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This episode covers the history of the city, region and people of Aššur or Assyria, from its early days as a small town of Akkadian speakers to the early days of the Neo-Assyrian empire, an empire that would rise to become the largest the world had ever seen and is considered the first true empire in history.
No general or ruler gets the nickname of Napoleon for nothing. Thutmose III, the 5th Pharaoh of the illustrious eighteenth dynasty took the throne at the age of 2. For 20 years he shared the throne with his aunt/step mother Hatshepsut. When he finally became sole Pharaoh, the warrior Pharaoh went on to lead Egypt through an unprecedented period of warfare and expansion, bringing an end to Egypt's isolationist, inward past, firmly putting it on the path of empire and turning it into probably the strongest and wealthiest state in the world
This episode covers the life, reign and conquests of Ahmose I or Ahmose the Liberator, last Pharaoh of the 17th dynasty and founder of the 18th dynasty, the first dynasty to rule what is today called the New Kingdom of Egypt or the Egyptian empire. His conquests, stretching from Nubia in the South, to Byblos in modern day Lebanon in the north, ushered in the third and last golden age of Ancient Egypt.
Land of the Nile

Land of the Nile


The background episode for our next two conquerors - Ahmose I & Thutmose III. In it, I will summarize (as much as it is possible to summarize more than 2,000 years full of history) Ancient Egypt's history from the first human settlements to the early days of the seventeenth dynasty of Egypt and the New Kingdom.
In the first bonus episode of the podcast, I discuss the code of Hammurabi itself and its history, what made it standout throughout history compared to other law codes (some of whom were older), give examples of some of the laws it included and talk about how come we know so much about it today. Also included is a link to the code itself, translated to English: Music by:
In this episode we discuss the reign and conquests of Hammurabi the Lawgiver, the sixth ruler (and second king) of the Amorite first Babylonian dynasty who founded the Old Babylonian Empire and is best know to us today for his famous law code.
The background episode for our second great conqueror, Hammurabi, in which we discuss the aftermath of the fall of the Akkadian empire, the Amorites and their migrations to Mesopotamia and finally, the rise of the city of Babylon from an obscure town to the world stage
The episode about our first great conqueror and founder of what most consider the first empire in history, Sargon of Akkad AKA Sargon the Great.
In this episode I will give a short background of ancient Mesopotamia from the rise of the first settled societies to the rise and height of the Sumerian civilization and the rise of the Akkadians. Music By:
In this episode, the first one of hopefully many to come, I will tell a little about myself, my inspirations, what the podcast is about and some guidelines for the podcast.
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