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Author: Ted Vailas

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I review potential investments and look at what main characteristics stand out in a long term investment. I try to look for good companies at attractive valuations and to understand whether or not I am able to make a good decision on these ideas.
18 Episodes
While many continue to invest in the automotive industry by buying auto company stock, car parts will always be in demand as long as people are driving on roads.Support the show (
Today we're discussing Amgen, which is a large biotechnology company based out of California.  In fact, it is one of the original biotech companies tracing its beginnings to the early 80s when it began developing numerous groundbreaking drugs. Since that time, it has grown into a $163-billion multinational company. Read the full transcript at: http://www.StockMarketIdeasPodcast.comSupport the show (
Just in case you haven't heard of it, Electronic Arts is one of the largest video game makers in the world. It’s the second largest by revenue in North America and Europe. Chances are pretty good that you've at least heard of one or more of the games that it produces. These include the Battlefield series, Need for Speed, Command and Conquer, The Sims, and the huge variety of EA Sports games including Madden NFL and FIFA Football just to name a few. In this episode, we look at some of the fundamentals and think about whether or not it is a good investment.  www.stockmarketideaspodcast.comSupport the show (
Automatic Data Processing Incorporated commonly known as ADP has a long history as a provider of Human Resources management and Payroll Services Company.Support the show (
In this episode, I look at a business that is dominant within its industry and has very strong profit margins.  The biggest question is one of valuation, even against strong fundamentals that all indicate a very good company.Support the show (
In this episode I look at Robert Half International which is a well established staffing agency that is well positioned to weather a recession.Support the show (
In this episode I talked about software pioneer Oracle. Support the show (
In this episode I talk about the 3M Company and how it is a profitable and innovation driven company that is about far more than just N95 masks.  The long history of profits, R&D and for good financial management make this a company that will do well for many years to come.Support the show (
In this episode, I take a look at Packaging Corporation of America, who is a leader in paper and cardboard products.  While the world may be going more and more paperless with many office tasks, there is still an enormous demand for paper and cardboard packaging products that this company sells.Support the show (
In this episode, I have a discussion with portfolio manager Hardev Bains, who recently added TJX to his clients' portfolio.  This retailer has some unique features that put it in a good position to do well into the future in a very uncertain retail environment.Support the show (
There are a few things that look interesting about the Sleep Number Corporation after is has fallen quite a way from its February highs.  On the other hand, the price has come back up quite a lot, although historically it may still be undervalued.  There is a need for further research, but a preliminary look at this company is worth a glimpse.Support the show (
In this episode I discuss Hanes Brands International and whether or not I think it could be a good investment for our portfolio.  There are a few challenges that this company has faced in recent years, but with solid profitability and a strong position in its market place, it may be poised for strength into the future.Support the show (
In this episode, I discuss the REIT, Simon Property Group, and how it might be a great time to buy a position in this large retail property owner.  Shopping malls have been under fire for a long time from online retail and e-commerce, but if you believe that people will never ultimately abandon going out to shop, dine, and find entertainment, then investing in Simon Property Group at these multi year low prices could be a good opportunity.Support the show (
In many ways, Monster Energy Corporation is like a younger Coca Cola or Pepsi.  This company has already established itself quite well as a known soft drink, but has not met its full potential yet.  With continued double digit growth and great profits, this business could be a great stock to invest in for the long term.Support the show (
In this episode, I take a look at one of the most trusted and reputable manufacturer of high quality tools and industrial equipment.  Snap-On has a long history of delivering quality to customers and this goes a long way in building trust and brand equity.  While a lower price pay be preferable, this may never materialize.  So, it's worth taking a look and deciding whether or not this is a good investment.Support the show (
In this episode, I interview one of the top rated financial bloggers on Seeking Alpha, Andres Cardenal.  For years, he has been following high quality companies including Disney, a business that he feels has very good long term prospects.  He also mentions a few other investment ideas that he is looking at in healthcare and technology.  His newsletter, the Data Driven Investor can be found through Seeking Alpha.Support the show (
In this episode, I look at an overview of Pfizer.  This drug maker may be a good value buy at today's prices and looks to be mostly sheltered from the economic fallout that looks to get worse before it gets better.Support the show (
It is not very often that you get a chance to invest in a highly profitable company with a dominant position within its marketplace and at a good price.  This is why we are looking briefly at Intel corporation to see if it's a good investment in today's environment.Support the show (
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