DiscoverA barque, a brig, and a schooner... walk into a bar
A barque, a brig, and a schooner... walk into a bar
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A barque, a brig, and a schooner... walk into a bar

Author: Tall Ships America

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Tall ships are a part of our shared human history, and everyone knows that sailors tell the best stories. Join Erin Short of Tall Ships America as she discovers the people behind these iconic vessels and what it truly means to be a traditional sailor in a modern world. Every month, we sit down and get to know each other over a pint of beer or a cup of tea. Sea stories, inspiration, and a little bit of everything else.Just no shanties, please.
24 Episodes
It's the mini episode! Every Friday, Erin and Nic will be alternating interviews and history in these bite-sized episodes to tide you over until the season two premiere of the podcast on March 19th.This week, Amali blindsides Erin with her answer to the question of what person or thing she would come back as. Ships mentioned: Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
 It's the mini episode! Every Friday, Erin and Nic will be alternating interviews and history in these bite-sized episodes to tide you over until the season two premiere of the podcast on March 19th.This week, we learn that happiness for Steve Kielar is being on a deserted beach.We're definitely noticing a theme to these happy places.... Ships mentioned: Matthew Turner, SeawardPrograms mentioned: Call of the Sea
In this mini-sode Nic takes a look at Rhode Island's arsonous history in the years leading up to the American Revolution. Nic details a handful of incidents in which Rhode Islanders lashed out against British customs ships by protesting... and burning stuff. The lesser-known Providence Tea Party is discussed as well.Ships mentioned: HMS Maidstone, HMS St John, HMS Squirrel, HMS Gaspee, Liberty/HMS Liberty. 
It's the mini episode! Every Friday, Erin and Nic will be alternating interviews and history in these bite-sized episodes to tide you over until the season two premiere of the podcast on March 19th. In this episode, MJ's greatest achievement makes Erin cry. The hummingbird story referred to is told by Wangari Maathai and you can watch it here: In this episode, MJ refers to Paulo Coelho as a Portuguese author.  She wants everyone to know that she knows he is a Brazilian writer (and therefore writes in Portuguese) and just misspoke. 
In mini episode #2, Nic Hardisty discusses the Africa Squadron, a United States Navy team tasked with shutting down the Atlantic slave trade during the 19th century. Nic pays particular attention to the USS Constellation’s encounter with slavers on the barque Cora. Ships mentioned: USS Constellation, USS Constitution, Cora, and Delicia. Further Reading: Africa Squadron: The U.S. Navy and the Slave Trade, 1842-1861 (Donald Canney) Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (Dr. Peter Mendy) Suppress and Protect: the United States Navy, the African Slave Trade, and Maritime Commerce, 1794-1862 (Judd Scott Harmon)  New York Times Historical Database 
It's the mini episode! Every Friday, Erin and Nic will be alternating interviews and history in these bite-sized episodes to tide you over until the season two premiere of the podcast on March 19th. This week, happiness is a cabin in the woods for Captain Jamie Trost. 
Join Erin as she explores the incredible life of Christopher Raymond Perry (father of naval heroes Oliver Hazard Perry and Matthew Calbraith Perry) with historians Shane Allen and Nic Hardisty in our season finale. Christopher's story has it all: murder, piracy, prison breaks, and a trans-Atlantic love tale- all before he turned 25 years old! Ships mentioned in this episode: USS, Trumbull, USS General Mifflin, USS General Greene, USS Alfred, USS/HMS Raleigh, HMS Jersey,  HMS Iris, HMS General Monk. 
Join Erin as she sails the seven seas with Nancy Richardson, Mariner Girl Scout, perpetual sailor, and keeper of our sail training legacy. We learn about her journey from art teacher to Marine Education Program Specialist with the Girl Scouts, and her family connection to Orville Wright. Nancy shares her practical advice for new (and seasoned!) sailors, and talks about her lifelong friendship with her heroes, Irving and Exy Johnson. Movies mentioned: Around Cape Horn, Unfurling the World,  WindjammerShips mentioned: Adventuress, Amistad, Brilliant, Christian Radich, Exy Johnson, Irving Johnson, Joseph Conrad, Lord Nelson, Peking, Sea Cloud, Tabor Boy, Yankee, ZodiacPrograms mentioned: Girls at the Helm, Los Angeles Maritime Institute, Mystic Seaport, South Street Seaport Museum. 
Join Erin as she tries to scramble eggs in the Drake Passage with Mark Scibinico, Port Captain and Director of Maritime Operations at Galveston Historical Foundation We talk about his journey from the kitchens of the Culinary Institute of America to how a tattoo convinced him to give ships a chance, kind of. We learn all about the tall ship Elissa, a ship that is as old as the Statue of Liberty, the unbelievable passion of her volunteers,  and that Erin gets really excited talking about astronauts. Ships/programs mentioned: Alliance, Californian, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, Kaisei, Lynx, Pride of Baltimore II, Wavertree
Join Erin as she  dives in the life and times of Hali Boyd, director of The Seafarer Collective ( and founder of SEE BEE Consulting (  She talks about leaving school at the age of 15 to train horses and how a random conversation at a party started her journey in the tall ships community.  We learn the challenges of navigating the commercial world as a woman in the maritime workforce and to never underestimate a woman wearing a pink polo shirt holding a wrench. This also marks the third time Erin doesn't remember meeting the interviewee at an earlier TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® event.  Ships/programs mentioned: Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, Lady Washington, Los Angeles Maritime Institute, Mary Day,  Sea Sisters, Tole Mour, Virginia, UnicornSince this was recorded back in August, Hali did want to add the following update: "With Grays Harbor Historical Seaport operating at reduced capacity, The Seafarer Collective is running maritime education courses as registration numbers allow. Keep an eye out for the 2021 course calendar to be released later this year."  Also, for those tall ships looking for some marketing/brand narrative and business development, reach out to Hali at 
 Join Erin as she talks to Captain Alex Peacock, current captain with Spirit of Bermuda and sometime captain with Tall Ship Lynx We discuss sailing to Cuba, where the barter system is alive and well, a furry first mate that spoke to dolphins, and the joy of watching students have their eureka moment. For those keeping track, this is the fifth time Erin mentions the Welland Canal.   Ships mentioned in this episode: Schooner Adventure, Bagheera, Bounty, C.W. Morgan, Eagle, Lynx, Pride of Baltimore II, Spirit of Bermuda, Timberwind, WendameenFor those interested in learning more about the United States Exploring Expedition, a.k.a. Wilkes Expedition, Wikipedia is a good start and you'll find George F. Emmons listed in the participants.
Join Erin as she talks to Captain Jill Hughes with the tall ship Geronimo of St. Georges School in Middletown, RI. We start in Buffalo, New York, and sail to Greenland, the Caribbean, South Pacific and the Mediterranean. Along the way, we discover that Captain Hughes does not have an aptitude for being a galley cook but will always give 100%. She discusses working with high school students on a 70' vessel and what we can learn from the Danish tall ships. I also mention the Welland Canal, again, and tell a story about a bear on board a tall ship. Ships mentioned: Bowdoin, Corwith Cramer, Danmark, USCGC Barque EAGLE, George Stage, Gulden Leeuw, Harvey Gamage, U.S. Brig Niagara, Sloop Providence, Pride of Baltimore II,  Sorlandet, Westward, The Boat CompanyPrograms mentioned: A+ World Academy, Ocean Classroom Foundation, Sea Education Association, Sail Training International, URI Marine Affairs DepartmentSupport Tall Ships America by becoming a member at
Join Nic as he talks to Keith Stokes about African heritage in colonial and early American maritime colonies, with a focus on Newport, Rhode Island. Keith explains how free and enslaved Africans contributed to the Atlantic maritime world, and the major differences between what slavery looked like in northern and southern colonies & states. Keith also addresses how Africans viewed fellow Africans, free and enslaved, that participated in the slave trade. You can view more of Keith's work at Please consider supporting Tall Ships America by becoming a member at!
Join Erin as she talks to Captain Simon Colley, founder of TRUSTLabs, providing leadership training and professional development and coaching services to law firms. From Sydney, Australia to the island of Bermuda, we’d be hard pressed to name a tall ship he hasn’t sailed aboard. We dive into the small world of working with at risk youth aboard tall ships, how to go to the bathroom on Outward Bound open boat expeditions (spoiler alert, there is no toilet on board), and the unique rig of the sloop Spirit of Bermuda. Tall ships mentioned: Bill of Rights, Bounty (AUS), Californian, Pride of Baltimore II, Spirit of Bermuda, Spirit of Massachusetts, Tecla, Tole Mour, UraniaPrograms mentioned in this episode:Sea Education Association (SEA) ( Outward Bound ( Classroom ( Tall Ships America by becoming a member! 
Join Erin as she speaks with Bronwen Livingston of Class Afloat, Barque Picton Castle, and the Nova Scotia Seamanship Education Society. We start her journey with a midnight phone call, sail to the South Pacific, make a detour to the Northwest Territories of Canada, and rediscover hope. Organizations mentioned: Class Afloat, Barque Picton Castle, Nova Scotia Seamanship Education Society, Bark Europa Tall Ships America by becoming a member! 
Join Erin as she learns everything there is to know about microplastics and marine debris with Captain Rachael Miller, co-founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean (, captain aboard American Promise and founder/CEO of the Cora Ball ( We dive into Rachael's research, her passion for the ocean, a top-hat wearing ROV, and a deeply disturbing fact about beer. Ships mentioned in this episode: Adventuress, AJ Meerwald, Tole Mour, Westward and Sea Education AssociationThis was recorded back in April and was the second interview we conducted due to technical issues the first time around. This interview has been edited to include both conversations. Support Tall Ships America by becoming a member! 
Join Erin as she gets to know Corey Roy with Schooner Virginia and the Nauticus Foundation in Norfolk, VA. From small boats in the middle of Oregon to tall ships in Virginia, Corey shares his journey to first mate aboard Virginia. We talk about the romance of sailing and adventure, have really nice things to say about the volunteers, and be sure to listen for the lame Total Recall joke. Ships mentioned in this episode: Alliance, American Rover, Lynx, Norfolk Rebel
Join Erin as she chats it up with Captain Jen Haddock with Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, MA. We journey through Jen's career as she recounts her start in the tall ships world... washing dishes. We talk about sporty weather in New Zealand, the joy of a really big salad and crossing the equator for the first time. Mentioned in this episode: Corwith Cramer, Robert C. Seamans, Ocean Star, Westward, Bowdoin, and Hurricane Island Outward Bound.
Join Nic Hardisty, program coordinator at Tall Ships America, and historian Shane Allen as they discuss the burning of the HMS Gaspee in our own backyard of Rhode Island. This was one of the first acts of rebellion leading up to the American Revolution, and this tale has it all: tall ships, smuggling, a chase through Narragansett Bay, and an uncomfortable musket shot!  This is the first in a series of history-based episodes that explore North America's rich maritime heritage, hosted by historian and Tall Ships America program coordinator Nic Hardisty.Find us at and follow us @tallshipsamerica on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 
Join Erin as she chats with Mike Fiorentino, captain aboard Schooner Sultana in Chestertown, Maryland. They discuss sailing to Antarctica, the summer of short shorts, and Sultana's weird sail plan. Mentioned in this episode: Europa, Pride of Baltimore II, Rock the Boat, Living Classroom Foundation, International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS), South Street Seaport MuseumFind us at and follow us @tallshipsamerica on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
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