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A podcast for people wanting to take their side business to full time. We cover when is the right time to leap, mindset, money, marketing, stories from people who've done it themselves and more!
26 Episodes
If the idea of selling makes you feel gross, this is the episode for you. In this episode I break down the key things service providers can do to make more sales from client meetings. One big part of it is having the right mindset, so we cover how to get into the right headspace too.
At some point on your business journey you will likely have to do some public speaking. If this is your worst nightmare then tune in to this episode, where I cover how to feel better about public speaking, how to prepare your presentation and what to do on the day to maximise your success!
Facebook has been kinda quiet lately, and that's because they've been working on a brand new direction! In today's episode I'l chatting about what this new direction is and what it means for social media.  
I'll admit I'm a non-planner. But 2020 has taught me quite a few lessons, so in this episode I'm breaking down exactly how I'm planning for 2021 - and how this could work for your business too.
There have been lots of changes to Instagram lately, so in this episode I'm uncovering what they are and what it all means for social media marketing. Hot tip: it's game changing!
Let's face it - you're unlikely to be the only one who does what you do in business, so there's bound to be competition out there. Seeing competitors can be tough, so in this episode I show you the mind shifts you can go through to make you feel better about your competitors. I also list off some do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with them.
Truthbomb: Launching anything new is a months-long process! In this episode I break down the three phases of a successful launch and how you can replicate these into your business.
Get more done in the limited time you have to work on your side show with these 6 tips!
Social media is changing all the time, but the latest research has revealed that it's now time to start doing things differently if you want to be successful in 2020. In this episode, I break down what these trends are, the psychology behind them, and how you can apply them to your business.
I've been having a bit of a tough time with lots of things going wrong all at the same time. So in this episode I uncover the silver linings, and the approach I take when the going gets tough in business.
Are you doing all the right things but not really having great success in? Then perhaps you missed one essential step when you started your business. In this episode I uncover what this is and take you through exactly how to fix it.
What should you spend on and what should you splurge on for your business when the budget is tight? In this episode we cover what things you should definitely invest in, and what you can be stingy about, when building your sideshow.
Having a graphic designer create my logo make a huge difference to my business. In today's episode I chat with the talented Bec Morris of BM Design, who shares her thoughts on what makes a good logo, what the current trends are in visual branding and more.
During lockdown, many businesses were unable to recover and closed forever. But could this have been avoided? In this episode we cover 5 lessons from lockdown, and how implementing these into your business can future-proof it.
Having the right mindset is so important in helping grow your business. Today I am joined by my first guest ever, Delyse Wright, who's an expert in creating an abundance mindset. We chat about Vision Boards, the power of your mind, overcoming lack of confidence and the mantra that has worked for both of us to draw money into our lives.
So you know you want to capture email addresses, but how do you actually do it? In this episode we chat about the free tools you can use, and the other powerful things these tools can do to grow your business.
Who reads email newsletters these days? I know I don't! So if not many people read them, is it worthwhile building your email list? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen and find out!
I've had a few negative comments and keyboard warriors in my time, and in this epiosde I take you through what happend and share my tips on how to manage them.
There are so many Instagram updates happening all the time, but in this episode I cover my favourite updates that will actually have a positive impact on your business in 2022.
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