slappers28:51 Where’s Houdini39:12 Browser bugs and Web compatHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevApple vs. EUCommission opens investigations into Apple’s App Store rulesEU’s Apple suit bares tech’s global antitrust threatApple threatens to move Basecamp’s new email app to trashNews for form slappersThe form attributeForm design patternsHTML5 AccessibilityWhere’s HoudiniCSS HoudiniIs Houdini ready yet‽CSS Canvas DrawingBrowser bugs and Web compatHow to file a good browser bugWeb Compat
00:57 Resilience in the time of COVID13:15 HTML nesting rules25:30 Masonry layout32:15 Web We WantHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevResilience in the time of COVIDLooking at and nailsWeb Sites as ‘Public Accommodation’ under a PandemicEnsure your website is available and usable for everyone during COVID-19HTML nesting rulesHTML living standardCan I IncludeMasonry layoutDoes masonry belong in the CSS Grid specification?Masonry layout proposal to CSSWGDev.OperaWeb We WantThe Web We Want survey results
01:46 Chrome 81: badging, MIDI, Fugu07:27 Firefox 75: lazy loading, clamp13:36 The future of HTML forms25:41 Gaps in Safari release notes29:56 Webdev glossary, a11y for designersHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevChrome 81: badging, MIDI, FuguNew in Chrome 81BopPad by Keith McMillenFirefox 75: lazy loading, clampFirefox 75: Ambitions for AprilThe future of HTML formsHTML isn’t done! by Nicole Sullivan, Greg WhitworthCan we please style the <select> control?! by Greg WhitworthHaving an open dialog by Scott O’HaraPolyfill for :focus-visible by Rob DodsonGaps in Safari release notesCan I use: Gap in Grid LayoutWebKit: Rename gutter properties to remove "grid-" prefixSafari release notesWebdev glossary, a11y for designersMy new book covering about 2,000 key terms for developers by Jens MeiertAccessibility for UX designers by Frozen Rockets
02:02 Npm and GitHub08:39 Closing HTML tags19:19 Disappearing User-Agent27:36 Safari vs PWAHostsBruce LawsonVadim MakeevNpm and GitHubNpm is joining GitHub, Nat FriedmanThe economics of open source, C J SilverioThe Entropic Package ManagerClosing HTML tagsStop using closing tags for the HTML elements, Tab AtkinsHTML Living Standard: Optional TagsThe future of loading CSS, Jake ArchibaldDisappearing User-AgentMy findings after browsing the web without a UA header for one week, Šime VidasSafari vs PWAFull Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More, John WilanderApple just killed Offline Web Apps, Aral BalkanApple’s attack on service workers, Jeremy Keith
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