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The full transcript and audio can be found on media can drain you. Sandy Cooper shares how to reduce, even eliminate, the grip social media has on you, as she shares her story and the benefit of being off social media for a year. Resources Mentioned on the Episode and suggested reading & social media handles: Contact The Balanced MomCast Mom, You're Amazing! The Scoop on Balance Finding Your Balance  Is the Voice in My Head God or Just Me? Nuggets For Thought – Book Launch Team  Calls to Action: Sign up for The Me Project Academy Newsletter for resources on developing disciplines to help you grow in Christ, prayer and new releases of the podcast.  Website: @hangingoutwithjesuspodcast (Instagram) @themeprojectacademy (Pinterest) (for comments) 
Goal setting with the Holy Spirit is like developing a strategic plan with God, so you can be a part of His plan in bringing down the enemy. Practicing the spiritual discipline of unplugging will allow you time to answer prompts about the past which lead you into planning for the future. In this episode, you will: learn how to practice unplugging receive 13 prompts for goal setting with Holy Spiritbegin with goal setting starters understand the importance of planning with the Holy Spirit 
Participating in a Silent Retreat to spend time listening to the Lord will allow you to slow down, focus, pray, and Listen. Our lives are full of things clogging our minds, a Silent Retreat provides an opportunity for giving your mind a rest. 
Almost every New Year,  we begin it with a new Bible study, resolution, diet, stop smoking, or something we want to do in order to change the direction of some area of our lives.  I’d like to introduce to you another way to start your New Year off with eliminating the clutter that causes you to become overwhelmed, unorganized, and putting “doing too much” at bay.  I’m talking about getting on a Spiritual Diet for 21 days so you can plan the year with your Lord. Saints, now is the time to do something different. Now is the time to go above and beyond what we are used to doing. Now it’s the time to challenge ourselves to become a more mature Christian. It’s time to move out of drinking milk to meat in those areas of your life that you have not given fully over to the Lord. Saturday, January 8, 2023, join me and others by participating in the 21-Day Spiritual Diet Challenge. Just receive the material as a download and get started on January 8, 2023.  
The Bible is real clear that lying is a sin and is displeasing to God. And yet I know we know this. So why do we keep doing it? Why do our children find it so easy to lie? Aren’t words important to us?  Host, Lyvita shares insight around choosing to not tell the truth and what to do if you do tell a lie.Calls to Action: Sign up for The Me Project Academy Newsletter for resources on developing disciplines to help you grow in Christ, prayer and new releases of the podcast.  Website: @hangingoutwithjesuspodcast (Instagram) @themeprojectacademy (Pinterest) (for comments) 
Who are you and Whose are you are vital to understanding your purpose in life. Messing this up will have a great impact on your future. Host, Lyvita Brooks uses the book, Your Purpose is Calling, by Dr. Dharius Daniels, to help you discover your unique identity so you  can identify the things you are doing too much of and stop rushing through the things you should be doing.  In this episode, the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude will be your take away.
The definition and purpose of marriage has changed drastically from its beginnings. So what is the biblical view of Marriage? How did it get started? What scriptures support marriage? What constitue one being married? When are you really married, biblically speaking. 
Reclaim Who You Are

Reclaim Who You Are


This episode takes nuggets from Beyond the Circle series, written by Ted Dekker, to encourage believers to learn more about who they are in Christ. We are a powerful nation of people who keep forgetting who we are and whom we serve. Let’s begin practicing what we preach. The host, Lyvita shares AHA moments in her unusal way of reviewing books as they relate to growing in the understanding of who you are as a person and your relationship to the LORD.
Suicide, cutting and  mental illness are on the rise. In this episode Lisa Campbell, a licensed Social Worker, joins host, Lyvita Brooks to discuss 4 things. First, understanding the terms, warning signs, who might attempt suicide and lastly, there is another way of relieving your pain because life is worth living. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or Hotline is 988.  Saints, this episode is not about rather a person is saved, if they cut themselves or die from committing suicide or have a mental illness. Nor is this episode about, if one loses their salvation if they do commit suicide or die because of it. There is enough information and discussion about that on other podcasts, blogs, magazines, medical information and research, and the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocacy organization website.   Some of us think that Christians should be the "FREE- est" people in the world from dealing with the problems of suicide, or cutting, even mental illnesses. Why? Because Christians have surrendered to the will of God through Jesus Christ.  The truth is, Christians are not immune and it all depends on the one thing only God can see, but man can't...a person's heart. The key is developing an on-going relationship with Christ through His word. Then applying His word. One's heart, your heart, your heart's motive, only God knows the truth and you in part.  Don't get me wrong in Christ Jesus, you will find hope not a "magic pain-reliever" but the truth.  The love, security, and hope you carve are found in Christ Jesus. How much of His love, security and hope you receive will depend on you, even though He has more than an abundance.And yet this episode is not about that either. It’s about awakening  you to the reality that there will be some Christians that will commit suicide and some will cut themselves, even our youth. We share tools and resources to help if it happens to you or someone you know, and the signs. We are not medical doctors nor are we giving medical advice.  These are our experiences as educators, social worker, and believers in Christ. Once again the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988.  Shalom.
So where are you in the family of God? Are you growing or mixing Christianity with man’s wisdoms, ideas and ever changing trends? Do you think of yourself as an immature believer or a mature believer? Something to ponder.
What Is Ministry?

What Is Ministry?


What is Ministry? Is that specifically for pastors? No, every follower of Christ Jesus has a ministry. In this episode we first discuss the definition of a mature Christian then move on to understanding and defining ministry. Knowing that you have a purpose in life, a ministry, is another blessin in being a child of God.
Saints, are you having problems reading your Bible? What things are hindering you? Are you easily distracted? Are you finding studying the Bible is even more difficult than reading it? Could ADHD be a factor? Our guest, Elad Shapira, who is a Spiritual Director and Formation Coach, with host, Lyvita Brooks will help you identify if you are lazy or if there is something else, afoot, as well as, ways to overcome the hindrances.  
The subject of pride can be confusing. What about boasting and saying “I’m proud of you”? What does the Bible say about pride? What does unhealthy pride look like for a Christian? Join guest Kristi Gaultiere with host Lyvita Brooks discuss how to recognize pride’s sneaky maneuvers to get you off track. They don’t stop there but share how to stay on track and what to do when you do fall.  
Missionary work, Church planting, what is that really? Guest Alayu Dubale and host Lyvita Brooks discuss their definitions, differences, how you know you are called to this type of ministry, and more. Churches rather a group of people or YOU, are called to go make disciples and teach them how replicate what you are doing in building a church. Church planting is more than starting a church, it’s starting a church with new converts, even in a pandemic. 
A father’s passion can change a child’s perception about their world and life just by being present. Guest Michael Andrew, former football player and now author of a children’s Bible, has much to say about a father’s love for his children. Together with host Lyvita Brooks they discuss Michael Andrew’s book and life as a parent.
Laugh with and become inspired by guest Dawn Swayne and host Lyvita Brooks as they talk about God’s Temple. They discuss how the spiritual disciplines anchor you in Christ and their impact on helping you keep God’s Temple clean. You did know that you are God’s Temple? Right? What an awesome God we serve that He implanted His Spirit within us? Now that’s a military tactic in which God’s knowledge is to awesome for us. 
God has a unique way of calling us to Go and Do. Guest Tanya Jones and Host Lyvita Brooks will inspire you to do just that. The interesting thing about this episode is that it was to focus on the milk and meat of God’s Word and instead he provided a testimony to prove that there is a difference. Tanya shares how God brought her back to himself.
Are you a spiritual, worldly or carnal person? Is there such a thing as a carnal Christian? Join in the discussion with guest Reverend Quinda Richardson and host Lyvita Brooks as they analyze the different labels given to Christains, along with "levels" vs "maturity".
What a powerful message of encouragement and hope for those who love the Lord. There is no other that this podcast could honor my uncle, Reverend Matthew Richardson, than to talk about the faithfulness of God in the plan's He has for His children.  My cousin and guest speaker, Natalie Smalley, shares how God magnified the life of a breast cancer survive to one of richness on all levels.  Together, Natalie and I, your host, Lyvita Brooks, talk about "the glass ceiling", "God's plan",  "the scripture of hope", and so much more. This is an episode you may need to keep your shoes on, because it will ignite you to Go & Do what God's called you to do. Join our Create Space for growing Christians. It's a bi-monthly newsletter providing support and encouragement for believers who want to live a life that glorifies the LORD.  It now includes Prayer-A-Week.
Is what you believe in conflict with how you act? What challenges are holding you back? Lyvita shares the blessing of the podcast and encourages you to GO and DO what God's called you to do. Then she offers three ways to support you in managing your time so you can spend quality time, consistently, with the Lord.  If you want to get started now, then join Create Space  which provides support through our email community for growing Christians at
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