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Finding Oneness In Duality

Author: Amanda Joy Loveland & Valerie Seolas

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Real conversations between two friends about how to find oneness in a dualistic world so that we may more fully become our sovereign selves. Did I mention that these are vulnerable, authentic, honest and raw conversations touching on our experiences through mormonism, divorce, depression, bi-polar, being mom's, sex magic... you name it! There is no topic that is off limits! New episodes every Thursday!
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Episode 26.....The dance between co-creation and surrendering to the process of life can be navigated with a sense of curiosity and child like wonderment. Curiosity can put us in the role of observer where we are open to the flow of how things unfold without being attached to the results. This sense of curiosity keeps us from projecting on the future or re-creating  the past. With a sense of curiosity, we can avoid suffering through what we experience. This doesn't mean that we won't experience pain in life, as pain is a somatic experience, however,  we won't get stuck in the pain cycle and suffer through it. Suffering is a choice.All paths lead to Spirit, and all life is an experience. We are powerful creators and our life is an expression of our beliefs, thoughts and choices. What would happen if we maintain a sense of curiosity as we are present in our creation of life? 
Episode 25....In this episode we talk about how our lives are always working for us, despite how it may look or feel and we have so much ability to give meaning to what is showing up. Where we give our attention it grows, and so often we can get caught up in the old patterns and stories and continue to recreate the same thing over and over again. So, where is your attention? Where is your focus? Are you focused on the current dialogue of fear? When you have your energy focused on fear you give your power away. Can we instead lean in to our own sense of power and trust that life is showing up in service to us and trust that whatever is happening in the world and in our country is ultimately working in our favor?  Can we learn to trust in life and our ability to create our reality, rather than to fear what is happening outside of us and give our power away? Alot of Seers and spiritual teachers have been talking about this time as a potential for the  Collective Consciousness to raise in vibration and move from the third Chakra into the forth chakra, or the high heart. This is an opportunity to be open to receive life, receive love and be open to Christ Consciousness. As we move towards the Winter Solstice we can maintain this focus and practice shifting into the heart space and the energy of love. This practice is that of the Divine Feminine energy, which will bring balance and healing to all of us.Can we practice living from the high heart space and lean in to life and receive love?If we are the ultimate creators of our lives, how are you creating the life you want to live?
Episode 24There's a lot of uncertainty and Chaos on the planet right now and a lot of people are feeling ungrounded and unsettled. The foundational processes of our country are being challenged and there's a possibility that things will get worse before they can get better.  Today we offer some ways to lean into our more Feminine energies of sensitivity, intuition, kindness and heart-centered responses and disengage from the forces that are creating division and confusion.  Can we disconnect from the fear-based mentality and instead, go inward to our center and find the peace within our breath, and navigate the chaos from that space? It can be so fascinating when we can let go of the fear, and get out of the analytical mind and instead choose to be in the stilness of the now moment of being completely present. In that space, we can start to experience the beauty that is unfolding. 
Episode 23....Our perception of things affects how we feel and will determine our experience of whatever it is we are moving through in life. "By keeping it simple, you move through life with ease." This doesn't mean that difficult things wont happen in life, it just means that we will navigate them with ease.  Can we let go of the coping skills, trauma responses, and attachment to suffering to experience more joy, ease, and flow that is available to each of us.  We can get so comfortable in our pain, our sorrow and trauma and it can feel uncomfortable to let it go and to be open to experience life with flow, surrender and trust. Can we allow ourselves to remember that we are human, and that we need to feel our feelings, and give time and space for ourselves to move through whatever it is we are feeling, instead of bypassing the painful feelings, storing them in our body and shoving them down? This is a recipe for those emotions to come out and to be expressed in inappropriate ways and at times when we are triggered and feeling unresourced. Coming back to our center, being gentle with ourselves, feeling our feels and sitting with them, without needing to be anything other than what is, is a powerful practice of moving emotions and experiences through our field and then releasing them. Living a 5D life isn't about always being happy and love and light;  it means that we are present in our heart, while feeling our emotions and honoring where we are at. Resourcing ourselves inward, has been the biggest call for this year of 2020, leaning in to our inner truth, our Sovereignty, and trusting what feels right for ourselves. This is the most important tool that we can learn as we navigate through the unknown future and unpredictable outcomes. "I am here now," allows for that larger flow of inspirational energy to come in and inform our inspired action. In the truth of The Now, we can trust that all will be provided as we learn how to be on the path of ease. 
Putting "God" to the test

Putting "God" to the test


Episode 22.....We are continually creating our lives, from an unconscious place, until we learn to identify our stories and how they are writing the script for our lives. In our practice of becoming more conscious, we begin to challenge the power of our stories that are held in the Collective belief systems, our family DNA, and the programming that keeps us in the wounding cycle. "Show me how this gets to be easy" could be a reframe in taking steps to re-evaluate why we are doing things and what we want to create. In our process of becoming conscious creators, how can we be in right relationship in our roles of the masculine and feminine as well as our expression of our Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine? A more Divine Feminine approach encompasses a place of surrender and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in the not knowing.  Pure creation, a Divine Feminine art,  is the practice of surrender, being in the Present moment, which is creating from the unknown. This, coupled with cultivating gratitude for, as well as releasing with love, the challenges that have shaped us into who we are now, begins the healing of wounds that keep us in the cycle of experiencing the same things over and over again. 
Episode 21.....We approach our conversation from a place of Flow today and welcome in inspiration from Spirit. Starting with the Tarot, which set the tone for our conversation, we explore different ways we can stay in our Power as we navigate such turbulent times in our political  climate and uncertainty in our future. The Four of Swords in this Tarot, invites us to move into mental stillness and clarity, disconnect from the outer world and invite in an inner peace. We are POWERful in our ability to be autonomous and sovereign CREATORS, in spite of the outer world. Join us for quick paced and LIGHT conversation, as we move through a variety of things and offer some deeper insights to how we are thriving in a time of deep change.  Our ask for the day is, "When you feel fearful and heavy and pulled into the Illusionary Paradigm, can you ask the Universe to show you the sweetness and lighter side of the shadow?"
In this episode we discuss some possible origins of plant medicine and how their use has been hidden throughout human history. We have a health-care system that has exploited and pushed highly addictive and destructive substances as "medicine" and has criminalized the use of natural, non addictive substances that have the potential to heal deep emotional wounding such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other things, in one therapeutic session. What if we start looking at plant medicine as a tool for deep healing and reprogramming the default brain patterns we can get stuck in? Plant medicine has a reputation of opening people's mind to the mystical and a high number of people who experience a journey lose their fear of death, and find their place of oneness in our world. There is mounting evidence that plant medicine has been tied to religious and spiritual ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. Plant medicine has been closely tied to major religions and their spiritual practices. At some point, this potent practice has been shut down and history has been rewritten to depict this practice as dangerous and irresponsible. We question the reasons for this, and share some information to challenge this common narrative. Come along with us with an open mind, for a lively conversation, that may just change your mind about everything.
Episode 19....Today we start our conversation with a powerful exercise to clear and pull our energy back into our personal fields. This is a simple thing we can do every day, and throughout the day to stay in our Power and Presence. There are so many tools that can help us to learn how to stay in our sovereignty as we navigate throughout our experience of life. We delve into discussing the Shamanic tools that are available to us as we engage in personal healing for ourselves through focused breathing exercises, reading and feeling energy, and moving density and wounding out of our bodies, while we are supported by Pachamama in our process. Sacred ritual is a way for us to get out of our limbic brains and reconnect with the Mystic within us. In Shamanic practice we learn how we can view truth from different perceptual states so that we can learn to hold the paradox that truth can hold. This is a powerful practice to recognize when we are on the Triangle of Disempowerment and making the conscious choice to get back into our personal power.  For example, we can be in victim energy on a physical level as well as empowered in our experience, on mental/emotional level. This practice helps us to heal our wounding and bring it into a place of wisdom. Our ask today is, "How am I freeing up space in my life?"
As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below


Episode 18....As above so below...As within so without. We are in a time of individual shedding of old belief patterns, old systems and the default brain programs that have been creating our lives. It's a time to go within and become Present to heal, claim and integrate our Shadows and deep wounding. As we work through shedding the layers, the practice of integration means we see ALL parts of ourselves and claim our shadow and wounds as part of who we are. In this deep place of healing and integration, we are no longer controlled by the unhealed aspects of ourselves. As each of us becomes more conscious in our patterns and belief systems, we are in a new practice of shedding the wounded layers and emerging as a new version of ourselves in the world. On a Collective Level, we are faced with the death of how things have been, in our Government, our School Systems, our Economy, our "normal" is being challenged as it shifts, adapts to the current narrative, and is emerging as something "different." Can we focus on letting go of the Old and trusting the process of shedding the layers of systems that no longer serve us? Can we trust that life is and will continue to emerge and rebirth into an experience that is more serving of where our souls are evolving and asking us to go? Is our Individual experience reflective of the Collective Experience and is the Collective Experience showing us how to go deeper into our shedding and healing practice? Join us for an exploration into some big ideas of how we are connected and interconnected on multiple layers as we learn to let go and rebirth ourselves. 
Episode 17....Divorce, Conscious Uncoupling and moving forward in life. In today's episode we delve into some vulnerable sharing around our individual experiences of marriage and our conscious decision to end our marriages and shift our relationships in our families. Although a painful process for both of us, it was also a path of growth and claiming our own sovereignty in our lives. We approach the conversation through the question of; "when do we know that it's time to step out of a relationship?" As individuals who "love to love" and learning that love has so many facets of depth and flavors of expression, ultimately the journey through marriage and then into the choice of ending that commitment brought us back into ourselves and ultimately loving ourselves. With various choice points presented along the way to recommit or to walk away, marriage was a journey of self discovery through intimate relationship with another. For me, Valerie, my experience of divorce has led to a beautiful rebirthing of what family looks like and how it is defined. I have had what you could call an "ideal divorce" and my previous partner and I are good friends and can coparent with a lot of cooperation and communication. It was a process of healing, forgiving, and letting go and definitely required that both of us were willing to walk that path to meet the other in that place.Amanda has had a more painful and difficult time navigating divorce and separating lives and shares from her experience of what that has been like for her. Both paths have been perfect for each of us and perhaps could even be part of the Soul Contracts that we have with our previous partners. Regardless of how the journey looks like, it is a process of becoming embodied, and more conscious when we encounter those choice points that lead us through the journey of life.Our ask today is, "How can I see things more clearly in my relationship and myself in the relationship?"
Do you believe we were made for one person? Inanda shares her experience of the Shamanic direction of the North, and the energy that is held here, including our journey of turning inward to our own wisdom as we shed the guru’s, teachers and guides that we can get attached to. Soul Retrieval, soul integration and Soul contracts are held in the direction of the North. This led us to the conversation around Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Soul contracts.  In a conscious practice, can we have deep soulful connections with the opposite sex and still have it be appropriate and within Inny when the two people are in other committed relationships? Can we choose out of Soul Contracts? Do Twin Flames really exists and are they the “completion” or “other half” of our experience  in deep Spiritual connection? There are so many differing opinions on what it means to have a soul contract with a soul mate, and the eternal longing for the Twin Flame union. Inanda and Val also have their own opinions on what that means, based on their own experiences. Join us for an interesting and reflective conversation around our own experiences and conscious choices in soul connections.Our Ask today is: “What things today will bring more consciousness to my experience in the choice points that are present?”
Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting


Episode 15...Conscious Parenting. Today, we share from our experience of parenting and how we have grown and evolved over the years, through being deeply entrenched in  religion, through leaving religion, through divorce and all the things, and into the present day. Parenting has been one of the most challenging and yet rewarding experiences in our lives. Working through the "idealized" story of what being a parent means to the actual reality of the day to day nitty gritty has been eye opening, to say the least. Parenting has been a living workshop for growth and evolvement on the daily, and often, it's our children that are teaching us. What if we start to teach our children how to be embodied and trusting themselves in their own lives, which is teaching them to source from their own internal compass? How can we keep an open line of trust and communication with our children so that they feel safe to come to us when they need help? How can we empower our children to express themselves as who they are in the world and build thier confidence rather than having obedient robots who do what we say? We have the priviledge of sharing a journey with these amazing souls that are coming to Earth to create change and move humanity forward. This innately requires that things are done differently, than how they've been done in the past. Our ask today is, If you don't feel like you have a relationship with your children that you desire, where can you shift to start creating that?
Sovereignty, what does that mean, and how can we embody this practice in our every day lives? We talk about body awareness and how we can feel more of our sovereign selves in our physical bodies and how we can consciously access our personal empowerment. Our bodies are AMAZING vehicles that give us indicators as to what is going on internally. As we learn to be embodied, and listen to our physical vessel, we become powerful in consciously shifting energy, aligning with the timeline we choose to live, and project our creative energy out into the world to powerfully create our lived daily experience. Inanda gets vulnerable and shares her very recent and current situation working through some health issues as she learns to tune in to her body and find the balance of expert medical advice, as well as her own internal truth. Her process of healing is ongoing, and she is learning to listen to her body, loving the process, learning to be rooted and resourced from source as she navigates her own sovereignty. We talk about different ways to be embodied and learn to listen to the deep messages from the wisdom of our bodies. Our ability to heal our own bodies is a process of learning to trust ourselves, listening to our innate inner wisdom and taking action from that place of truth. This is sovereignty in practice. Sovereignty is an embodied practice of both the Divine Feminine; trust, surrender, intuition, inner guidance with the Divine Masculine; heart-centered right action, alignment, integrity. Learning how to find the play between the two is the dance between being rooted and connected with a letting go and trusting the process as it shows up in our lives and trusting ourselves to navigate from our own internal compass. Our ask: If you believe that everything is for a greater understanding and experience of who you are, and nothing you do truly matters, what would you do different in your life today? As you grow, I grow. As we grow, 'god' grows.References: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers's breath meditation:
Episode 13.....We are relational BEINGS. In fact, you could argue that our reality is created through our relationship to the OTHER. Be it the economy, politics, friendships, sex, partnership, money, success, scarcity, abundance, spirituality....our relationship to the OTHER will always define our experience and thus our REALITY. In a time of huge shifting of paradigms, and drastic changes in life and what is NORMAL, how can our experience in relationship to these changes help us navigate uncertainty and receive life in the fullest way possible?We are in Eclipse Season, Summer Solstice, New Moon Energy and there is an amazing opportunity to let go, tune in and set intention to create through our relationship to the other. Life, Death, Life cycle. We have huge opportunities to shift ourselves right now and literally create our reality. What if we could experience "heaven on Earth" right now? What if we are the absolute creators of our reality and where we place our attention we understand that we are directing energy towards expanding that experience? What if we stepped fully into our sovereignty, personal accountability and our divine ability to shift our relationships to a more elevated, personal experience of abundance, passion and joy and recieve support in all the ways that feels good to us personally and that reflects our beliefs, values, and desires? Could we allow that same process to be true for the OTHER? Can we be willing to step into our own power and in relationship to all things and allow the same to be true for others? This is Sacred Relationship. Sacred Relationship with ourself first, and then with the other.  Our Ask today is: "What is my relationship to giving my power away and why?"REFERENCES: "Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone" by Brené Brown, "Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within" by Rebecca Campbell, "The Great Human Potential: Walking in One's Own Light" by Wendy Kennedy and Tom Kenyon, "The Divine Feminine Oracle Guide Deck" by Meggan Watterson
Episode 12....This episode is a little different. We are consciously choosing to release it unedited, uncut, raw, authentic and imperfect, and this is why. We start this episode out so strong and aligned with DIVINE FLOW where everything is flowing with ease and power. As we finished our recording session, the WTF moment happened.....only 23 minutes of amazing content was recorded. We both were disappointed and struggled to step back into the FLOW to re-create what was lost. In our practice of embodiment of the Divine Feminine, we realized that nothing can be re-created and we had a powerful opportunity to basically, SURRENDER and WALK the TALK. So, we step into VULNERABILITY and share our process of EMBODIMENT of being AUTHENTIC to the moment, feeling the DISJOINTEDNESS of our struggle, allowing ourselves to feel what we are feeling in the moment, and TRUSTING THE PROCESS that is present. Our intention is walk our talk, allow for DIVINE FLOW even when things don't feel like they are flowing, and embrace the moment for exactly what it is presenting. It's a practice of SURRENDERING, ALLOWING and BEING. Our ASK today is, What is your practice of the Divine Feminine and how are you embodying that practice? Feel free to share on our IG and FB pages. We'd love to have a conversation.
Episode 11....Wow! We are immersed by such INTENSE ENERGY right now on our planet, and in our Country. None of the current issues of Racism, Violence, Slavery, Division are new, they have been going on for centuries, the difference is that NOW they are being seen and felt on the surface. The deep wounding that is being exposed can no longer being hidden in the shadows. The Triangle of Disempowerment is in full activation between Victim, Perpetrator, and Rescuer and the energetics and pain are on the surface and swirling around creating CHAOS, CONFUSION, MOVEMENT, AND NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE. So, now what? What can we do in such an overwhelming time? We would like to offer that the answers are WITHIN each of us, through our own personal work of healing. What if our experience in the current paradigm is IN SERVICE to showing each of us where our individual wounding is and how we can start our process of INVOLUTION, going inward to witness what is asking to be seen, heard, and healed? And from the inner work, we can engage in a process of EVOLUTION to a new paradigm.If we continue to go outside of ourselves and engage in BLAME, SHAME, VIOLENCE, DIVISION, we will continue to feed the program of SLAVERY, RACISM, VIOLENCE, and DISEMPOWERMENT. We CANNOT expect to have RADICAL CHANGE by feeding the collective with the same energies that have been so damaging to ALL OF US. The world doesn't need more of the low level frequencies we've been swimming in. What we need is RADICAL UNITY which only comes through the INNER work of HEALING and INTEGRATION so that we may come together and start having a conversation from a place of WHOLENESS rather than from WOUNDING, that is IN SERVICE to the COLLECTIVE.Our ask today is, "How can we see all sides of the narrative, and how much of inner wounding is controlling our individual narrative and how much are we allowing our narrative to be controlled?" Take a deep breath, feel into your body, and be so brave. REFERENCES: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One's Own Light. Teaching from the Pleiades and the Hathors by Tom Kenyon and Wendy Kennedy. For channeled sound healings from the Arcturians and Hathors go to To read more about Synarchy check out Richard Rudd's work in The Gene Keys.
Episode 10.....Reptilian Brain....Aliens....Slave Race....Yep, we are going there, into the land of the woo woo. For this episode we invite you to have an open mind and consider some ideas that may have never been in your paradigm before. The questions of Where do I come from and Why am I here have been the questions of philosophers, religions and human-kind across time. What if Science Fiction is more Fact than Fiction? What if we have been enslaved as a human race and have been in an illusion of who we really are? What if, our interconnectedness expands beyond our planet and into the Cosmos? Are we really Inter-Galactic Royalty and our expansion and evolvement affects over 25 different Alien species because our  DNA comes from more than 25 different inter-galactic races? Come along with us as we explore a different narrative than the traditional religious story we've been given through a Patriarchal system. Does it resonate with you or absolutely not? Our Ask today is: Can I be willing to be open minded and look at things I never considered before? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our IG page or FB page. Let's have a conversation.REFERENCES: The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion, 
Episode 9We live in a dualistic world where we have access to experience a broad range of all the things. Duality gives us a deeper understanding of what something is, through the experience of what it is not, thus opening our awareness of polarity. Polarity can create some chaos as we swing between the opposites in our process of living and learning who we are in the world. The magic is created in becoming conscious in our process of duality and learning how to hold the center point, or finding the balance between the opposing poles. Once we learn how to hold center, what if we can then begin to play with polarity to hold the truth within both? Instead of holding judgment for our experience of duality, we can create a magnetic field by holding the paradox of the opposing forces. Using the power of alchemy in the space of the duality, we can powerfully create new programs of manifestation while honoring the truth of the "shadow" that we all experience. This is a practice of stepping into our magnetic resonance as an electomagnetic being to create our Reality. This is the practice of claiming our Sovereignty as the Ultimator Creator of our Life in all forms and in all the ways. Join us for a fun conversation of looking at Duality in exploring another perspective in the practice of holding center or the place of non-duality.Our Ask today is: "How can I play with the energies of duality in creating my reality?"We'd love to hear your Power Statements using the magnetic force of duality. Leave your comments on our IG page @Finding.Oneness.In.Duality or on Facebook page, Finding Oneness in Duality.REFERENCES: DNA Demystified, The Practical Guide to Reprogramming the 13 Helixes at Zero point Volume 1 by Kishori Aird, The Sophrenic Collective can be found at for more information and to schedule appointments, Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd.
In episode 8, Amanda and I dive into an exploration of the idea of Walking the Beauty Way. WTF does that look like and how do we embody a new way of navigating life in an empowered, Divine Feminine energy? During challenging times of change, life is demanding an elevated approach for birthing new outcomes. As we change, everything changes. We have an opportunity to walk The Beauty Way and practice turning inward to find our place of truth in the present moment to inform us of the next movement we choose to make. We are powerful in alchemizing our lives as we move from repeating patterns to a more expanded experience in our ability to consciously create our lives. We are being asked to drop into our bodies and feel our way through the unknown, surrender our plans, and be ok not knowing what's next. How would our lives change if we understood the interconnectedness of all things? We believe we need to shift from a place of dominion on the planet to a place of a symbiotic relationship. This can be done by looking at our own traumas and being willing to do the healing work to come to a place of wholeness. Identifying our coping skills and when they are active will help us to become more conscious of our patterns and inform us as to how we can let go of the need to control, feel unloved and unsafe, and potentially repeat unwanted family patterns. Healing our traumas will allow us to alchemize a painful and charged experience into a place of compassion and deep wisdom.  When we heal ourselves and our relationships, we can start to understand the ripple effect that takes place through the collective consciousness, and we can help to heal the world.Walking The Beauty Way asks us to look inward and practice living in a more balanced and unified place within ourselves as we embody an elevated practice of BEING. Our ask today is: How is my outer world reflecting my inner world back to me? REFERENCES: Dr Masaru Emoto water experiments can be found on YouTube, Reconnect  is the documentary we referenced on Ayuhasca and can be found on 
Episode 7...Whoa! We jump in right from the get-go and practice trusting the flow of the process. Emotions are high as we discuss the very real circumstances we are all experiencing in our world and challenge ourselves to look at all the things with the lens of non-duality. Is that even possible? How do we remain neutral when everything feels so charged? And should we? What is the fine line between "following the rules" and still maintaining our values and rights as human beings? In a world that is not making much sense, we discuss ways we can navigate through the beautiful mess of life, especially now. When we experience things that bring up fear, we can ask ourselves what can we do about it. This will move the energy from fear, into empowerment and action. Practicing trust in ourselves also helps us to let go of the rampant fear that is present. Finding ways to agree to disagree, and honoring the other for their beliefs, opinions, and actions can also help ease this highly charged time. As the collective and individual are grasping to navigate such an unknown time, we can learn to embrace compassion, let go of our ego's and not knowing, while allowing ourselves to be comfortable in the discomfort. To hold the space of non-duality, we have to see the interconnectedness of everything, whether we agree with what is happening or not and challenge ourselves to offer compassion, in all circumstances. Our ask today is: "How can I be more aware and more allowing of the physical response in my body as the indicator of my truth and can I hold it in a space of compassion?"Come along with us for the wild ride of our choatic conversation. 
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