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🎧 Simon Fraser, VP, Customer Experience Strategy at InMoment is back for episode 3. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of payment, how things can get in the way of delivering a great customer experience at the end of your shopping journey and how this massively influences your brand experience  🎧
🎧 Simon Fraser, VP, Customer Experience Strategy at InMoment returns. He discusses the challenges of delivering a great experience whilst striving to be truly Omnichannel. Who does a great job and who could do better?? 🎧
🎧 Derek Eccleston, CX Consultant at InMoment kicks off the series by sharing some amazing stories of companies that deliver on their brand promise and the consequences of what happens when it all goes wrong!! 🎧
Your data your way🎧Steve Tonks, SVP EMEA, at Workforce Software talks about how they have been supporting those that can't work from home and what changes it has led to in the software, plus wider WFM market trends🎧
Amanda Simms, Founder and CEO at  Simms & Associates discusses if WFM should be an IT or Change project, not underestimating the importance of change management and how to keep delivering the return on investment post-implementation 
🎧How do you make sure Susan is happy?🎧Ian Marshall, Customer Success Director EMEA, and Stuart Thompson, Solution Consultant EMEA, at Reflexis (now part of Zebra Technologies) cover why being agile, communicating with frontline workers, AI Machine Learning and Task compliance are all going to be critical for Retailers moving forwardYou will have to listen to understand the Susan reference!!
🎧What do The Clash and Red Rum have to do with WorkForce Management?Well, in this episode, Peter Harte, VP of EMEA, at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) will explain as he discusses how Kronos and Ultimate Software have merged together to become one of the largest workforce management technology providers globally. Plus, learn how (the newly branded) UKG helps retail customers with contact tracing and attestation functionality🎧Here are some links as mentioned in the podcast:Contact TracingAttestationRetail Webinar  
🎧 Tim Wheeler, VP Europe at WorkJam talks about how you can re-imagine communication, collaboration and your relationship with your frontline colleagues🎧Not strictly Workforce Management but this could be the glue you have been looking for to bring everything together for your frontline colleagues
Chris Noble, Director at Storeforce shares his passion helping retailers make better decisions using data whilst keeping people at the heart of everything they do
Andreas Sjölund, Co-Founder and CRO at Quinyx talks about Engagement driven Workforce Management and the importance of the Happy Workforce and Happy Business
Chris McCullough, CEO at Rotageek (and former A&E Doctor, listen to find out more!!) discusses how he sees retailers balancing productivity and well-being of colleagues moving forward, plus shares some insight into the 'next big thing' in scheduling Link to Whitepaper as discussed in this episode...The State of Retail in a Covid-19 World
Ian Hogg, Chairman at Shopworks & fastPAYE shares his thoughts with Simon on office productivity and the impact of working from home, plus gives us some insight into the world of Shopworks WFM
Andrew Busby, Founder Retail Reflections and Co-Founder SafePrem Solutions shares his views on why it is important to know where you Customer is as we move to a more locally based way of lifeTop Tip: If you are Christmas shopping online this year order early to avoid disappointment, especially if it a Turkey 🦃 
These are worrying times for an industry that we all rely on to socialise with friends and family, but all is not lost!!🎧 Ann Elliott, Hospitality strategist, connector and adviser at Ann Elliott Hospitality Consultancy shares her thoughts on where hospitality is heading in the short and medium-term 🎧
🎧 Sue Hedaux, Co-founder at ReThink tells us why you shouldn't have to compromise service to be more efficient and productive 🎧
🎧 Matt Hussain, Change & Productivity Manager at Well Pharmacy shares the amazing journey the business went on at the start of the Pandemic lockdown to support the nation and discusses with Simon what the future of Pharmacy may look like🎧
Retail USA V UK

Retail USA V UK


🎧 Sanford Stein, Retail expert and regular Forbes contributor, discusses the state of Retail in the USA. Is it on a different trajectory to the UK or are they experiencing similar trends?🎧 Sanford's book can be found on Amazon here... Retail Schmetail 
🎧 David Travis, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Red Bee Media & Board Member at Leyton Orient FC talks with Simon about how the media industry has had to adapt to keep the world connected, and how Leyton Orient are leading the way in terms of match streaming content, with lots more to come!! 🎧
Grey Tuesday

Grey Tuesday


🎧 Clare Bailey, Founder of The Retail Champion & Independent Retail Consultant talks with Simon about the impact lockdown is having on jobs on the day (22nd September 2020) multiple brands announced significant pending job losses, hence 'Grey Tuesday'. They also talk about changing Customer shopping behaviours and the move towards 'having less, means more' 🎧
🎧 Neil Parrish, Workload Planning Manager at Greggs talks about the challenges of having small footprint shops with high customer volume and how changing buying habits will impact the store operation 🎧
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