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The Lookout Sea Scout Podcast

Author: Joshua Gilliland

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The Lookout is the Sea Scout Podcast Network featuring two shows: Reef Points, focusing on programs and activities for Sea Scouts BSA; and Man Overboard, a discussion podcast between Sea Scouts about their adventures on the water. The duties of a vessel's lookout are to keep a continuous watch of the sea. Our Lookout is here to report on activities for Sea Scouts and maritime opportunities for youth. The Lookout Sea Scout Podcast is maintained by the National Sea Scout Support Committee.
24 Episodes
“Your host Chris DeBetta has a conversation with Katie Notbohm about working with Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing and the importance of visibility [the blue uniform].”
Jack Lehmann shares his recap of Winterfest 2024.
Nick discusses the upcoming National Virtual Sea Scout Academy and his involvement in making it happen.
Join us for an interview with 2023-2024 National Boatswain Evan Nazareth, where he shares his Scouting adventures.
Immediate Past National Boatswain Cassidy Christian (2021-2022) interviewed National Boatswain Jewell Norris (2022-2023) for her Scouting adventures, from her Trail to Eagle, to her paddlesports SEAL course, and goals for her term.
The Lookouts Podcast interviewed the Sea Scouts from the Decisive on Kauai.
National Boatswain Aven and National Boatswain-Elect Cassidy sat down to discuss their Sea Scout adventures, their experiences earning Eagle, and the future of Sea Scouts BSA.
What is Sea Scouts like in Puerto Rico? Our host Jennifer held a Zoom call with a Sea Scout Ship in Puerto Rico to discuss their activities and adventures. This entire interview is in Spanish. Here is a translation of the transcript in English: Jenifer: Hi, everyone. Hello everyone. Welcome to the Lookout podcast Reef Point Check. For today's episode we have Sea Scouts of Puerto Rico. We have Ship 192 here, which is from the Puerto Rico council and I am so excited to have them here....
Sea Scouts Cassidy and Harvey Zoom with SR Area 3 Boatswain Georgie to discuss how Ship 1701 planned successful activities after stay-at-home orders were issue because of Covid-19.
The following interview with Donald Blum of Sea Scout Ship Gryphon in the Pacific Skyline Council was originally recorded on September 25, 2011 for the Sea Scout Centennial. Donald Blum has been in Scouting since he was a Cub Scout in 1937. He is a Quartermaster Sea Scout who joined the Sea Scout Ship Challenger in 1944. Mr. Blum has been a Skipper, a Mate, a Council Vice Commodore, and Council Commodore. Join us to hear Mr. Blum share his sea stories from the San Mateo Council, which me...
Ron and Jordyn sat down with National VOA President Tyler Grey and National VOA Vice President Samantha Troiano to discuss Scouting, cooking at VenturingFest, and sporks.
William Riley grew up as a Sea Explorer from Maryland. Mr. Riley is now a commercial marine surveyor after spending twenty years as a U. S. Coast Guard officer. Izzy and Harvey visited with Mr. Riley on his career for a discussion on vessel safety.
Bob Johnson grew up in Sea Scouts in San Diego before World War II. His Sea Scout Ship was on the Star of India, a museum ship that is still active today. Mr. Johnson shared his sea stories of sailing to Antarctica on multiple tall ships and other adventures at sea.
Ron and Jordyn host Sea Scouts from Trinidad to hear their sea stories.
Skipper Ken Shupe is the only SEAL instructor who took SEAL as a youth. Martha and Izzy sat down with Skipper Shupe to discuss how to prepare for SEAL, what to expect, and how SEAL can help Sea Scouts.
The Man Overboard hosts sit down with the incoming Northeast and Central Region Boatswains to discuss their Sea Scout adventures and their upcoming terms.
Sea Scouts Martha and Izzy discuss the history of the Boatswain's Pipe, types of calls, and tips on making Boatswain's Pipe Lanyards.
Skipper Robin Pope shares on the water safety tips about kayaking.
Dawn Riley is a legend in the sailing world. She was a Sea Scout in Sea Explorer Ship 147 of North Star Sail Club in Harrison Charter Township, Michigan during the 1980’s. She has sailed in the Whitbread race; she is the first woman ever to manage an America’s Cup team; first American to sail in four America’s Cups and two Whitbread Round the World races; served as the President of the Women’s Sports Foundation (2003-2004); serves on the board of the U.S. Sailing Association; and is the Execu...
Martha and Izzy explore Sea Scout history by reading the 1912 logbook of the Pioneer, first Sea Scout Ship, and the Sea Scout Ship Porpoise from 1936. It is a dive into Sea Scout cruises and activities from Sea Scouts in Boston from an earlier time.