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Author: Y! Africa in partnership with Joy, Inc.

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#WithChude is a special series of targeted multimedia (video, audio, text, event) conversations and investigations that leverage the voice, networks and passions of its host, Chude Jideonwo to underline social issues, raise social consciousness and spark social movements.Focused on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart and spirit, it has been at the frontline of movements round sexual abuse, HIV/AIDs and continues to break new ground - unsettling establishments, holding space for the less powerful and resetting society's attitudes on diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance.It is a project of Y! Africa in partnership with Joy, Inc.
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A point of view matters. You can't go through this world without it. Having a point of view, a strong set of beliefs are important. The magic however is being open to other 
If the talking has no purpose but you feed your ego, then it makes sense to conserve your energy. It is good advice to focus on doing more and talking less. 
All you want to do in this life is to find out what are my weaknesses, biases, where am I about to take the wrong turn, etc. You don't do this to judge yourself, but to get better.
You are responsible for the energy you bring to the room. No one else is. You have the power of choice on how you want to show up.
Just trying, constantly, that's what matters. And it is better you try with compassion, self-love, and self-forgiveness. Trying in these ways, is trying better. 
Choose to be authentic. Authenticity comes from a series of choices we make everyday. To be authentic, all you have to do is show up everyday and keep making the choice everyday to be.
Death is inevitable. That is a fact. To fear death is to deprive yourself of the benefits of enjoying the present. There has never been a case where fear prevented the inevitable.
Despite our horrible experiences, we need practise the exercise of gratitude. Some of our tough times were necessary to see us through the life at the time. It is important that we are grateful for our lives.
The reason why many of can't trust is because we haven't done the hard work to set boundaries, create systems, and then let it go. The most suspicious are still being robbed blind.
All you know about the world is not all there is to know about the world. There's so much to learn. We are a piece of the universe, a tiny spec. We are often resistant to new ideas and knowledge in order no to upset our preconceived notions and principles. We could be wrong for all we know.
You need to learn not to get married to your ideas. It shouldn't be difficult to change your mind. You want to be sure that fear is not making you refuse to admit that your first option may be wrong.
When you disagree with something, you should rumble with it, give it space, think about it then make your decision on it. You should supplant your mind with that of someone else because your respect them or they've been right before.
Many of us are so suspicious of sharing our ideas. As you are thinking it, very likely other people are thinking about it too. Idea don't come to us because we are special, what makes the difference is the person that executes it.
When it comes to advice, I am always seeking, listening, asking. When I make great decisions, it is an aggregate of ideas from so many smart people, received, collected and synthesised. 
When you get feedback on something, the pain you feel isn't a real pain, it's a counterfeit pain - the pain your ego tells you exist when actually, nothing is wrong.
Dealing with insecurity is a big deal. But however flawed and imperfect you are, you are more than enough. That's all that matters.
When you have a big weakness, it often lodges in people's minds and it will take a long time before they can change that perception encoded in their memory. What should matter is are you getting better on your journey?
Some problems require deliberation, some require asking for help, some requires leaving it alone, going away for a while and coming back to it. You should learn to journal to track your decisions.
The Harvard Grand Study - studying people for over 75 years - found out the elements of life that makes people truly happy, strong healthy relationships being one of them
Every problem you have is your responsibility to solve, irrespective of who caused it. This is called radical responsibility. 
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Modupe Adebimpe

Thank you Chude and the Joy Inc. Team. You share great and real thoughts in the most simplest form. The sound and the background music is very soothing. Sometimes, I find it hard to process insights from podcasts because my brain does a lot of work trying to process the sound and music alongside the words but this is great. Thanks again!

May 5th
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