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Bobsleds & Banthas - A Disneyland and Star Wars Podcast
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Bobsleds & Banthas - A Disneyland and Star Wars Podcast

Author: Scott Storm & Aaron Robbins

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Here you enter a podcast about yesterday, fantasy, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Bobsleds & Banthas is a weekly podcast about the wonder of Disneyland, Star Wars and whatever other intellectual property the Walt Disney Co. owns. Join former cast member Scott Storm and Disneyland podcasting veteran Aaron “Absolute Humidity” Robbins for fun and fantastic conversations about attractions, park memories, imagineering, storytelling, food, reviews and trip reports.
98 Episodes
In this the 97th edition of Bobsleds and Banthas Aaron Absolute and Kennedy the Mouskateenager recount their recent two day trip to Disneyand in what was being called California's Blizzard of the Century, Dun DUn Duuun!  After digging into some light news and recreating recent influencer drama via a rap battle, Aaron and Kennedy remember the Food, Attractions and Weather from their recent trip, talk about the the trouble with rain at Disneyland and what makes magic during a storm.
On this much delayed episode of “The Most Missed Disney and Nostalgia-Based Podcast on the Internet,” Scott finds some podcasting equipment in a moving box and is joined by the Banthateenager, himself, for a Storm-centric show to discuss moving from California to the Midwest, a Disneyland trip report, and their first impressions of Avengers Campus and Galaxy’s Edge. Is Bobsleds back after a long haitus? Has Aaron been replaced? Did the Bantha Boys have to resort to a Cousin Oliver tactic to keep listeners? All this and more will be revealed on this episode!
On this long awaiting episode of Bobsleds and Banthas hosts Scott and Aaron talk about Aaron’s recent trip to Universal Studios, why the green seats on Waterworld are a lie and how Scott’s wife found herself in uncharted waters. We also discucss where we’ve been the last 4 weeks and talk about the future of Bobsleds and Banthas.
On this episode Scott and Aaron talk about 1994, the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Reboot, a Mom reveals how her daughter was stopped from hugging Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland, World of Color and Fantasmic! are back, First Reviews For Disney’s Expensive New Star Wars Hotel Are In, And They’re All Over The Galaxy and in the main segment tackle the question does DCA deserve a full day.
On this episode of the best podcast called Bobsleds & Banthas, Scott & Aaron discuss how Bob Chapek isn’t going anywhere after Disney’s last earnings call, how you can wake up and work out in the Happiest Place on Earth, the shoe-horned synergy of Disney’s questionable Galactic Starcruiser, and the new trailers from Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, and Jurassic Park: Dominion.Then the Bantha Boys get into the Book of Boba Fett and try to make sense of a series seemingly predicated on a series of Truth or Dare challenges at Lucasfilm.Thanks for listening with your eyes! We love making this show and hope you love listening to it. Please be sure to give us a like or review to help others find us and be sure to check out other places to join fellow Banthateers!
On this episode of Bobsleds and Banthas we uncover a host of news from around the Disneyland Resort including a private party you can have in Toon Town, changes to Downtown Disney and the upcoming investor call that probably doesn’t mean big changes at Disneyland. After that we talk about Star Wars Special Editions and memories of being a Star Wars fan before they came out… and ruined everything.
On this episode of the Disneyland and Star Wars podcast Bobsleds and Banthas Scott and Aaron discuss a Disney travel planners tips on 8 things you should always brings to a Disney Park and 3 things you shouldn’t. Cookie time returns before the host dive into the 4 problems fans are currently experiencing with the Disney Parks and how to fix them.
On this episode the Bantha Boys talk about the super elite totally private completely club 33 like area of Disney’s California Adventure coming soon for magic key holders and Boba Fett thinks he talks to much, then Aaron and Scoot who definitely talk too much ring in the new near with their 2022 resolutions for media, merchandise and theme parks.
On this very special episode of the best Disneyland Podcasts by the name Bobsleds and Banthas Scott and Aaron host the first annual Sleddie Awards Part 2 because the first part got messed up. Find out what content made the Banthas best of in 2021. Also we talk Bob Chapek’s salary, the Figment popcorn bucket the Moon Knight trailer.
On Episode 88 of the Disneyland Podcast Bobsleds and Banthas hosts Scott and Aaron talk about Bob Chapek’s pillars meme his love COVID; Pixar’s Turning Blue; The monorail mystery emerges and the hosts exchange much belated gifts before diving into the biggest hits and misses of 2021.
On this episode of the Bobsleds and Banthas Holiday Overlay, Nogsleds and Santas, Scott and Aaron talk about Aaron’s most favoritest winter movie of all time, The Snowball Express. Learn the difference between Dean Jones and Dean Cain, how to run a Donkey Engine and what 11 years of insurance industry knowledge can teach you about running a ski resort on this fantastically funny episode of Bobsleds. Also on this episode, Snowman, and some news from Disney+ and the Disneyland Resort.
On this episode of Bobsleds and Banthas holiday overlay episode, Nogsleds and Santas, Scott and Aaron talk about continued trouble with the Star Wars Hotel before getting into real gifts you can purchase for your Disney and Star Wars fan and a few made up ones that possibly you’ll be able to purchase when you wish upon a Star Wars.
On the first episode of Bobsleds and Banthas Holiday Overlay Nogsleds and Santas, Scott and Aaron discuss what the rules for Christmas movies are while tackling a list of some of their most loved and most hated Christmas films. As always there is a host of Disneyland news and lots of fun holiday banter.
On this episode of Bobsleds and Banthas Scott and Aaron head to the theater to review Ghostbusters Afterlife, don’t worry they find a way to talk about Disney and Star Wars too. Also on this episode the Mousekateenager gives her thoughts on Ghostbusters and sings a short ballad to the debut appearance of the Banthateenager.
On this jingle-rific episode of Bobsleds and Banthas everyone’s best Disneyland podcast about Star Wars Scott and Aaron talk about the Minecraft/WDW Partnership and Toontown Redesign is coming, Star Wars Rogue Squadron is not happening, DeVine returns at Animal Kingdom, It’s a small world is under water and Holiday festivities return to Disneyland. We then give a review of Disney Plus day hits and missed and a short spoiler free review ofShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
On this episode Scott and Aaron talk about the Book of Boba Fett trailer, the Home Alone: This Time More Homey, trailer, Disney plus day and then we recount the Robbins recent trip to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure including their stay at the Grand Californian.
A Quick Hello

A Quick Hello


We took the week off so Aaron could visit Disneyland. Here is what’s coming up on Bobsleds and Banthas.
Scott and Aaron are joined by Mark Andrada from the We Like Theme Parks podcast to talk about the Highschool Musical inspired teen zombie movie, Disney’s Z-O-M-B-I-E-S! We also talk about Disney raising prices for Disneyland, The Main Street Electrical Parade may be coming back, Hayden Christensen shows up in ANOTHER Star Wars show;Lightning Lane launches in Florida, and we get a peak what a guaranteed spot in line will cost you.
On this episode Scott and Aaron review all of Disney’s Haunted attractions from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion to Mystic Manor in Hong Kong, before that the Banthas Boys discuss, Zombie Captain American in the parks, Lighting Lane specifics, Tinker Bell’s pineapple preference and why Inside the Magic is making us feel more and more outside the realm of reasonable, its a spooktacular edition of Bobsleds and Banthas that you wont want to miss.
On this episode of the Disneyland and Star Wars podcast Bobsleds and Banthas host Scott and Aaron discuss and give mini reviews of the 2003 horror bore comedy Haunted Mansion film starring Eddie Murphy and the newly released Muppets Haunted Mansion where On Halloween night, Gonzo is challenged to spend one night in a Disneyland inspired Haunted Mansion. In the news we talk about Universal Studios vs Disney and what you will be allowed to pay to wait in line for at Disneyland.