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Episode 40: The Solo

Episode 40: The Solo


Itchy Ears: Chinada, Covid, NCSWIC, .....and a recap of of ideas as we go further down the rabbit hole. Merry Christmas Everyone!!Support the show
Episode 39-Satanic Ritual Abuse!!!! Chinada, Big Tech, UFO Watch, Alec Baldwin, US News and More on Itchy Ears0:00 Intro, Reviews5:26 Chinada-Cabinet Shuffle, Bill C-10, BC/NB/Sask Updates, Black Lake Reserve Forced Jab17:00 New Zealand, Pope Wants to Cancel Us, Big Tech-Locals, Good Info Inc, Truth, Hot Take35:15 UFO Watch, Alec Baldwin, Vegan No More, Fauci41:32 US News-Rittenhouse Trial, DOJ, Drone Strike49:42 Gords' Sports Corner-NBA, Will Dan Snyder Have to Sell The Football Team?53:30 Satanic Ritual Abuse-Blood Rituals, Satanic Panic, Court Cases, The ElitesThanks For Listening!!!!John & GordSupport the show
Episode 38-Canadian Conspiracy Theories!!! Australia, New Zealand, You Might Be Chinadian If..., Perverts, America, Squid Games and More on Itchy Ears0:00 Intro,  Australia Isolation Apps, New Zealand will Live with Covid, Masks14:15 You Might be Chinadian If.......,, NB Circuit Breaker, Surfs Up Trudeau21:49 Perverts, Peter Nygard, Catholic Church, FB Whistleblower & Hack29:42 US-Lets Go Brandon!!!! Shipping Backlogs, Squid Games36:47 AZ Audit, Russia Gate46:10 NCSWIC-Project Veritas, Judicial Watch51:15 Canadian Conspiracies-Tim Hortons Coffee, Ogopogo, Gaydar, UFOs, Secret SocietiesThanks For Listening!!!!John & GordSupport the show
Episode 37-Just Itchy Ears!!!!! Chinada, FDA, CDC, Covid & Vax Passports, Ingersoll Lockwood, AZ Audit, Aussie Contact and More0:00 Intro, Sports Conspiracies Corrections3:20 Chinada-Election Wrap Up, Covid, Vax Passports15:45 NCSWIC-FDA, CDC, Booster Shots, Project Veritas28:52 Ingersoll Lockwood, Pfizer Takeover33:50 AZ Audit38:01 Aussie Contact, Diplomatic Row with France and US NOT with Australia44:30 Darb Shout Out Thanks for listening!!!John & GordSupport the show
Episode 36-Just Sports Conspiracies!!!!! Gambling, Jordan, Ripken & Costner Eskimo Brothers, Ali’s Phantom Punch, Racing, Patriots, Miracle on Ice0:00 Intro, Top 10 Cities, Top 5 Episodes9:14 Gambling-Evander Kane, Pete Rose, Tim Donaghy, Clayton Keyshawn13:53 Michael Jordan Comspiracies20:17 Cal Ripken & Kevin Costner Eskimo Brothers, Ali’s Phantom Punch26:53 Blue Jays Man in White, Draft Conspiracies-Ewing, Crosby, Vegas Knights38:04 Lights Out SB 47, Bret Favre…Strahan, Kobe’s Death47:10 Racing-Petty’s  200th, Dale Jr. Pepsi 400, Manti Te’o, Puke Break, Schilling56:46 Rugby, 1919 White Sox, Patriots-Chosen Team? Spygate, Deflategate67:48 Montreal Screw Job, 1989 Miracle on IceSupport the show
Episode 35-Clinton Body Count!!! Ingersoll Lockwood, Chinada, Pebble Gate, F*&k Joe Biden Trending, Vax Passports and More on Itchy Ears 0:00 Intro, Shout Outs, Reviews14:50 Clinton Body Count……Real? All Coincidences? 63:40 Ingersoll Lockwood, Chinada, Election Update, Covid, Vax Passports81:15 F&$K Joe Biden Trending, McDonald’s Ice Cream, Drilling Permits, Fauci Emails90:00 NCSWIC-Ivermectin, Covid, Vax Passports, China, Taliban, Afghanistan, 9/11Thanks for Listening!!!John & GordSupport the show
Episode 34-Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? We Catch Up After our Summer Hiatus & An Interview with Novelist, Essayist and Freelance Jounalist Ashley Rindsberg.I accidentally mischaracterize Ashley as an investigative journalist instead of a novelist, essayist and freelance journalist. Apologies. No time stamps.  Listen to the whole pod.....this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.....Thanks for Listening!!!John & GordSupport the show
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seth williams

5 out of 5 I love hearing your perspective I just moved from New York to nevada for work but I recommend you to anyone I know. i found you through my best friend Austin I guess a bunch if his friend in the United states Mariens love your podcast and it really resonates with service members! keep up what you are doing I would love to hear about how countries are handling the new information coming out on natural immunity

Sep 18th
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