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Hey Friend, How are you doing with your life? I hope everything is going well on your side. RoCast is a podcast about Self development, Productivity, Mental Health, Introspection, Business, Perspectives, & much more. Through this, I want to help you to excel in your life with different perspectives, on different topics by myself or with someone else. I'll talk about anything & everything.
We're on a journey, let's learn & grow together.
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20 Episodes
We're living in the most confusing time of the human history, with maximum choices around us, therefore it becomes very difficult to have an edge in life. In this podcast, Rohan talks about the most valuable Skill/Currency which can give you an edge over others! For any suggestions, visit
I started my Entrepreneurial journey with photography business & learnt a lot of things which I even apply today in my life. In this Podcast, I've shared a few lessons which you need to acknowledge which can help you improve in your life & business as well. For More information & suggestions, reach out at
We all have ,at least once, in our life felt Lost & Confused, but why does that happen? What should we do when we feel like that? In this Episode, Rohan talks about how to deal with the feeling of being lost & confused about where you're heading in life. For more information, visit
In this podcast, Rohan talks about "Resourcefullness", which is a skill which most of us lack, which stops us from taking actions. You will learn how you can learn this skill & use it to rebuild your life & follow the objectives. For any suggestions or information, reach out at
Mr. Pulkit Verma is an Entrepreneur, who owns several companies like Foxnet Securitas, Lend'l & Jersey Magazine . He talks about his journey & the things he learned while doing a Corporate sales job to making it to Forbes Tycoons for Tomorrow. For Details & Suggestions, connect at
We all experience some kind of anxieties in life, but for some people it effects badly, while for others, it brings tremendous positive changes. In this Podcast, Rohan jain talks about how you can deal with your anxieties & fear in life effectively and what are the 2 major factors which influence them. Book your free consultations on
This episode is a conversation with Bhavika Mehta, who is the founder of The Happy Company, about "Self-care"; which is something overlooked by most of us in our busy lives. She also talks about relationship with parents, self talk, mental health, self care routine. For any suggestions or information, reach out at
Discovering your true self unlocks endless possibilities in life, so In this podcast, Rohan talks about how can you figure out who you really are & its importance. For any suggestions or information, reach out at
In this podcast, Rohan jain talks with Shivam ahuja, who's a self made Entrepreneur, covered as Top 30 Startup Influencer from India, a Digital Marketing Trainer, Keynote speaker and the Founder of Skillcircle. He spoke in detail about HOW much community helps in a persons success? Importance of skills? What is a common trait every successful person follows? Opportunities after Covid-19, etc. You'll gain lot of career guidance from this particular podcast!
In this Episode, Rohan talks with Nagesh Kumar, who is the founder of Edulley. an Education expert, a published author & a Content creator with over 2.5 million reach on quora. He talks about how he built his business using quora & why everyone should create more content online. 
This Episode is a conversation with Karishmaa Singhal, who's a 18 year old young entrepreneur, Miss congeniality 2018 at Miss teen India, Miss aqua beauty 2018 at world South Asia & a lot more. She will be talking about her journey, self confidence & how she was able to achieve great things at such a young age.
We all have some kind of past, be it good or bad, but how do you utilize your past in such a way that it doesn't bother you today? In this this Podcast, Rohan talks about overcoming , forgetting & moving on with your past.
This Episode is a conversation between Rohan & Shubham Aggarwal, who's a 23 year old Realtor, Not using Social Media from a long time. He talks about SM Detox, addictions, its impact in our life & benefits of not using it.
In this Episode, Rohan Jain talks about the things that stops us from taking actions & the solutions to overcome them. It becomes very much important in our life to actually do what we desire. Learn from this, apply in your life & share your progress.
Everyone's intent is to do good, be great, make it big. But if  you're keeping a difference between your intent & your actions, then my friend you're already living in contradictions. In this Podcast, Rohan talks about why do we do what we do & why don't we do what we should do!
Have you ever noticed how this puzzle of Motivation really works? What actually motivates you in life ? What's the difference between internal & external motivation? In this Podcast Rohan Jain talks about how the REAL Motivation works so that you would never need any motivational videos in life!
This Episode is a recorded conversation with Ms. Nandhini Alagarsamy who teaches US students online. We talk about Online vs offline teaching, indian parenting, her challenges & her approaches to modern education.
In this Podcast, Rohan talks about what productivity really is, how to bring Awareness & discipline in life which leads to higher productivity and How you've been triggered by external factors.
In this podcast, Rohan talks about what's the meaning of Perspectives in life, why are different perspectives important & what to do about them. In the upcoming podcasts, Rohan will be talking to different people with new perspectives on different subjects.
My name's Rohan Jain and I'm an Entrepreneur. This Episode is about why I started this podcast, what can people expect & the First step.