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Author: Cody and Sam

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Note: We have joined the Locked On Podcast Network, and are part of the 'Locked On NBA Draft' show. We will be releasing an episode weekly on Wednesdays on that channel. Two regular dummies talking the NBA draft and all its prospects. Feel free to reach out to us on twitter (@DraftDummies), instagram (@draftdummies) or by email ( to make comments, ask questions, give us feedback, and suggest future episode topics.
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We wanted to put out a short announcement episode because we have been inactive for the past 6 weeks, and because we are very excited to be joining the Locked On Network! We will be releasing an episode  every Wednesday on the 'Locked On NBA Draft' channel.See below for the Spotify link to the channel, but you can search 'Locked on NBA Draft' wherever you get your podcast.Spotify Link
In this episode, Sam & Cody dive into a couple college prospects: Corey Kispert & Kai Jones, and go over an NBA case study - Christian Wood.  These prospects led to a variety of fun conversations including For Kispert: how he stacks up against other wings over the past 15 years in a couple statistical indicators, how to analyze those indicators, and how/where Kispert has improved his game since last year. For Kai Jones, we discussed how to evaluate prospects that began playing basketball at a later edge and discuss the related pros/cons, also discussed his potential development trajectory, and what his role/archetype might end up looking like.We also did a case study on Christian Wood. We talked through his journey and discussed what stood out then and now about his game, and what we learned looking back at his film & statistical profile and will implement as evaluators from his case study moving forward.
Sam and Cody discuss what they saw in the NBA preseason. We discuss what can and should be taken from the preseason. We give an early check in on many NBA rookies. Lots of interesting debate ensued including whether this class looks better than we expected, and the value of individual training and workouts vs team training camp work.
Sam and Cody give their first thoughts on the 2021 NBA draft after months of preparation. Also, we discuss our initial thoughts and takeaways from the first week of CBB and talk about prospects we will he keeping an eye on.We each came in with a list of 2 returners and 2 incoming freshman that we have studied and will continue to monitor.We will be continuing our 2021 preview and CBB coverage, plus NBA discussion on a weekly basis.
Sam and Cody finish sharing their thoughts on the draft including best fits, EARLY all-rookie team predictions and much more!
CT (@CTFazio24) joined the show to talk about winners and losers, biggest surprises, and overarching story lines looking at the draft. We also looked at early values for ROY betting. Lots of fun discussion as always!
In this episode we discuss our final pre-draft thoughts and predictions. We discuss draft night superlatives such as our pick for biggest surprise on draft night, biggest riser/faller, worst player comparison mentioned on draft night, etc (2:25).We start with some superlative awards for draft night: Georgios Papagiannis award (shockingly high selection), Bol Bol award (biggest faller), Jalen Rose award (worst draft night player comparison), Jacob Evans award (prospect who you see once in the NBA and realize they don't belong).We then get to final pre-draft predictions that we haven't had the chance to make. These include predictions for draft night, predictions for specific prospects and teams.
In this episode we finish our series of counting down the players we are highest on compared to the consensus. We list our top 4 guys in this episode that we liked more than the consensus (3:00).We also discuss Patrick Williams, including his mercurial rise up draft boards, where we are on him, and how we project him to the next level (46:23).
In this episode we continue the countdown of our list of favorite players. We are joined by Will Morris (@w_a_morris). Prospects discussed in this episode include: Kira Lewis, Xavier Tillman, Grant Riller, Nate Hinton and more.We finish with a classic round of prospect pick 'em/
During this episode we are starting a countdown of our favorite prospects in this class. That can mean many different things, but generally means the 10 guys we're highest on compared to the consensus. 
#31 - Mock Draft part 2

#31 - Mock Draft part 2


We finish up the mock draft with picks 15-30. Again, these are the picks we predict the teams will make, not what we would advise doing. Lots of fun discussion along the way, as always!Thanks listeners, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Draftdummies, and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening on!Here's the link to the sponsor of this episode, Podcorn: other 2 sponsors of this episode are the 'Crummy Marathoners' podcast and the 'If I Was President' card game.
#30 - Mock Draft part 1

#30 - Mock Draft part 1


We did a mock draft around 6 weeks ago where we acted as the GM's and made the picks based on what we would have done if we were in charge. This time, we are predicting what teams will actually do on draft night.We discuss recent news, rumors, prior draft history and information on the executives in place making the picks.
The Draft Dummies were joined by Robel Tussin (@robeltussin) to discuss the news regarding Tyrell Terry's recent weight/athletic gains and what that means for our evaluation. We also discussed the 'Kentucky Bump' and how that affects our projection of both Tyrese Maxey and Immanuel Quickley. The biggest segment was the 'Favorite Prospect Skills' segment where we each gave and discussed our favorite prospect skills from this class. We took turns guessing each others, broke each down and explained how it impacts our view of the prospect and why each is our favorite. We finished the episode by doing our prospect rapid fire comparison.As always, please leave us a review and follow us @draftdummies!Here's the link to the sponsor of this episode, Podcorn:
Co-host Cody is back and the Draft Dummies are reunited! We discussed NBA Draft value plays which took us down some interesting paths. We also answered a listener question about best and worst draft scenarios for the New York Knicks. We finished with prospect rapid fire. As always, please leave us a review and follow us @draftdummies!Here's the link to the sponsor of this episode, Podcorn:
Co-host Sam was joined by Jam (@jamontheboards), fellow draft analyst and contributor at Draft Lead and BPA Hoops, to talk the 2020 NBA Draft. We discussed our biggest big board movers, how we evaluate & analyze the jump shot in draft prospects, and underrated prospect skills in the 2020 NBA Draft. We finished by doing our prospect rapid fire segment where we compared similar prospects.
We had Shamit Dua (@fearthebrown), Lead Pelicans Writer for Bourbon Street Shots, on the show to discuss his article called 'What is the Best Way to Draft.' Our conversation covers a lot of fun draft strategy and philosophy including the value of rookie scale contracts, how teams should be more aggressive in the draft, and drafting for fit/best player available.We then discussed Shamit's 'guys' in this draft including a couple prospects he's higher on than the consensus. Lastly we did some 2020 NBA Draft Prospect rapid fire, where I gave Shamit 2 prospects and asked him which he preferred and why.
In this episode, Sam ranks his top 10 players, but this time ranks his top 10 realistic ceilings. Looking at how valuable each player's high end outcome is.To finish the episode, Sam talks some draft and team building strategy, including what he calls the "Matt Stafford theory," which addresses the importance of not only finding a creator in the draft, but finding the right creator. 
We had CT (@ctfazio24) on the show for some NBA Draft prospect discussion! We discussed two prospects who we have ranked very differently on our boards: James Wiseman and Patrick Williams, as well as one prospect we have had a tough time evaluating: Tyrese Maxey. Within each of these prospect discussions are lessons we’ve learned from the playoffs and basketball philosophical debates. We finished by discussing which prospect we rank higher: Isaiah Joe or Mason Jones.
Sam and Cody finish the 2020 NBA mock draft and discuss what stood out at the conclusion of the exercise, with the help of our guest, Derek Murray.
Sam and Cody are joined by Derek Murray, Director of Scouting at Babcock Hoops, to go through and do a 1st round mock draft for the 2020 NBA Draft! This episode comprises part 1.
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