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This podcast explores the many issues and topics related to elder law - the wide range of legal matters affecting people in their second half of life and individuals with disabilities. Produced by Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak: Your elder care and special needs law firm, providing quality representation in litigation, with locations in Williamsport and State College, Pa. Visit our website at
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This podcast episode is a recording of a virtual presentation given to the Adult Children of Aging Parents organization (ACAP) in May 2021 by Attorney Jenna Franks and Long-Term Planner Kristin Daugherty. They take some of the most frequent questions they get asked in their everyday work and answer them. Topics of discussion include legal and financial documents that everyone needs such as wills and Powers of Attorney, trusts, special needs planning, government benefits, long-term care, gifting, Alzheimer's and Dementia, and more. For more information on ACAP, visit
In this recording of a seminar that was originally presented to a private group but is now being made public for all to hear, Attorney Brittany Smith discusses estate planning from a charitable gifting perspective and gives some tips on how to make your estate plan work not only for you and your family, but also your favorite charity or community group. To view a video of this presentation, visit our YouTube channel. 
In this episode, a brief excerpt from a virtual happy hour event originally held May 12, 2021, Attorney Landon Hodges and Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske talk about scenarios where one spouse has to be moved to a long-term care facility while the other spouse is still living at home. There are various financial considerations that go into such situations, and they can get especially complicated if Medicaid is involved with paying for the care of the spouse in the LTC facility. Landon and Tammy also discuss the importance of pre-planning and the emphasis our firm puts on it (this podcast being a key part of our educational mission), what pre-planning involves, and the importance of having good legal documents in place to account for all possible situations in the future - both likely and unlikely. 
There are multiple types of trusts, but two of the most commonly used are revocable and irrevocable. In this brief podcast episode, an excerpt from a virtual happy hour event on May 12, Attorney Landon Hodges answers the question in the episode title regarding protection, gives some examples, and also explains who can hold the "key" to the trust in irrevocable trust situations. 
The rules for inheriting an IRA or other qualified retirement account drastically changed at the beginning of 2020. In this brief episode, Attorney Landon Hodges outlines when happens when someone inherits a qualified retirement account from a decedent and discusses things that everyone should be aware of relating to being a beneficiary of such an asset and when doing their own estate planning. This is a clip from a virtual happy hour event originally held on May 12. 
In this episode, an excerpt from a virtual happy hour event held on May 12,  Attorney Landon Hodges and Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske discuss how and why it is important to have a team of trusted advisors when doing your estate planning. Because estate planning is never one-size-fits-all, it is important that each client includes other experts when doing their planning. In addition to an elder law attorney and/or long-term care planner (if necessary), this could include a financial advisor, insurance representative, and others as appropriate. Landon and Tammy talk about how they all work together with our team when doing individualized planning for each client. 
Don’t allow an Alzheimer’s or Dementia diagnosis to devastate your life savings! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there is no more time to waste. The clock is ticking! With every passing second, more financial resources may be exploited. In this episode, Attorney Jenna Franks, Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty, and Specialized Care Planner Holly Reigh conduct a panel discussion in which they answer top questions about legal, tax, financial and care concerns, how to maintain control of your life, assets and decision-making, emotional and psychological support services, ways to prevent caregiver stress, valuable connections to make a difficult time more manageable, and much more. NOTE: The FREE strategy sessions referred to at the end of the episode are always available to anyone that is interested. Visit to book a session at any time! 
Our law firm has always provided quality legal services to individuals that require them specifically due to receiving an Alzheimer's or Dementia diagnosis. While we continue providing these services, we recently stepped back and assessed how we can serve these clients and their families even better by going beyond just the legal services. Enter our new formal Alzheimer's and Dementia care coordination program, which was put together by our Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty, and our new Specialized Care Planner Holly Reigh. Both Kristin and Holly are also Certified Dementia Practitioners, and in this episode, they join Matt Beltz, the firm's marketing and business development director, to discuss this care coordination program in detail. Kristin and Holly also offer some real-life examples of how we have activated this plan to further assist clients more recently beyond legal work. For additional information on Alzheimer's, visit the Greater PA Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association website. 
An Emergency Room visit is not the time to designate a Power of Attorney! End-of-life decisions are unfortunately, inevitable. Sooner or later, we all will be faced with this daunting challenge. When the time comes, your family wants to make the right decision - the decision of YOUR choosing. In this episode, Attorney Julie Steinbacher, our firm's founder, and Dr. Alex Nesbitt, a geriatrician at UPMC Susquehanna, discuss ways you can have this difficult but necessary conversation with your loved ones, as well as things you should consider when making these decisions. Access the free Health Care Power of Attorney document (available for any resident of Pennsylvania) referenced during the seminar hereHere are the other links referenced in the episode:theconversationproject.orgdocubank.comTo schedule a free strategy session with one of our attorneys, visit anytime. 
There are lots of options for the long-term care for a loved one (or ourselves), whether additional services are brought into the home or the loved one moves into a congregant living community such as a continuous care retirement center (CCRC), skilled care, or memory care facility. However, the costs associated with each level of long-term care can be alarming, and raise all sorts of questions. In this episode, Attorney Jenna Franks, Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty, and Specialized Care Planner Holly Reigh join Frances S. Hall, the founder and Executive Director of Adult Children of Aging Parents (ACAP), to discuss various care options and strategies for paying for ongoing care. This episode was originally distributed on The Caregiver Community podcast, and was produced by ACAP, and is being shared on the Second Half of Life podcast with the permission of ACAP. To learn more about ACAP, you can subscribe to its podcast using the link above, or visit its podcast page on its website. Jenna and Holly are both on the leadership team for the State College ACAP chapter. For more information on the Centre County, PA chapter visit its website. 
Doing your estate planning ahead of time before a crisis hits will almost always give you a better outcome. In this episode, a recording of a virtual seminar originally presented live on March 23, 2021, Attorney Landon Hodges and Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske discuss our firm's distinctive approach to planning for the second half of life that adapts to your ever-changing needs and leaves you better prepared for tomorrow. To view a video of this presentation, complete with PowerPoint slides, visit our YouTube channel. 
You've done everything right and saved what you need for a comfortable retirement. Now, you need to make sure something unexpected like a health emergency doesn't eat into those savings. Attorney Jenna Franks and Long-Term Planner Kristin Daugherty show you how in this virtual seminar, originally presented on March 10, 2021. Hint - you don't need to leave it up to the "luck of the Irish" to successfully plan ahead for your second half of life! To view a video of this presentation with PowerPoint slides, visit our YouTube channel. 
At our elder law firm, we often get asked by clients, "why can't I just give my house (or another piece of valuable property) to my adult children or other relatives for $1 in order to avoid inheritance tax and other potential tax or future lien consequences?" In short, you can, but we generally don't recommend it. Why not? Because of the 4 "D's." What are the 4 D's? Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske explains in this episode. 
If you've listened to even just a few episodes of this podcast, you've probably heard the term "long-term care planning" more than once. Aside from the obvious definition - planning for long-term care - what exactly do we mean when we talk about long-term care planning and what does it entail? And what can you expect if you enlist our firm to assist with your long-term care planning? In this brief episode, Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske summarizes what long-term care planning is and how our law firm generally does to assist our clients with it. 
Do you have an individual with special needs that you already have or intend to have as a beneficiary of your estate? If so, then you need to take some additional steps to make sure that person can receive such an inheritance while also still keeping whatever current benefits they may already be receiving. Without proper planning ahead of time, a well-intentioned gift could become a major problem. In this episode, Attorney Brittany Smith explains some of what needs to be done. For a more detailed discussion about special needs planning, you can listen to this earlier podcast episode. 
Nursing home care is expensive. So, what happens if you or a loved one require it due to an unexpected event? In this episode, a recording or a virtual seminar originally presented in February, Attorney Brittany Smith and Long-Term Care Planner Tammy Zilske will tell you how you can pay for it, while still hanging on to most of your assets (hint: it pays to plan for the unexpected). They'll touch on a few legal strategies that are available to cover the costs of long-term care while providing for your immediate needs and preserving your quality of life as well as your life savings. To view a video of this seminar, complete with PowerPoint slides, visit our YouTube channel. 
A full estate plan can consist of several different components. Depending on someone's level and type of assets, as well as their goals with respect to asset protection and beneficiaries, it can get complicated. That's where we come in to help you simplify things. In this episode, Attorney Brittany Smith discusses and simplifies the most important and basic part of any estate plan. 
In this brief episode, Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty summarizes how our law firm works with clients that have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, Dementia, and some other conditions. We have always been a dementia-friendly law firm, but recently, we have brought on board a dementia care planner, Holly Reigh, who will be working with clients on non-legal issues related to the navigation and coordination of necessary care for these individuals. 
So, you have a spouse or other loved one that has had to go into a nursing home. But, you haven't done much (or any) estate planning. What can you do to make sure your assets are protected and your entire estate doesn't go toward the cost of care? There are ways that we can help you preserve your assets, even if you or a loved one is already in a nursing home. However, we can only do so if a couple of things are taken care of first. In this episode, Attorney Landon Hodges and Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty explain a little bit about how we can help you if you're in such a situation, and most importantly, what you must do first, ideally before someone is in a nursing home. 
Protecting your assets from the potential future, or in some cases, current costs of long-term care is a key objective for many of our clients. In this podcast episode, Attorney Landon Hodges talks about the tool that our firm uses in many situations to accomplish that goal, and why and how it differs from straight-up gifting of assets to another individual. 
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