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Is your desire to spend more time with God? Do you need encouragement to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ? Are you looking for ways to routinely spend time with God, intentionally, daily, and be enthusiastic about it? This podcast is designed to do just that. It is a tool to create space for organizing time to commune and hang out with God. Spiritual disciplines, routines, habits and Christian practices are discussed, demonstrated, and practiced in order to show you how to create space in your life for communing with God. Each episode contains individual practice time and next steps on incorporating disciplines into your life. New Believers will develop a firm foundation in Christ and seasoned Saints will enhance their fellowship with the True and Living God by becoming equipped and encouraged to apply Biblical practices. Subscribe and then, hang out with Jesus and me, your host, Lyvita, twice a month.
18 Episodes
Join in our conversation about how God has blessed even in the mist of what's happening in the world today. Listen in as Jamie Coles-Burnette, Tracey Franklin, Leatrice Hines, and the host of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, Lyvita Brooks discuss their trials and triumphs. There are a few God Moments within this episode, because you never know what God's got in store when the ladies get together. 
Donald Whitney is our quest speaker. He is the author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. He shares insight into how important Bible study and prayer are when it comes to practicing spiritual disciplines. In this episode, we practice Praying the Bible, which is the name of his most recent book at the time of this recording. Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast is using the spiritual disciplines to create space so that we can commune with God. Communing is a "two path street". It consists of listening and speaking. Let's learn how to do it better under the tutelage of Don Whitney. You can contact us at or on instagram: @hangingoutwithjesuspodcast
Ever wanted to know what to do on a Sabbath. Listen in while Lyvita makes a few suggestions. Remember it is a day of rest.
We have the Co-Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Highrock Church in MA and author of Spiritual Disciplines Handbook Practices that Transform us, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, speaking with us about practicing the Sabbath and times for rest. We focus on the importance of not being a slave to work.
God is still talking to us, but we must spend time with Him. Take some time pondering the names of God. He doesn't often speak to you the way you want, that's why you need to listen and read His word, which teaches us about how our God speaks, especially to you. The Bible is personal but unifying. Let this episode help you create space to listen and rest.  
Do You Want to Holler?

Do You Want to Holler?


It's time to let it go. Holler! Then take a walk with me and our Savior, as we relieve some stress walking in the park and spending time in silence. You will need your sneakers for this episode and space to walk. After the walk come join us for the 30 Day Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast Challenge.
We try our best to keep a routine, balance in our life, and yet, we can often miss the point of why we made the routine. Spiritual Disciplines should never cause you to feel enslaved to them or make you feel bad because you missed that scheduled time. It's not about the scheduled time but the person you are meeting during that time. Listen to our guest, Kristi Gaultiere explain keeping your intimacy with God, regardless of what you are doing.
Living in a world of unrest, chaos, confusion and inequality, can take a toll on a person's health and mind. Let's take some time to renew our mind using God's Word to give us rest. Fourteen minutes of bird and rain sounds to make your quiet time relaxing. You may even fall asleep.
This is a special episode because our guest is Peggy Ruth. She has experienced God's faithfulness in shielding and protecting her from the wiles of the devil and problems. We have to speak what we believe. Listen in as you hear why she wrote Psalm 91 God's Shield of Protection and how she continues, even after years of writing the book continue to hold fast to God's Word. Her examples are clear and practical. Psalm 91 music performed and recorded by Charles Brooks. Subscribe so you can hear more ways to create space in your life to commune with God.
In times like these, we need to know how to stand on God's Word believing that He will keep His promise. We will practice using Psalm 91.
Do you fear praying in public? Let's practice together using scripture to help us pray with confidence and boldness. Tweens and Teens are invited to join in this episode. Check out the two that proceed it. This is the last of this series. Praying out loud, rather public or in front of a single person can be fearful, together let's crush that negative thought. Communing with God is what we do, especially aloud.
Has anyone asked you to pray for them? What happened? Did fear rear it's head? Did you feel uncomfortable? Were you unsure of what to do? In this episode you will practice a tool to help you overcome your fear of praying aloud for another person, rather you are caught off guard or not. This tool can be used rather the person who is asking for pray is saved or not. Praying out loud takes practice, but once you get pass The Fear Zone, you are go to go.
Are you afraid to pray out loud? Do you whisper your prayers so no one can hear you? Does praying out loud terrify you? Do you shy away from praying for others? This is the first of a three part series where you practice reading scripture out loud in order to use it as a stepping stone to praying out loud. This episode focus on quiet time, alone time in prayer. Praying out loud need not be fearful when you are reading God's Word.
Intentional Pauses

Intentional Pauses


Do you stop to ponder, think over what you are reading in the Bible? What about pausing after your prayers? Too busy or just want to continue your conversation? Well, God wants to talk to you. Give him space to do so. This episode allows you time to practice intentional, purposeful pauses to listen and wait of God even when you feel rushed. Time to slow down and give God time to respond.
It's Time to Worship!

It's Time to Worship!


Do you feel like getting your praise on? Let's spend some time using the scriptures to direct our praise and focus our practice of silence. Sometimes you just need to praise the LORD.
Do you stop talking long enough to hear from God? Communing with God is about having a two-way conversation. This episode consist of practicing how to seek, listen and wait on God to show up. Knowing it's really about being still long enough to recognize that God is already present. Sometimes what we know isn't what we do. Come practice with me so you can experience communing with God.
Practicing Silence

Practicing Silence


What does practicing the spiritual discipline of Silence look like, feel like, are their rules? Come sit with me on our first practice of walking through the discipline of Silence. You will practice with me and then without me. Together, we will create space to commune with God in order to grow in love with Him, our neighbors and ourselves.
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