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Author: Jessica Mogilka

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Jessica Mogilka explores commercial and corporate real estate and the businesses that use it. She has conversations with smart people about the trends and latest thinking that affects your office space. Join the conversation! Send feedback! Find Jessica on LinkedIN or
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Ryan Severino, JLL's Chief Economist, joined me to discuss where his crystal ball is telling him the economy is going, when and what that means for the real estate market and decision making.   His crystal ball is made of data models and lots of math that he uses to predict when the economy is going to get moving again and what that means for real estate markets.  And it's good news, folks.  Ryan believes we are entering a six month time of risk and continued uncertainty - but the economy has already started to grow, and that means for real estate markets, we are in a period of opportunity.  
Welcome to my first solo-cast.  I riff on an interview with Ryan Severino and bring it into a shorter form episode about office real estate with a Twin Cities focus.  It's just me connecting the dots from what what I'm seeing in the Twin Cities market and the big economic talk. Check out the solo-cast if you are interested in: Twin Cities Market office update What I'm seeing /what companies are doingConnecting to the macro economic outlook What does that mean you should do now? ((HINT:  The big picture according to @ryan is POSITIVE!))((HINT:  It means that now is a time of opportunity))Questions?  Reach out to me on LinkedIN: 
Welcome to the first in a new series I'm launching on the The Fly Through called - "Corporate Real Estate Leaders" where I talk with people on the corporate side of the real estate equation.  These are the leaders that sit on the inside of companies, that are the key folks who guide their companies strategic real estate direction, execution, oversee expansion and contraction.   The first Corporate Real Estate Leader I had the honor to interview has been in real estate her entire career, and has a facilitating career track - from the Target Real Estate machine to the last 9 years as a Director of Real Estate at Canadian Pacific.  Fast moving cutting edge retail to 150 year old railroad.   Needless to say, it made for great conversation.  Kristine was a fun and great first guest for this series - and I'm thrilled to welcome her.  If you enjoy these interviews and want to hear more, please recommend this to your friends and rate The Fly Through on iTunes - it actually does help.  Please welcome, Kristine Williams with Canadian Pacific to The Fly Through.  
Jon Commers , mountains of data and why he's not too worried (yet) about AI taking over the human side of data analytics. Jon is the founder and CEO of Visible City - they take various piles of the data out in the world and help make sense of it for companies in the physical and built environment.  His team helps companies make data driven decisions and is answering the 'so what' question - adding that human interpretation of data points to drive towards answers and decisions and not just another data point. Where the world of data is going, cutting edge trends that might make every space a usable space anytime and how data and analytics might change or support the crazy accelerated trends out there in the world. Show Notes and Links: Tulsa Remote Link - $$ to relocate to Tulsa and work remotely:  Dror Poleg's book: Rethinking Real Estate Sidewalk Labs Toronto:  Toronto case with Google’s Sidewalk LabsJon's Contact information: 
The Highland Bridge - the Ford Site Redevelopment in St Paul, MN - is 122 acres of a mixed use vision created over the last 15 years.   The Ryan Companies made the smart move and hired Maureen Michalski, a woman with a long resume in Twin Cities development to shepherd this one thru the complexities of developing a massive site with literally dozens of stakeholders and partners. Maureen Michalski joined me to talk about the history and nuts and bolts of a true mixed use development - adding 3800 housing units and associated retail, parks, civic.  She gives us a Master Class in developing a massive project and gives an overview of how we got here and where we're going on the biggest redevelopment in the Twin Cities right now.Links: Ryan's Site: Paul's Site: 
Investors and building owners: How will the business model of buildings evolve?   Ben Munn, JLL's leader of Flex joins me to discuss how flexibility can manifest in so many different ways in a corporate real estate portfolio for a company thru to flexibility and operating buildings as an owner and investor.  The future of Flex isn't only co-working, but it is a piece of it so we talk about that too.   A few links: LINK to JLL's Report:  COVID Impact Flexible Space:   LINK to blog post that started co-working :   LINK to NYT article in 2008 describing a new phenomenon called co-working:  LINK to one of the world's largest Flexible space operators, IWG: 
Megan joined me to discuss one of the more pressing topics we see right now in commercial real estate - the future of the workplace.  That really manifests as an exploration of the thought process: So I think I need an office; but some people are going to stay home, some days, some in the office." Megan links the theoretic theory of the future of workplace to the real, actual planning and work that goes into deciding what to do with your office in 2020 and beyond.  I learned so much talking Megan, and I love her perspective from working with +300 different companies (and counting) on exactly these questions.  Her knowledge and poise makes this one of my favorite interviews.  Notes: Link to SHRM Survey: to Global Office Space Report June 2020: Occupancy Benchmarking Report: She sees about a 10% occupancy/utilization across the companies she is working with as of September 2020:All about the future conversation / planning Mobility Profiles by Worker (slide # 4) :  Outcomes of planning may be different, but the front end process is the same and the front end questions aren't changing.  Outcomes are around flexibility. 
Supply Chain and Logistics and the THREE big trends that JLL's head of Supply Chain and Logistics practice sees in this pandemic world. Rich does a great job of making a topic like supply chain and logistics into a fascinating conversation that is all the more relevant given the spotlight on our  global supply chains (empty store shelves anyone?) recently.  Rich Thompson leads the Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions group at JLL.   Rich was very early practitioner of Supply Chain Management - really as it was being defined as a practice.   I hope you find this conversation as fascinating as I did! Thank you all for coming, you can reach me Jessica Mogilka on LinkedIN or at  Contact:Rich Thompson, Leader of the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions team.  jll.comTop 3 Trends he is seeing now:Risk ManagementE-Commerce accelerationSupply chain network redesign Bonus Trends:  Automation and AICo-botsRegionalization
Casey Shultz, executive director of BetaMN joins me to discuss the world of Start Ups, how BETA incubates the next generation of entrepreneurs and how Casey's life has been intertwined with startup's after growing up in a small town in Alaska.  Casey has been loud and proud about her commitment to diversity and how the start up world (including Silicon Valley) can and must do better.  You can find Casey at and you can find Jessica Mogilka on LinkedIN.  Links to the stuff we talked about: BetaMN.orggener8tor - - Lunar Start Ups - - Desk - 75F -- to reach Casey and Beta: hello@beta.mnBetaMN pledge - Elaine Rathmusen's LinkedIN:  Casey's Favorite Restaurants (although the toddler is hampering her ability to get out much):  Hyacinth on GrandJoe's on the Park is on the list to try! 
Episode 7: Greater MSP

Episode 7: Greater MSP


Format switch today!  Jessica is interviewed by Peter Frosch chief executive officer of GREATER MSP  COVID related impacts on real estate in the Twin Cities and greater metro area.  Peter can be found at: Peter.Frosch@greatermsp.orgYou can find Jessica on LinkedIN at: or send me an email at 
James Cook, JLL Americas Retail researcher joined me for a conversation about what and where and how -- all on retail and what they are facing and how they might recover.  Who is winning?  James has two podcasts of his own - find him on all the podcast players: Where We Buy andBuilding PlacesA big thank you to James for the insightful conversation! You can find me, Jessica Mogilka, on LinkedIN or email me at
Episode 5: Betsy Vohs

Episode 5: Betsy Vohs


I was thrilled to welcome a woman who is one of the hottest designers/architects in Minneapolis. She founded her own firm, Studio BV,  after deciding that she wanted to get back to hands on design work after spending years at a large architecture firm.   Studio BV has been on a tear for 4.5 years where they help companies build their own stories and Studio BV applies those stories to their brand, logos, physical office space, campuses.  Besty Vohs exhibits a joy and a passion for her work that is enviable and contagious; and that shines thru to her many varied projects.  Betsy and her team have designed restaurants, company headquarters for Ever Eve, Digi, and they work on pro-bono projects that feed the soul like Women Winning, a YMCA camp and so much more. We discussed how and why she started her shop, BIG design and how it can change everything and what Betsy sees changing as we transition into that elusive new normal with COVID-19.    You can find Betsy on her webside, .   We recorded this on March 10th, 2020 and if you enjoy hearing from Betsy and the Fly Through, please consider subscribing.   Thank you so much for joining me on The Fly Through. Show Notes: Art and design How Betsy started up Studio BVDesign can change everything // Power of design Evereve officeDigi officeSee Studio BV's work at: Culture and design How offices will change in the post pandemic worldSurfacesClean-abilityTouch-less Cleaning protocols More space, possibly reevaluation of focus work being remote and office is for collaboration BOMA:  Fast and Furious:3 design mistakes that make her cringe3 things she cannot live without 3 places she loves and you should check out! The Foundry Home Goods:  FRGMT: Coffee shop at The Nordic: Art Museum, check out their online stuff: and Fork, Jessica's recommendation:   Covet Consign: 
Please welcome a multi-talented woman to The Fly Through.   She is one of the original architects of the Target Store of Future back in the day, she's a retail expert, owner and creator of the Third Haus - a co-working/community built around retail and the thought leadership of her own podcast, Omni Talk and a website full of great and massively informative content.  In her spare time, she owns 3 gyms and is an all around badass lady.  I was thrilled to talk to Anne Mezzenga on The Fly Through.   We had way too much to talk about, so we focused on how grocery today is a bell weather for what other companies might be experiencing in the not too distant future - implementing technologies, creating safe workplaces for employees and clients, and supply chain challenges.   A note that we recorded this episode on April 8th, 2020 - while shelter in place means that many of us experience the outside world via our trips to the grocery store.  Where to find Ann Mezzenga: Kroger/Ocado video link: Technologies Micro-Fulfillment Center at Sedano's Grocery Store in Miami (this is Anne, filling real orders, seeing this for the first time, super simple to do. Each of the products from the orders arrives in the bins in front of me, and a screen above tells me how many ketchup bottles, for example, to put in the bag, then the bin disappears, and the next one comes down, and the screen tells me how many of the next product to put in the bag.) Sam's Club Now store, Dallas: Haus: Retail Community and Co-working: Don't forget Anne and team's podcast: Omni Talk, you can find it on all your podcast players  Ways you can help your small businesses!!! Keep your subscription/membership goingUse your network to give them shout outs, publicity is a challenge in good timesBuy what you can from them!  Online?  Go for it. Where to find Jessica Mogilka: LinkedIn is easiest: or at JLL:  
Rex Miller joined me to discuss a broad and increasingly important concept of wellness in the work place.  Rex is an expert in ROI, trust building and wellness in the workplace that he discussed in depth in his recent book, The Healthy Workplace Nudge.  His thesis is that truly healthy employees are engaged, proactive, happy and productive - a win win for employers and employees.   We talk about how wellness can be reflected in the built environment and small, thoughtful nudges can help support people's wellness in the workplace.  Please enjoy and hit subscribe to get all the latest and greatest in corporate real estate!  Show Notes:Rex Miller:  www.rexmiller.comNudge Audit - offer from Rex, drop Jessica or Rex a note and he will send it over!WELL Bldg Standard:  NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab): Winds Interactive (FWI):  or search for Rex on  amazon.comQ-12 engagement survey from Gallup: Conference: Mogilka is a tenant rep specialist with JLL based in Minneapolis.Contact her at any of the following:       
Carolyn Bates, JLL Research lead for the Midwest, joined me.  We discussed the soon to be released research for Q1 2020 - remember the time before the pandemic hit?  They still track all that at JLL.  More importantly, we discuss what is happening right about now - March 31st, 2020 that is, and while we aren't forecasting, we can share the conversations that are out there now about real estate and how folks are thinking about it. As a fun follow up we reviewed trends that were definitely trends right around the new year, but are they anymore?    You can find Carolyn Bates at You can find Jessica Mogilka at or 
Max Musicant joined me to discuss creative digital place making when people can't engage in traditional community when being physically together isn't possible.  Find Max at Jessica Mogilka is a tenant rep specialist based in Minneapolis.Contact her at any of the following: 
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