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Ladies, I am excited and honored to encouraged you with God's Word to be in God's Word, because when you are you will GROW in your FAITH and your LIFE will be full. I do this though "Talk-ables", short encouraging "talks" with a hand-lettered "print-able" created by me, Krista, that is attached for you to print off to continue to be encouraged with God's Word. Come and join me on my podcast. You and your soul are going to LOVE it!
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Hello Ladies,I am so glad that you are here.  I am taking a journey into God's word to see what He says about being HUMBLE.  You can find all my blog posts, print-ables for the months of July and August.  CLICK HERE to go to my blog to find more on being HUMBLEWe are going to ask and answer these questions as we journey into God's word today.Am I humble?  What does being humble look like? Why does God tell us to be humble?  And... How would the world look if we did this one thing: Be Humble?  The picture you see as today's episode picture  is your print-able for this week.  Please print it off and be encouraged that when we humble ourselves, the Lord will then be able to "lift you up" to do whatever He calls you to do. All your links are below.  Have a great week!Blessings, KristaClick Here to sign up and be notified of upcoming podcasts, print-ables, and postsClick Here for large Print-ableClick Here for small Print-able
Hello Ladies!I am so glad you are here.It's talk-able Tuesday and welcome to my fourth and final "chapel time"!This is it!This is the final "Chapel Time" talk I have for you in this series: Washed Cleaned. Refreshed!  I hope that you have been encouraged and are beginning to be refreshed by the Lord every day! And when we are refreshed from the Lord we can be such a wonderful refreshment to others.Are you ready to have my final question answered today?This week I am asking and answering the question:Are you a refreshment to others?But before I answer this question, I am going to talk with you and give you 10 tips, tricks and preps you can do to encourage yourself to be in God's word daily. Are you ready?See you on the air!Blessings,KristaClick Here for your Small Print-ableClick Here for your Large Print-ableClick Here for your handoutClick Here for you 10 Tips, Tricks, and Preps
Hello Ladies and Welcome to Talk-able Tuesday!I have had so much fun sharing my "Chapel Time" talks with you.  I hope that you are allowing the Lord to Wash, Clean, and Refresh you!This week I am asking and answering the question:How can you stay refreshed?There are two ways I am going to talk about that you can do to stay refreshed. Let's get going because now that we know how to be refreshed let's do some things to stay refreshed!All the links you need are below!Let's get started! See you there! KristaClick Here to print this weeks blank wreath.Click Here to print this weeks print-able smallClick Here to print this week's print-able largeClick here for this weeks' Handout
Hello Ladies,It's talk-able Tuesday and welcome to our second "chapel time"!Last week I talked about allowing the Lord to wash and clean us. Once we have allowed the Lord to wash and clean us, we are ready and able to receive and experience His refreshing spirit.This week, week 2, in my Washed. Cleaned. Refreshed! "Chapel Time" series with you, I am asking the question, Have you allowed the Lord to refresh you? How are we able to be refreshed by the Lord?  Come and join me on my podcast and we will explore three ways the Lord refreshes you.I also have two print-ables for you this week!  My 1st print-able is a verse the I hand-lettered.  This is for you to print off and pin up for the week to remind the Lord says He will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.My 2nd print-able is a handout for you to have further study throughout the week regarding allowing the Lord to refresh you.Are you ready?  All your links are below.  Let's get started! See you on my Podcast! KristaClick here for your small Print-able: He refreshes the wearyClick here for your large Print-able: He refreshes the wearyClick here for your handout 
I am so looking forward to sharing with you today and for the next three weeks the "chapel time" talks I shared at the Women's Retreat my local church held.  I will be focusing all my talks on the theme: Washed. Cleaned. and Refreshed! This week I am asking the question, Are you willing to allow the Lord to wash and clean you? After listening to my podcast there are two print-ables for you to print off.  1st print-able is the t-shirt.  This is for you to print off and cut out to make a commitment to yourself and to the Lord that you are willing to allow the Lord to meet you right where you are, to listen to Him and then do what He tells you to do.  2nd print-able is for you to have further study throughout the week regarding allowing the Lord to wash and clean you.  Are you ready?  All your links are below.  Let's get started! See you on my Podcast! KristaFor T-shirt Print-able - Click HereFor Week 1 handout - Click Here
Hello LASF Ladies!This week we are going to be looking into God's word to answer the question.  Where are you looking?I am excited to dive into the word with you.   If you want to be notified by email when new encouraging posts, print-ables, and podcasts are ready I would love to do this for you.  You can click the link below and sign up.  I am excited to be able to send you a little gift of encouragement each week!May your week be peaceful and keep you eyes on Jesus. Blessings to you, Krista For your large print-able: Click HereFor your small print-able: Click HereSign up to receive your encouragement each week: Click Here
LASF: 015 Who are you?

LASF: 015 Who are you?


Hello Ladies,I am so glad that you have joined me for today!First, I want to follow up with you about  what we talked about and what I encouraged you to do last month and that was, Let's Get Praying?  Are you making prayer your default response to your life circumstances?Now, Let me ask you a question right off:  Who are you? ... Ladies, who are you?!?This month we are going to be diving into God's word to read what God says about who you are and let me tell you God has much to say on this topic.  How awesome is that.  God knew that we would have this question at various times in our lives and He gives us direct answers in His word to this vary question.Join me and listen to who God says you are!Blessings to you,KristaHere are your links that I told you about during my podcast:Click here for your print-ableClick here to join my email list 
Hello Ladies,This month I am so looking forward to talking about prayer and setting up some things to do to motivate you and myself to begin to make PRAYER a default response to our life circumstances.Are you ready?  Let's get going or should I say LET'S GET PRAYING!To print off your print-ables Click Here  and scroll to Blog - Let's get Praying, Feb. 4, 2021.  There you will find at the end of the blog your print-able links.Have a super week and a super time making prayer your default to your life circumstances.Blessings,Krista
Hello Ladies and thank you for joining me today.This month I have been blogging about allowing God to REFRESH your soul.  He is your good shepherd and He wants to lead you to still waters to restore or REFRESH your soul. (psalm 23:3)  In Jeremiah 31:25 we read that God refreshed the weary. He does this through His creation and we know this because the whole earth is made of His glory.  Then in Psalm 19:7 we read that God REFRESHES our soul also through His word.Today I am wrapping up this month by talking about Proverbs 11:15:  it says, "Whoever REFRESHES others will be REFRESHED!Do you like to have God's word in front of you?  Click Here to  be able to see all my January blog posts and links for each Print-able and  your print-able for this week! Would you like to know when new "Talk-ables are ready I would love to notify you!  All you need to do is sign up on my email list.  Click here to join.Blessings to you all and I will see you next week for Talk-able Tuesday!Krista
LASF:12 Exciting News!

LASF:12 Exciting News!


 Ladies, Have you ever had exciting pivotal news to share?  Did you make Preparations to announce your exciting pivotal news? How did you share your news? Who did you share your news with? And where did you announce your news?  Thousands of years ago, God was doing just these things. He did all the things to prepare the way for His exciting pivotal news to be announced and spread to all mankind!  Come and join me on my podcast to hear about God's exciting news!  Blessings as you listen and are encouraged with God's word.  AND as always here is a print-able for you to print off to continue to be encouraged with God's word.  Exciting News Print-able large: Click Here Exciting News Print-able small: Click Here See you there and blessings to you, Krista
Hello Ladies!It is so good to talk with you and be back with you for a talk-able! Did you know that you are AWESOME?  You are.  Really!  You are unique!  You are special with all you talents, quirks, and abilities!Do you ever find it difficult to take a compliment?  I mean really accept it into your heart and not just brush it off as not really important or take it to encourage you in that moment?  I think many of us so this.If you have a difficult time listening to me or others, I want to encourage you to join me for today's talk-able and get ready to hear what God has to say about you.  (Spoiler alert:  He thinks you are AWESOME!)  He also has given you so many blessings.Come and join me for my talk-able titled: You Are AWESOME!May you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and may you remember that you are Awesome and you have so many blessings you have from God.We have so much to be Thankful for.KristaLink to your Print-able - Click HereLink to Christmas Cards hand-lettered by me, your host Krista - Click HereLink to Join our Email list.  We would love to let you know when new content is ready - Click Here
Hello Ladies!You may have noticed that I am a week late.  I am sorry for the delay.  Have you ever had those weeks that are just plain difficult and difficult in more than on area?  Well these past couple weeks have been just that.So much so that I have been on my knees in prayer to my Father, our Father, to give me peace, guidance and wisdom. Isn't it just like the Lord to to give you what you need just when you need it? God knew that these past couple weeks would require prayer and some times prayer on my knees in obedience to His word to bring everything to Him in prayer, and to pray without ceasing. So, as I was video taping, editing the videos, and creating the print-ables for today's talk-able entitled Putting Your Faith into action through prayer, I was putting my own Faith into action through prayer.  It is amazing to come to the other side of a difficult time and see how God carried you and had you study and learn something in His word that you would need to use. He is a mighty God who cares for each of us.With that being said, thank you for your patience and understanding.Are you ready to put your FAITH into ACTION through PRAYER!?!Join me today for Talk-able Tuesday!Click the link to be able to access the 4 actions you can take to encourage yourself to pray consistently, which includes your print-able:  CLICK HERE :)
 Hello Ladies!It's Talk-able Tuesday!Before I tell you about this weeks video... How are you enjoying your Cup of FAITH?  You can see mine is in the corner of this picture and I am loving it!  So good and so timely. I love picking a verse each day and reading the word.  So encouraging!  God is so faithful to His promises and to His word.  What an awesome non-moving foundation we can stand on!Also, I am coloring the color-able that you will be able to print off for today to remind you to keep walking out your FAITH.In this weeks video talk-able I will be answering three questions;What is the definition of FAITH?Why put our FAITH in God?How can we sustain our FAITH in God? AND.....I am going to be sharing a "nugget" that Priscilla Shirer shared in her study "The Armor of God" about FAITH.  ~ So simple and so right on!Click the link below to get access to my blog post to watch this weeks Video Talk-able AND/OR to get your FAITH color- able!Love you all and Blessings,Krista To Make your own Cup of Faith, CLICK HERE for your 30 Faith versesTo print off this week's FAITH Color-able - CLICK HERE
Hello Ladies!It is Talk-able Tuesday!  How are you and how is your Summer going?  I am doing well and Summer is starting to go fast.This month I am looking forward to talking about PEACE: Possessing Peace and Passing on Peace.  I believe that we as Christian Women need to strive to have God's Peace, especially in the times we are living in.In today's video talk-able we will be answering 3 Questions regarding PEACE:What does God have to say about PEACE?What does PEACE look and feel like?How can we possess PEACE?Print off today's Print-ables and make your "Cup of PEACE"!  Click HereTo purchase our original "Cup of PEACE"! Click Here
LASF 07: A Cup of Joy

LASF 07: A Cup of Joy


Hello Ladies!I am excited to have you join me this week and I want to invite you to join me for the next four weeks in June as we dig into God's word to see what He has to say about JOY. (just to let you know, Joy is one of my most favorite words!)Today and for the rest of this month we are going to:Dig into God's word to read about what God has to say about JoySearch for how we can have JOY in any circumstance and what that meansLearn some practical things to do to start experiencing the deep-felt JOY God wants us to have.Join me for today's talk-able where I:encourage you to be in God's word, which is where to start to be able to search how to have joy in any circumstance and to encourage you to make a Cup of JOY for yourself to use this month to get yourself into God's word to read what he says about joy.Let's get going!For Today's Print-ables visit my website, Click Here
Hello Ladies,I pray that all is well with you and your family. One thing I know is that no mater our health, our spirits can be well because we serve a mighty God who gives us what we need when we need it.I have been thinking about the word grace lately and the verses that I read this last week are about how gracious God is in all His works. He is with us all of the time and shows us such grace in good times, difficult times and disobedient times. Praise the Lord for His graciousness!Come, join me and let's dig into His word together and experience God's grace and then pass it on to those around us.KristaFor today's printables go to:
 Hello Ladies,Are you ready to Put on the New You? The you God's wants you to be? I created 15 Days of Encouragement for you. I have been talking about this project for months and I am thrilled to offer my 15 Days of Encouraging You that He Makes All Things New and it is FREE.Come and Join me today and let me tell you all about it.  Let's get started!Blessings,KristaTo me able to download 15 Days click the link below!
Hello Ladies,We are a little over a week from Easter/Resurrection Sunday and guess what?The stone is rolled awayThe tomb is emptyAnd we can be made NEWThis is reason to CELEBRATE every day no matter if we are under a "stay at home order", or our children are home for home schooling, or shelves are empty at the grocery store or we cannot physically come together for church....God has made all things new, in that we can have our souls made new at any time under and circumstances! Hallelujah!Come and join me to be encouraged from God's word and print off your print-able to be able to have His word in front of you to be go to God's word for everything  AND to hear about a big downloadable that will be available for you soon titled:  15 Days Encouraging you that He Makes All Things New.To be able to print your print-ables - Click Here
Hello & Welcome Ladies!  I am honored to have you join me for Podcast LASF 03.  This is my final podcast in my series, Let Your Light Shine.  Today I am encouraging you to shine your light as part of the body of Christ AND when we do it will shine like a city on a hill for all to see. Ladies, we are the light of the World!Matt. 5:14 says, You are the Light of the World.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden.Come, join me and be encouraged to Shine your light as part of the body of ChristFor LASF 03 Podcast:Print-able, or Link to the song, "This little light of mine", & Show Notes: Go to by: CLICKING HERE
Hello & Welcome Ladies!  I am so honored to have you join me for Podcast LASF 02, which is second in my podcast series, Let Your Light Shine!  In today's podcast I am want to encourage you to Not Hide Your Light, especially in these times of fear, uneasiness, and uncertainty.Matt. 5:15 says, Neither  do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.Come, join me and be encouraged to not hide your light and to not let Satan blow it out, but to SHINE!For LASF 02 Podcast:Print-able, or Link to the song, "This little light of mine", & Show Notes: Go to by: CLICKING HERE
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