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Author: Sherrie Storor

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Are you a real estate agent who wants to learn how to grow your GCI, revenue and profit? Looking to learn how to implement tried and tested systems and structures into your business? Want to know how to grow your own EBU, team and agency? Or how you can harness your real estate career to provide you with the wealth and freedom that you've always dreamt of?
Welcome to the #BuildYourBestLife podcast! A weekly show where I share with you my proven tips and tricks to level up your real estate career and where I interview the best of the best in real estate from all over the world.
Each week you will learn implementable strategies to improve your business, how to weather the highs and lows of the industry, create security in your career, build wealth and create your own freedom then listen in, because this is the podcast for you!
Join me in listening to the stories from leaders and performers on how they got where they are now and how they did it!
If you want to build the real estate career of your dreams and build the life that you always dreamed of make sure that you subscribe to this podcast!
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Work-life harmony is that perfect balance of working hard and playing hard, whether that be time with family, for hobbies, or to relax and take a moment.  Why are we doing this if we can't find that balance? In this episode, I talk with Nick Bordin,  co-owner and selling principal of Elders Lennox Heads and Elders Bangalow. In addition to managing 26 people, having four children, running an EBU, and writing 2.4m in GCI, Nick also surpassed the most challenging year of his life.  His story will uplift you and push you to rethink your values in life.  In this episode, Nick shares... His journey from assisting and selling with some of Australia's high-performing agents to running his businesses in the Northern NSW region. The importance of training a large team. The strategy behind sustaining 72% market share despite being only four years in the region. His future goals for his EBU and business.  Overcoming family tragedy and rebuilding his life while running a large team. It's time to remember what you're working for and not miss life's precious moments.
Do not have another year hitting the same numbers this year is the time to ramp things up!    Whether your marketplace is in a major city or a beautiful regional landscape, increasing your revenue is the key to having a lasting career in real estate.  SO, AGENTS! How do you grow your revenue and sustain your income?   1. Gain more volume by leveraging off your listings with quality service.  2. Start adding more prestige properties to your catalogue.  3. Most importantly. Build a trusting community and referral-based profile.  Why?   Of course, sellers want the highest price and buyers want the best value, but most importantly, they want to feel looked after when dealing with one of their most valued assets and when operating in the regional sector this could not be any less important.  And in this episode, I speak to two regional goddesses that have done just that and more! Melinda Kirby, Lead agent of Ray White Rockhampton and Leanne Druery, Re/Max Results Mackay are an award-winning sales powerhouses that have utilised set systems and structures, built a brand that attracts long-lasting clients and in return gained sustainable revenue.   
Nicole is the director and lead agent of LJ Hooker Ormeau QLD and its surrounding suburbs. Having sold over 486 transactions in real estate, including multiple record-priced sales, Nicole continually achieves outstanding results, underpinned by her expertise and highly effective marketing strategies. Six years ago, Nicole was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which crashed her world. While battling the illness, she overcame her lows and pushed through the hard times to become one of the region’s best and most awarded agents. In this episode, we discuss... The importance of creating a solid team. How to overcome self-doubt. The impact of critical illnesses and Creating a secure market to sustain you through difficult times. Nicole is an agent who is on that journey of healing through changing her mindset, having self-belief and much-needed support; she is surpassing her goals and rebuilding her life to achieve her well-deserved success.
MILLION DOLLAR AGENTS, doors are OPEN! And in this episode, I will share with you all the juicy details and... Break down the nine in-depth modules with a brief description of the lesson plan, the outcomes and what to expect. This course is relevant for all agents no matter where you are in your career. In this episode, I explain how you can make the most out of your training and answer the most commonly asked questions.  Become a modern-day agent and find your edge in the marketplace, crack down the social media game, become a listings machine and unleash your true potential. Do not stand for OK... you can be GREAT!
Are you burning the candle at both ends? Pushing hard and not getting the results or yield? It sounds like you are a Hamster Wheel Agent. I want to get you working smart and gaining BIG. Putting processes in place, structuring your daily tasks, and organising your operations will make you THE ULTIMATE AGENT you deserve to be! Remember being a THE ULTIMATE AGENT is not just about the numbers, the GCI and the revenue. It’s about a lifestyle and being successful and profitable in your business. Having this gives you freedom and choice. Building a company built on systems and not leveraged on your time will allow you to slow down to speed up!
How do we face challenges and come out on top in our ever-changing market? Time to hear from the great Andrew Bell, co-owner of Ray White Surfers Paradise. Over his decades in real estate, Andrew has grown his office to service all aspects of real estate, from residential to commercial to construction and hotels; he’s even had a bite of the marine market. In this episode, Andrew shares... How he has overcome disappointment in his decades in the industry. The journey from operating a three-office group in Sydney to now the largest independently owned and prominent real estate group in Queensland.  The relationship with his brother and co-owner Greg and how they operate the largest real estate company in Queensland. How he became one of Australia’s most experienced and professional auctioneers. And if that isn’t enough, running offices in the international markets of Orlando, USA and China!  So, if you’re an agent who wants to know where your career can go or a business owner who’s ready to branch out and cover more territory, this episode is definitely for you. 
Learn how to structure your team to sustain an effective business unit (EBU) that will skyrocket your business! Why? Because building your EBU is an opportunity to BUILD YOUR BEST LIFE! I will share my thoughts on how Lead Agents and Business Owners should structure their teams, allocate tasks and roles, maximise their profit margins and create stability in their businesses and agencies. In this episode, you’ll learn... How to create a fair structure for everyone involved. What costs and income that the team will share. Financial structure and how to pay your team members. The importance of setting vision, goals, and KPIs.
What does it take to turn a sinking ship into a GLOBAL BILLION-DOLLAR ENTERPRISE? Well, buckle up! Recognised as one of Australia’s most successful CEOs and the former CEO of REA. Today we have Simon Baker, Global Investor, Director, Advisor and Chairman of the Board of PropTech Group. In this episode, Simon discusses Creating these opportunities out of luck and taking hold of them Developing and working your systems and processes and how to embrace technology. Focus on creating impactful Heart to Heart connections with your clients. Leaning forward, embracing what’s in front of you, and focusing on creating a life of wealth and freedom. Simon’s insight is a feast for thought on how you can create opportunities and become the driver in your life and business journey. Success is a perfect cocktail o opportunity, resilience, skill and a splash of luck!
If you’re ready to do things differently, realise the potential you know you have, and finally achieve what you’re capable of tune in to today’s episode! I’m going to share exactly how you can become a listing machine, and if you’re keen to level up your career, go from 1 listing to 2, 2 listings to 4, 4 listings to 8, and the maths go on! Then this episode is a taster of how you can achieve those results.
Change can be scary but the transformation is EMPOWERING! Continue to change your mindset and hear from Sarah Ward, a lead agent from Stone Real Estate. Sarah overcome her imposter syndrome to succeed in building her business from $300k GCI to $1.38m GCI! Sarah Ward is a high-performing sales agent with Stone Real Estate, servicing the Wollongong and Illawarra region. She started in the industry 12 years ago and has progressed her career to become one of the region's most sought-after agents.
Learn ways to empower your team members so they are confident, highly skilled and become an asset to your business. We all know the saying; you are only as strong as your weakest link! With a successful effective business unit (EBU) you will see tremendous growth within your business and open up time to balance and Build Your Best Life.
With a plan, motivation, resilience and structure you can achieve success! In this episode, I will be talking to the fierce survivor Tina Nenadic, owner of Gold Coast Property Sales and Rentals. Tina entered Australia as a refugee of the 1994 Croatian war of independence, after 2 decades of industry experience, she worked her way up the ladder and is now running her own profitable real estate business. Tina's story is incredibly inspiring and her passion to share what has helped her rise to the top is the motivation you need to break those career barriers.
Do you have an agency, but you are stuck thinking small? Are you a CEO looking for ways to grow the business? This episode aims to change your mindset and start thinking critically about what you want from your business and how to develop your business to achieve that end goal. You will gain insight into what you need to be doing to scale up your business and transform your personal brand into a profitable and sellable asset.
It’s time to start talking wealth and longevity! In this episode of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast, I speak to successful industry professionals executing their future plans. I speak with MICHAEL DAVOREN, FORMER DIRECTOR, RE/MAX AUSTRALIA and his son, JOEL DAVOREN, CEO, RE/MAX AUSTRALIA. Together their mission is to facilitate the experience of unlimited opportunities in the property industry and allied services. Their story is one of building wealth, planning for the future and continuing a legacy.
It’s time to talk scale, succession, wealth, and longevity! You’ve worked HARD and have been motivated to build your business to the level you’ve already achieved. But once you’ve reached all your goals, what’s next? Are you setting up your business or career to live on, even after you retire? What is your legacy? What is your exit strategy?  In today’s episode, I will explain how you can gain wealth all while building a legacy and planning your succession, so you have a business that lives on.
In this episode of the #BuildYourBestLife Podcast, we're going to step away from the real estate industry for just a second and talk to PARALYMPIAN PAUL AND WINGLESS WARRIOR WIFE KERRY-LEE GOCKEL. Kerry-Lee was born without arms and grew up doing everything with her feet from day one. She's a self-proclaimed wingless warrior, a lawyer by qualification, and she's just completed an 11 Kilometre ocean swim for charity. Paul was born with a condition note of spinal Bifida and only took up swimming at 23yr to maintain some physical fitness. However, he was selected for two Paralympic teams for Australia, winning a silver medal in the men's four by 100 team relay. Now, Paul and Kerry-Lee show us that if you want it, if you work for it, then go for it because anything is possible. Their story is one of overcoming adversity despite life's disadvantages, it is one of true inspiration. A story of how to Build Your Best Life.  
In this episode, I share my feedback and takeaways from 5 rockstar speakers from the Mastermind. With Sherrie sessions. Hear how Coffee King Philip Di Bella went from starting a business with $5k to later selling his business for a whopping $60 million! Entrepreneur Deb Farnworth-Wood former CEO of Australian Skin Clinics built 69 franchises and sold them for just under $70m! Nathan Sharpe, the former captain of the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team. Nathan shares how he championed a winning team through leadership and team building. Performance psychologist Dr Phil Jauncey on how he created championship teams with the winning teams at the Olympics, the Brisbane Broncos, the Australian and UK cricket teams, and so much more. Finally, hear how Li Cunxin, world-renowned dancer and director of Queensland Ballet, went from poverty to building his best life as the most celebrated dancer the world has ever seen. 
We’re going to hear from Brittany & Eiles Hunt, owners of Re/max Revolution, Shailer Park. They break down what it takes to go from 'Zero to Hero’, from NO properties to leveraging their listings and selling over 100 properties in just 12 months, becoming Australia’s #1 sister team. 
MY SECRET TO LEVERAGING YOUR LISTINGS! This is my entire, guaranteed to work LISTING-TO-SOLD strategy. Learn how to create every step that you need in the sale process. From off market to launch to auction, what you need to do to capitalise on a price change and all the steps in the lead up to and post settlement.
Founder and co-director of Morton Real Estate. Selling over 600 properties per year and currently over 3700 homes under management. Ewan is a born leader and passionate about changing the status quo of agents in Australia. He will be sharing with us his journey and what makes him a remarkable leader.
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