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Kari connects Dennis to his father, as they talk about why Dennis has been vocal for a Styx reunion that would be a farewell tour as the line up that produced their biggest hits in the ‘80s especially in light of the 2020 pandemic, how the new song “Last Guitar Hero” featuring Tom Morello about people who still work with their hands is like a follow up to “Mr. Roboto,” his thoughts on “Mr. Roboto” in 2021 and it being literal and metaphorical as Kari tells him how prescient it was with people now like robots, being on a campaign to bring back fist fights rather than hide behind a computer or device, his thoughts on “Come Sail Away,” what “Best of Times” was about and his thoughts on love, humility, hubris and empathy.
The Tenors' Fraser Walters

The Tenors' Fraser Walters


Kari reconnects with Fraser, as she connects him with his mountain climbing Irish grandmother, and they talk about how breakdowns can be breakthroughs, how discomfort can be growth and if we're scared of making mistakes we may not realize our full potential of where we're truly meant to be, past lives and Renaissance music in our souls' DNA, catalysts and wilderness moments that push us to the next better chapter,  how he's still learning from lessons leaving San Francisco-based Chanticleer years ago, criticizing someone is often like a mirror, the importance of diaphragm breathing as the bedrock, his rule of cold showers as a reminder of First World abundance but with health benefits, the life changing experience of Africa and getting more back when one is of service and giving, the importance of truthfulness, being true to oneself and how our word is all we have, how consciously choosing not to be on social media gives him the space to reconnect with himself daily and focus on why he's here, and journaling three pages each morning as catharsis.
Kari connects Mark to his cat Misha, as Mark talks about how there were no bagpipes on their '80s hit "In a Big Country," visualizing his own reality and how he felt when his vision came true to play at the Hammersmith Odeon, a milestone along his life path, as well as his determination to be on "Top of the Pops" when people joked he wouldn't, as a glass half full person he believes that having ups and downs is part of the journey, how he knew to follow his gift of being a drummer and what drives him in his love of contributing to songs, that quantum physics is so close to spirituality, and feeling grateful at being able to fully live out his raison d'etre. 
Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson


Kari connects Ian to his cat Samir, as he talks about balancing on one leg while playing the flute, how he knew to follow his musical gifts and stay on that life path, how he doesn't dwell on being down or depressed for more than a few minutes and being an optimistic person, going for brief walks in the garden during the day as a reunion with nature, being a loner and not needing to be in the company of people, Ian's new video that addresses homeless for "Aqualung," which celebrates its 50th anniversary, how he wrote "Aqualung," homeless and the climate crisis, the importance of being socially responsible whether it's family planning in our overpopulated planet or thinking of our fellow human beings by wearing a mask or getting a vaccine as the human species becomes increasingly threatened, and a life lesson in Rudyard Kipling's "The Cat That Walked By Himself" in "Just So Stories."
Kari connects Albert with his good friend Sandy Pearlman, whose brainchild was the album "Imaginos," which was meant to be Albert's new solo album years ago. He finally did his version as his latest album "Re Imaginos," as they talk about when he now thinks of Sandy, following his gift of being a drummer, how he dealt with being fired from Blue Oyster Cult and how being a New York City public school teacher for 31 years was the great teacher, his process of when music comes to him, what he does when he feels blue and his favorite go-to dish to cook in the kitchen.
Kari connects Suzi to her mother, as she talks to Suzi, an icon who helped open the door for female rockers by honoring her raison d'etre, and who played Leather Tuscadero  on "Happy Days," and Shirlie, who toured with the Kinks, about their spiritual experiences, including the one Suzi had after her mom passed when in the Kinks' studio, her mom's comment to Suzi whose channel has opened wider beyond music as she gives spiritual messages to fellow passengers on airplanes, how channeling music is just like taking dictation from one's Higher Self, how 2020 was a mirror and made people have to sit in their own silence especially at a time where the world's noise is all around us, Suzi's  past life experience but how this is her last go around, Shirlie's past life visions when she was at the acupuncturist, Shirlie and Dave Davies' spiritual experience on stage with Ray when on tour with the Kinks during "You Really Got Me," when Roy Orbison sent her a song/message to his wife, as well as the dark night of the soul that made her go from writing a musical about Joan of Arc to the healing music she writes now to help raise people's vibrations, as they talk about following one's life path they're meant to be on. 
Kari connects Ricky to his father, as they talk about Ricky's new album "When Life Was Hard and Fast," with guests like Andy Taylor, Joe Elliott and Dizzy Reed, and the importance of a good producing partner like Keith Nelson of Buckcherry, how "Darkness on the Edge of Town" inspired a song on the album, of following his path of music, how someone knows they're on the path they're meant to be on, his fall on the knees moment in life, whether  he hears original music, what he does when he feels down, moving to a whole new life and chapter that is America, and how he tunes out the world's noise.
Kari connects Damon to his beloved grandmother, while they talk about following one's gifts and honoring one's raison d'etre, which for Damon is focusing on his solo career now in this chapter with Damon Johnson and The Get Ready, after a life path that included being part of two legendary acts - Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper's band, how Alice encouraged him to follow his gift when Thin Lizzy called, as well as being in his band after having his albums as a teen, and then being in Thin Lizzy, another favorite band as a teen, Eddie Van Halen's influence and not just in a musical way, adding cello to his music, thoughts about time, channeling music, being alone with one's thoughts, and being comfortable in one's own skin when we're true to ourselves.
Kari connects Michael to his dog Caleb in the spirit world, and how he often thinks about getting a new dog but Caleb was such a special soul mate dog that he hesitates, as they talk about his annual Christmas concert, which this year isn't held in an old church in Plymouth, Mass., but will be virtual from New Hampshire,  during this year which has been his busiest ever,  the special energy in that area around Plymouth, honoring one's gifts, feeling "anointed" when playing music and one gets the chills and different words people use to describe that same feeling, growing up listening to the BeeGees, Earth, Wind and Fire  and the time Stryper covered "Shining Star" with Randy Jackson, playing "Dancing Queen" on loop, getting through darkest moments of our lives, doing music everyday honoring his gifts, and doing music that lifts others up. 
Kari connects Dave to his mother, as they reconnect and talk about the two solo albums he's done this year, including his new record "No Covers," which are covers from rock songs that inspired him from his past, how we can recall songs like that so clearly from decades ago when we were young, being a "yes" person to doors that open up in life, channeling his gift of writing music, seeing life as glass half full such as being productive this year (rather than "busy") in what he calls one of his most productive years while the world has been home, reading the Bible throughout the year and writing music based around Bible verses, being out on his mountain bike and what else he does when he feels blue or needs to reconnect with himself and other simple meditative things, going through a fall on the knees moment, and birds as signs from our loved ones.
Kari connects Kath to her father, as they reconnect and talk about The Guardian's glowing review of her new album "Bye Bye These Are The Days," as well when her song "Come Here" brought her to a large audience in a famous scene on "Before Sunrise," how she wrote it among a group of songs she wrote in a field or when she was working at a famous New England cemetery, being kind, parallels in life, whether she thinks she has a gift of music or not, how channeling a song from one's Higher Self is like coming home, making music with others is like another dimension, Ram Dass, her early days as a folk singer back with avant-garde guitarist Loren Mazzacane Connors, nature as inspiration and what she does when she feels blue. 
Kari connects Suzzy to her sister Maggie, who was one third of The Roches, whose songs were covered by artists such as Phoebe Snow, as they talk about her new album "I Can Still Hear You" with the song  "I Think I Am A Soul,"  which features Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and was inspired by her sister Maggie, where she got the inspiration for that song in Greenwich Village, the blending of the voices of mothers and daughters and sisters when they sing, how she knew to follow her raison d'etre even when things are tough, helping others with one's gifts, the magic of the gift of music, the similarities of channeling music from one's Higher Self and the Other Side and loved ones on the Other Side, nature as magic and other things about the animal world, being grateful in simple things and simple gifts from the universe.
Kari connects Steve to his aunt Margaret, as they talk about the days when Steve was a member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in a building in Belgrave Square, something Steve mentions in his autobiography "A Genesis in My Bed," which had a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle connection and where Steve once got readings and learned about spirituality from its book collection, his own experience receiving and giving healings, the rich music scene that occurred near his home, feeding the animals that come to his home, how he knew to follow his life path of music, which includes leaving Genesis, how "Under the Eye of the Sun" was inspired by places in the desert like Monument Valley, and what he's been listening to lately which he finds sublime and healing.
Kari connects Mark to a psychic he got readings and studied with who was part of that catalytic moment when he moved to where she lived and joined Firefall, as they talk about how he knew to follow his gift which was being a bass player, how the bass line can take its own life within a song, the physical body and a fall on the knees moment, how taking care of his horses is meditative, his time with Heart and playing on songs like "These Dreams," and honoring the music that fans come to hear for generations.
Kari talks to Christine, a veteran folk, jazz, blues singer-songwriter on the Isle of Man, as she connects to her father. They talk about what it's like living on the actual road course of the famous Isle of Man TT, the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, the secret of this island and its power and magic as Christine shows what "toning" sounds like when she does it in front of the rare ancient yew trees, the land and sea and in a meditative, mystical way, channeling it each time, what she thinks of time and nearing 60 "sitting" in her life now, what keeps her being in the music industry for 37 years, despite the lack of hits, but yet still staying true to her raison d'etre, after early success singing the hit theme song of the 1986 BBC adaption of "The Life and Loves of a She-Devil," as well as joining the Richard Thompson Band in 1985.
Steve Kilbey of The Church

Steve Kilbey of The Church


Kari connects Steve to his father, while they talk about a new song "Birdeen" on Steve's new album "Eleven Women," about a lorikeet who regularly visits, signs from our loved ones through birds, how lyrics and music just appear on their own, all songs are a pure channel moment for him, as he can hear windshield wipers and create music around it, how he likes to write about nature; born in England, how he never felt like he was in the right place till now, how everyone should see at least one past life through hypnotherapy/regression, as Steve shared his past life when he was in India as a Sikh in the 1800s, how we often live one past life and then another juxtaposed life that is an "opposite" one to experience all facets and glean more higher information, how our lives are like Method acting to the Nth degree for our souls to fully feel it as reality, and we're meant to experience life lessons or play roles, and birds in the sky showing an infinite beautiful moment.
Kari connects Franke to his mom as they talk about writing the hit "Hungry Eyes" for "Dirty Dancing," which he also wrote "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," garnering an Academy Award. She also connects Pamela to her mom, as they talk about how one song created a spin-off from "Happy Days," and caused 17-year olds to get married in "Joanie Loves Chachi." They also talk about "One World," the song they wrote for "Earth, Wind and Fire" in 1989, which was recently re-recorded by stars like Patti LaBelle, Christine Ebersole and Tico Torres, as Kari notes hearing it underscored the importance of the environment. They also discuss feeling a soul connection with a person, how adoptive parents are often the true soul connection, while sometimes family members who share the same DNA don't feel that soul connection, past lives and knowing when you're on the life path you're meant to be on, what they do when they feel blue to pick themselves up and whether they hear random original tunes in their heads as songwriters.
Kari connects Jonatha with her mother, as they talk about how her mother gave her great material for her art and how we play roles for one another, the importance of being glass half full people especially now, and the amazing glass half full aspect to this year, her new song "Glass Half Empty," the Boston folk music scene back when she had her folk duo "The Story" and the legendary Passim, being part of Christine Lavin's brainchild "Big Times in a Small Town," wilderness moments that helped her on her path, the void in our lives as a spiritual favor that bring about the good and the path we're meant to be on, what she does to pick herself up when she feels blue, how one knows when they're on their life path they're meant to be on. 
Kari connects Alan to his grandfather, as they talk about scatting as channeling, "Soul Food to Go" as an homage to Tim Hauser, being in a legendary group and the ego, the metaphysical "Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone," harmony and chakras opening up, time not being linear, being present in a moment that was years ago, life going by like a flash, the dichotomy of the soul going on forever while the body which feels real is temporary and like life (an illusion), grace, the soul consciousness and a different way of life, signing up to be in this moment and a new paradigm, how he takes care of his voice daily after asking Tony Bennett what hedoes for his voice, playing roles for one another's life lessons, meditation, a life of service, "Many Lives, Many Master" and past life regressions.  
Kari connects Jon to his father, as they talk about past lives, knowing author and past-life regression pioneer Dr. Brian Weiss (a Yes fan) whose work was the subject of his musical, how his wife Jane got a personal regression session from Brian himself after she brought his book "Many Lives Many Masters" up on their first date as they talked about the spiritual side of life, finding a fellow seeker of the spiritual with his wife and partner in music and life, Jane, the other dimensional, metaphysical experience with angels that helped put him on his life path of spirituality that happened in Sin City, being a pure channel for music from his Higher Self and the Other Side, how it took him a long time to meditate even after going to another place one time with his spiritual teacher, the spiritual words of action in "Owner of a Lonely Heart" that one may not initially hear, his daily process for music that includes vocalizing and creating words like "Ramalama," a track on his new album "1,000 Hands," which includes Yes bandmate Steve Howe, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Jean-Luc Ponty, Tower of Power horns, and new music he's busy working on during this moment in the world. 
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