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Author: Y! Africa in partnership with Joy, Inc.

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#WithChude is a special series of targeted multimedia (video, audio, text, event) conversations and investigations that leverage the voice, networks and passions of its host, Chude Jideonwo to underline social issues, raise social consciousness and spark social movements. Focused on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart and spirit, it has been at the frontline of movements around sexual abuse, HIV/AIDs and continues to break new ground - unsettling establishments, holding space for the less powerful and resetting society's attitudes on diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance. It is a project of Y! Africa in partnership with Joy, Inc.
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love is treating a person as you would like to be treated. Love is not about being careless with people, that's sentimentality, and this comes from insecurities.
In Nigerian parlance, we say, "Dem no dey catch late comer", which means that they don't punish people who start things late.  Who cares that you achieved your goals later than your friends? Do you. 
You always have the right to make another choice. We often refuse to change our minds because we are afraid of people judging us. If you made a mistake, you have the right to change your mind.
What matters is not what happens to you but how you react to the things that happen to you.
There is hope for change. There is hope to keep going. 
No one can ever say in this life that a thing can't change, or a young person's voice can matter. The thing about change is that we never know when, where, how. But change is always one more step away. The cynical never make change happen.
Right now, in the midst of #EndSARS, young Nigerians are speaking their truth. But it didn't start today. It started from the time when those oppressed in the past didn't stop speaking their truth.
Life is not about you, that means we are all in this together, you are not alone. It is also about you because whatever actions/decisions you make, you take responsibility for them. 
Most of us already know what to do with our lives - the jobs to quit, relationships to let go of - we are only looking for someone to give us permission to do them. We always need people in our lives who validate us.
No one is entitled to listen to you nor take your advice. Allow them choose. Allow them make their mistakes. Even if you turn out right, your job is to help them generate enough positive energy to move past their mistakes.
Your values are yours. When we come together, we need to have a common ethic. The best ethic to have is the ethic of love.
Everyone has experienced failure in life. It is garbage to say 'failure is not an option'. Don't plan to fail, but know that you can fail, so when it comes, it doesn't catch you off guard. Your best alternative when it comes is to keep it moving.
Whatever happens, you need to give the people around you the assurance that they matter to you. These are little gifts of affirmation.
The only thing that qualifies you as a good person is by doing good things. It's that simple. Do. Good. Things.
No one can promise anyone a trouble-free life. Why are you often disoriented when things happen? You shouldn't be shocked when reality happens.
You don't need to wait for a particular age, time, moment, to get your life started. You can start your life at any time.
As long as you are alive, you can still get it right. No matter how many times you have messed up, as long as you are breathing, you have a grand opportunity to end it better.
Without forgiving yourself, you're going to have a miserable life. In forgiving yourself, you're doing yourself and the world a favour. Forgive yourself.
One of the researchers on emotions said, "emotion is energy in motion." Energy must move. Tears are good. They were given to us for a reason. It will make you feel better and process your emotions in more effective ways.
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Modupe Adebimpe

Thank you Chude and the Joy Inc. Team. You share great and real thoughts in the most simplest form. The sound and the background music is very soothing. Sometimes, I find it hard to process insights from podcasts because my brain does a lot of work trying to process the sound and music alongside the words but this is great. Thanks again!

May 5th
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