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Author: Alex Concepcion RD, LD

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Why are you here? Bariatric Surgery!! Welcome to The Blossom Podcast!! No matter where you are on your journey… whether you’re considering the procedure, Pre-op, or post-op, you have questions. Registered Dietitian Alex Concepcion provides evidenced-based education, interviews with real patients, practitioners, and motivation to get you from where you are, to where you want to be… HAPPY AND HEALTHY!!
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Why No Fruit?

Why No Fruit?


What's the big deal with fruit? Today we break it down! There is a method to the madness. 
I Love my hair!!! Let's dive into hair loss a little bit. What do I need to take? How much biotin? Does it work? 
Let's talk about what supplements are recommended post Gastric Sleeve. 
Today is just not my day. The only kind of luck I have is bad luck. I can never catch a break. On top of it all... I gained 3 pounds. What else can possibly go wrong. Let's flip the switch. Today is a Good Day!!
6oz of food!! Weight vs. Volume. Let's clear up the confusion. 
Bottoms Up!!

Bottoms Up!!


Hydration FAQ's. How important is water? Will IV Powder work? Can I count the water from my shakes toward my water intake? Let's get to the bottom of these questions and get sipping!!
Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day!!


Happy Labor Day!! Celebrating the hard work America was built on, and with every celebration, an opportunity to indulge. Let me remind you today that you are in control!!
Do you feel like you're failing?? Have you fallen off a bit? Has quarantine derailed you a bit? Here are a few steps to get you back on track!!
Today we dive into the basics on protein and why it's important. Let's eat!!
Hot topic right now... Collagen!! Can I have it? Should I have it? Will it help me with my skin and hair? Here are my 2 cents. 
Today we discuss what your goal weight should be, what factors are involved with your goal weight, and why you should not compare yourself to anyone else's journey. 
Meet Fiona! Outspoken, accountable and a huge inspiration to the WLS community! Find out what’s made her successful in her bariatric journey.
Introducing The Blossom Podcast with your Registered Dietitian and co-host Catherine Kyle. Let's get better acquainted; hear a little bit about who we are, and take a step into Blossom Bariatrics. 
Same value, same content, new name. Stay safe everyone!
I'm healthy, I drink Alkaline water!! Is that true? Alex talks to you today about what he thinks about Alkaline Water. 
Let's hit the GYM!!

Let's hit the GYM!!


Gyms are opening up and we want to know, what should I lift? What should I focus on? How should I pair or group muscles when I go. I just need a routine. Today we talk about a simple approach to tackling the gym. 
Calories and Macros

Calories and Macros


How many calories should I be eating? What should my Macros be at? 
We are here with Transformation speaker, Master Hypnotist, and Best Selling Author Mark Yuzuik. Sit back as we discuss MINDSET and how it can drive us to where we want or swerve us off a cliff. Be sure to mention this episode and get hooked up with any one of his powerful programs here:
Fear of Uncertainty

Fear of Uncertainty


This Pandemic is testing us. We are living in a time of great uncertainty, but what are you doing with your time? In 6 months or a year from now will you look back on this time and feel like you made the most of it? 
Alcohol, the social lubricant... we get stronger, and they get weaker. When am I allowed to enjoy some alcohol again? And if I do, will I mess it up? Today we dive into all that. Make sure you grab a straw... it hits you harder. 
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